Disconnect right before AV pop

I’ve seen it happen about 5 or 6 times. Typically at high traffic hours.

The new alliance premade meta.

If it’s not working we’ll have to go back to the drawing board. Thanks for the feedback.

Yarp, that’s pretty much what I do, except I sell an item and then buy it back. No lost pennies that way :slight_smile:

Awesome. I was just disconnected again, AND got an update during the disconnect so couldn’t log back in. Furthermore, I had bought something from a vendor AND killed a critter. Nothing kept me from being disconnected.

I generally wouldn’t bump a post that hasn’t had a reply in 2 days, except, this bug is still happening and there’s no indication of it being fixed.

Fix this blizzard.

Annoying as all hell when you’re in IF waiting to form a dungeon group or waiting for BG queue to pop and you get disconnected after an hour, even though you move around to clear yourself from the AFK timer.

Get real STOP disconnecting your players that are actually moving around and playing, just because they are waiting for something doesn’t mean they are cheating for petes sake. What genius at Blizzard came up with the idea to boot players after 60 minutes if they don’t do more than just move around…

Absolute geniuses.

Yes I too get booted every hour because of some genius decision someone made to boot players that are only moving around to clear their AFK timers.

STOP IT. Classic involves a lot of waiting around main cities, especially on low pop realms, so STOP booting us.

I just had this happen as well, I had moved and spoke with a vendor maybe about 4-5 minutes before the 60 minute mark. At 60 minutes I was still D/Ced however.

A blue post at least indicating that the issue is being looked into would be extremely welcomed

loving the alliance attitudes lmao :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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UD rogue with edgelord name. So fresh and orginal.

one day you’ll wake up feeling like being a nice person.

I’ll wait :rofl:

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Yup, happened to me a couple of times, but its not every time. And for horde of course, every wait is over an hour long kek

Cant wait to see TBC queue :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

They dont care. Blizzard is a joke, they dont care about their player base at all

amen. players are being pushed to not play

It’s Blizzard’s way to shorten Horde queue times.

queue only stays for 1 min after dc… if you are horde and are even 2 min late in logging back in your queue gets dropped. rip 1 and a half hours

They fixed it!

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I’m still getting disconnected exactly at around the 1-hour mark for AV queue. Does anybody know if they reverted this fix?

I have not experienced the bug since the alleged fix. Seems to be working correctly now, for me at least.