[WoW Classic] Patch 1.13.3 LUA API Change

Also, according to the MRP developer, it shouldn’t affect them as they use whisper and party channels. This can be found on the TRP discord (and how I have this knowledge).

was misinformed by some others, apologies. posts deleted/edited to clarify

Not the threat meter and that’s ALL that matters bud.

Not what I like to hear in regards to Classic.


This kills the addon Greenwall

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RP addons will be killed except if SAY and YELL are enabled while CHANNEL is disabled. Some rework will still be needed on our side but it should make it.

BTW this would be great to have SAY ands YELL enabled for C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage on Retail as well, sometimes we don’t need to broadcast stuff to the whole world and this would save bandwidth / processing power for a lot of players.

so will they finally give us a honor ranking on their website like we had in vanilla if they are breaking honor spy

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RP addons will NOT be killed by this change, please don’t spread misinformations. Total RP 3 is the only add-on of the three major RP add-ons that uses channels, and it’s only being used on minor features (for map scans).

The core features (viewing other people’s profiles) of all three major RP add-ons are NOT impacted by this AT ALL.

— Total RP 3’s author.


I sure hope not. They say in the post that they don’t want to have stuff being sent to arbitrary groups of people, which is not what Greenwall does. However, based on how I think Greenwall works I’m thinking it’s going to get broken alongside. That’s going to put my guild in a tough spot.

…that risked wasting resources :thinking:

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Does anyone know if this will break the add-on “Group Calendar for Classic”? That’s an add-on that gets used alongside Greenwall by some.

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Question, that may sound stupid
This wont spam those chats with data messages that the addon reads
but that you dont necessarily want to see in person, right?
The messages stay non visual right?

Also, i guess this will affect apps where you can see your friends
even if not grouped, and and see what quests you are all working on
since those use custom channels

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Someone told me that they theorized that that data spam in those channels could possibly happen. So for now our guild alliance is waiting to see what tomorrow brings with our addons.

LoL well i hope is isnt visible
Kind of suck running an instance looking at
elf 30 dmg badguy+++heals 200hp elf
guys i need inven tank 20 dmg badguy+++ hello anyone?

I want to be able to prevent nameplates from showing beyond 40 yards.

Blizzard disabling nameplate permissions in classic and retail has been a horrifying experience.

You can turn them off, i have mine turned off

can’t wait for honorspy to be screaming in yell and people without the addon won’t have it filtered out.

Then can we get a blizzard website that displays honor/standings??


this change is retarded if addons can still send normal chat messages.
prior to addon-messages being implemented, many addons already used a custom public channel to communicate between users in mass, the difference was just that the messages were visible to anyone in the channel and needed to be hidden/filtered from users by the addon, players without the addon in the channel would see messages as long strings of gibberish compressed data.
this change is just an inconvenience to developers, it prevents literally no functionality and my confidence if your developers has dropped for thinking it would.


Dad, is that you?

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