Posting on my classic char

maybe you haven’t logged out of the toon since this updated?? when did they start letting use them? like i know on retail my profile wouldn’t show new achievements unless I logged out of the toon first

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Log out of the forum and back in. That did it for me. :slight_smile:


Log off the forums.

Like completely. Log out and exit web browser.

Open again relog and they should be there.

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Classic avatar hype !

I didn’t need to close the web browser, just as an FYI. Simple log out and back in worked for me. This is Truthspeaker, btw.

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Level 10 avatar go

Yay very good yes

Oh choot coolio!

I had to do that yesterday maybe it was just me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

That did the job! why no avatar tho?

Ooh I like. We just need avatars and realm forums.

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no realm forums is odd

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They did that they are planned after the launch. Maybe when the dust settles.

Wait we have realm forums you guys!

Awesome I am commenting from my wow classic character

I’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 days. I finally realized I had to scroll all the way to top to find the logout option. Thanks. Sometimes I’m just clueless. :smile:

Whats with all these level 16 and 17 no lifers!! Bah! … I have to go to work today but I assure you visions of Azeroth will dance in my head. What your modem won’t sync? did you try smiting it? Is it making a mrrglrlrlrmgrrr sound?


Went to check - then remembered I need to be level 10 first. Oh well.

the real no lifers are level 30

Yay wow classic forum character!!!

Dude, thanks for the heads up. Hehe, we-are-WoW-CLASSIC!!!