WoW Classic Era Version 1.15.0 Patch Notes

World of Warcraft Classic Era Patch Notes
Version 1.15.0
November 14, 2023


User Interface Adjustments

  • Enemy castbars can now be enabled in the default UI in the Options menu under Interface.
  • Damage over time abilities and other debuffs will now display their remaining duration on the default enemy unit frame.
    • Developers’ notes: These are oft-requested quality-of-life features that are easily accessible using addons, so we’ve decided to just go ahead and add this functionality to the default UI, especially since this functionality has never been a restricted part of the Interface API.
  • Added resizable map functionality. By default, the world map now opens in its smaller size, and can be enlarged via the arrow icon near the top-right corner.

Lost and Found

  • Added the lost and found vendor Rix Xizzix. This vendor will sell you certain quest reward trinkets that you may have misplaced. He’s located just to the south outside the Old Port Authority in Booty Bay.

Bug Fixes

  • The NPC Names Setting in the Options menu under Interface now functions properly.
  • Fixed an issue with the “clucking” animation that plays when you use the Skull of Impending Doom that caused the animation to not loop properly.
  • Taurens are now properly limbered up and their extra combat reach has been restored. Remember, it’s always important to properly stretch before doing physical exercise.
  • Warrior - Fixed an issue that allowed you to incorrectly swap to the stance you are already in.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause incorrect options to appear when right-clicking a member of a shared group to send a whisper.
  • Fixed various interface errors with the Options menu.
  • Fixed an interface error that sometimes occurred when abandoning a quest.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed raid and party members without assist or set target markers.
  • Fixed an issue where some class and profession trainers were missing gossip options or had incorrect gossip options.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Redoubt to not proc when the Paladin is not wearing a shield.
    • Developers’ notes: This is authentic behavior which was fixed/changed at some point during Classic, and we’ve decided to restore it for Classic Era, Hardcore, and Season of Discovery.

As always, appreciate the continued communication on Era bug fixes. It helps Era only players know that our sub dollars are being valued and not just spent on other projects.


Black screen with windows loading circle trying to launch Classic - Era


Live Era or the PTR Era? Also is this issue for loading the game itself, the character select screen, or for logging in with a character?

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For launching game from launcher.
Retail Wrath - classic both launch fine.
Classic - Era and Classic - Era PTR black screen with blue circle of death.



Jumping will DC you if you are hit with any form of CC in the air. Stuns, Roots, Incaps all tested and will DC you if you jump when hit by one. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY. PvP completely ruined until fixed.


Will you do anything to stop the rampant gold buying and fly hacking ZG/Strat boosters that are now heavily infected even within the Hardcore realms?

Or will you guys just keep turning a blind eye and make another bogus post with a supposed “125,000 banned accounts” with zero categories or descriptions. Zero proof. As players named xfsfss are going on their 143rd day online in Strat offering boosts for gold.


6 hour downtime for this sorta patch seems a bit excessive?


Default UI Adjustments

Enemy castbars can now be enabled in the default UI in the Options menu under Interface.
Damage over time abilities and other debuffs will now display their remaining duration on the default enemy unit frame.

What caused you to make these changes now versus release?

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8 hours for that?


Wait, the DOT timer just shows it as a clock but no numbers showing time? What?

And the castbar shows under the target frame but not their character? Seems mods for these two will still be used.

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I can’t log into the game. When I launch Classic Hardcore, the game just gives me a black screen with a windows error. Wrath classic works just fine so it’s a problem with the update.


Is Classic finished with maintenance? I’m guessing I’m not the only player that can’t access the game. Black screen and blue circle, everyone? Well, it isn’t Trade District but sounds familiar.

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Same problem after updating today. I can load into WOTLK but if I try to load the Hardcore servers I get a black screen into a Windows “not responding” error message.

Hoping to see “Mark of the Chosen” trinket reward from The Pariah’s Instructions quest added to the lost and found vendor.

These are great changes! Thank you!

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blizzard needs to keep their updates to themselves

C’thun is broken now.

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i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it i can’t stand how much i hate this i hate this so much dear god please please god please i hate this so much i can’t play the game until this goes back please please please please this is so bad i can’t play like this please make there a setting to be the way it was please please please i hate it so much i hate it

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i could easily see the map and the world now i can see the world or the map small map is too small big map is too big both are completely useless the game will be unplayable untill theres some sort of addon or setting update that allows for the standard map there isn’t even a version of the game left with a good map