[WoW Classic] Patch 1.13.3 LUA API Change

With the release of World of Warcraft Classic 1.13.3, we’re making a change to disallow calling C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage with the CHANNEL ChatType. This will prevent addons from communicating over custom, player-created chat channels.

Addons will still be able to communicate using PARTY, RAID, GUILD, and WHISPER in the same ways that they can now. Additionally, we are going to test a change to permit C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage to be called with SAY and YELL, allowing your addons to communicate with players in your immediate vicinity.

We support using addons to customize your gameplay experience. However, we also want to ensure that we preserve the social dynamics that make Classic what it is. Ultimately, we decided that the ability for addons to send invisible messages to large, arbitrary groups of players all across Azeroth was something that risked undermining those social dynamics.

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So does that mean addons like Weak Auras, Threat Meters and lot of other addons like carbonite and what not will be broken since they use custom channels?

So this will kill threat add ons for now right?

Threat has always been the biggest frustration to me, you have a thing to track and not exceed but in the base game there is absolutely no way to determine your threat without add ons? How is this possibly meant to work?

Read the post - PARTY, RAID, GUILD, and WHISPER still work.

A threat meter (or similar) can use any of those as before.


99.9% of raid communication addons utilize the RAID channel. There’s little to no reason for any of those to utilize a custom channel. Custom channels would be used in addons like Spy and the LFG tool. Addons that must talk in a global channel. You’ll be reluctant to find any widely used addons that are adversely effected by this.


This is going to break a lot of addons.

Which addon are they targeting with his?

HonorSpy. It may have been the culprit that was putting serious strain on servers in certain zones. There’s a Reddit post about it somewhere…


Honorspy and classiclfg mainly. Also if you use any share function for spy beyond the channels blizzard now currently allows (most people don’t they just use discord callouts).

I thought honorspy used the combat log though? Wouldn’t this not matter at all for that addon? And they “fixed” that with the change to the range the combat log uses.

I assume this is the “promised” break to ClassicLFG… An addon that has operated since day 1 and no one has really seemed to care and if anything has helped more people make groups… but sure, why not.

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This will break my multiboxing addon!! I use a custom channel to make the party…

Can you leave it for channels with less than say 10 characters in it?

(yeah I know who cares about multiboxing right…)


Almost no addons communicate in channels blizzard is restricting. as others said, like 99% of addons are fine with party, raid, guild, whisper.

The real concern is addon authors for the addons they are intenting to break with this are ALREADY talking about just buildinga mesh network over whisper syncs, which means blizzard will get mad and break that next, and that will break a few addons then. The authors in question don’t care about the spirit of game and would rather watch blizzard gut everything.

On another note, It’s nice to see SAY coming back. I may be able to put the SAY message back on kazzak Mark out in the world. But we’ll see.

With say/yell change in classic, will you guys (blizzard) bring that to retail as well?


this is going to break roleplay addons, and is basically a death knell for classic rp.

I was misinformed

Oh for goodness sake, why not wait till tomorrow before you go all doom and gloom. Lets see for ourselves. More than likely you’re wrong.

I don’t see RP addons being broken by these changes at all actually. Maybe FUTURE changes if these changes don’t deter the addons they ARE aiming to break, but THESE changes should be no issue for RP.

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I will not break ClassicLFG tho :slight_smile:

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They are indeed wrong, at least for the sake of Total RP 3. All this kills in TRP3 is the Map scan. https://twitter.com/Solanya_/status/1204153556821008385

No, see my above response.

that was “Spy”. Honorspy tracks players honor over the course of the week to give you the best idea of where you’ll be at when honor updates on tuesdays.

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