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Hi all. Posting here cause it seems that the classic bug reports section never get replies from Blizzard Reps. Alot of the WoW classic population did not get their ranks updated during the weekly reset so last weeks honor totals never transferred over and ranks not being rewarded. Is this being looked into?

(Thundertotem) #2

Bug Report is for reporting bugs, not having a dialog with the devs or QA. If they do say something, it’s usually asking for more information.


Bug reports are monitored and investigated. Customer Support doesn’t generally work on game bugs, and so we’re typically not going to be able to comment on them.

As Thundertotem indicated though, if the QA team does need additional details they will chime in. For updates about WoW Classic, keep an eye on the Classic General Discussion forum.

(Mastadôn) #4

Is it possible with the mad PvP going on pretty much everywhere you turn you simply did not gather enough honor to rank?

I don’t think so thinking as I typetgis as it just started, but with it being server specific is it possible?

Figured I would at least toss the thought out there to ponder.


Definitely not. I have more honor than the jabroni next to me and they got rank 3. Also, my honor and kills still show up as this week and not as last week. I’ll see if I can buy the trinket when I get home from work.

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This is from a post in Classic Forums

Good catch Kalviery. Here’s the link from the EU site


Hey Rufflebottom,

It looks like you’re linking to a quote from the EU forums - so the preview is linked to a different topic here on the US forums. Super strange!

Here is a version of that post that was made in the Classic Bug Reports category in the US region: