WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Doesn’t this change greatly improve things for the Alliance who aren’t in premades?


You forgot to update the thread title to the current date. It helps when that’s current to ensure visibility to your response.

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Sure, but according to the forum everything they do is to benefit the Horde. So I’m sure we’ll see people spin it that way.


Not sure you fully understand the issue then. This greatly helps the Alliance as WSG will now be so much better. Contrary to what you may think, the Alliance want BGs to be balanced and designed to prevent Queue Dodgers. This change does that. You have to enter the BG before you see the opposing team which means no more Queue Dodging to avoid pre-mades on the opposite side.

The forums really need to stop this tit for tat attacking of the opposite faction, it is starting to get really old and childish. How about we all just be adults and work to make the game balanced and better and stop the verbal abuse to each other.


My post is simply a prediction based on the current behavior and mentality of this forum. I’m the last person to buy into the tribalism and agree it needs to stop, but it’s a thing that exists in this forum and it’s inescapable. Attempting to ignore it would basically remove participation in literally any thread here. I would recommend you aim that criticism at some of the more vocal participants in the childish behavior, but it won’t help.

Your prediction is worthless, unnecessary to the discussion, and (adding my subjectivity here) trolly.

I think that was my goal. They are here reading these posts as well, so perhaps they will get the idea.

To change behavior we first need to make sure we personally act the the manner we want others to act.

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I’m not mad, i just want to play the BG, not interview the opposing team.

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soo… still no fix for AV win rate. huh. no balancing.

That gets me excited. Might enjoy WSG now, instead of waiting for AV queue only to get disconnected for being afk for too long… That sounds like a great idea to the whole dodging queue abuse. Only wish is that it was in place sooner, seems like a great idea.


Battlegrounds for the people! Huzzah!

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If we want to win, we need to play to win. There is no more “rush meta” to follow. No real balancing is needed. Just gotta play for keeps!

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This does nothing because you still have the number of players showing. The scout just looks to see if there is one person on the other team (OMG it’s a scout for a premade, drop!) or a slow fill of players one by one (PUG, take!).

This isn’t hard, Blizzard. It’s really not. Fix it.

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Then go take your mad coding skill over to blizz headquarters and volunteer
to fix a 15 year old game that has to keep being fixed due to how people act now, and every time you make a change that is something that was not there in the 1st place you get screamed at for making a change, and when you make a change to try to correct something and take the screaming, along comes someone tossing up the not good enough sign.

I’ve updated the OP here with a fix that went live with maintenance earlier this morning:

WoW Classic

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to disconnect from the game while waiting in a long queue for a Battleground.

Thank very much!!!

So, only fixes for Horde issues then?

Absolutely good that you fixed the disconnect issue but there are so many issues going on right now, it’d be great to get some attention on them too. Or at least some word from the blues on them.


Have you posted your issues in the Bug Report Forum?

Horde favoritisms fix av it’s the biggest pvp issue afk bots and horde map advantage

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Didn’t take long for someone to say horde favoritism lol.

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