WoW Classic Era - “Not A Bug” List - Updated April 22, 2021

you are aware taurens have ALWAYS had a longer reach than any other race… right?

In original vanilla, tbc and wrath the stun DR’s look like this.

Standard stun DR:
Hammer of Justice (paladin)
Concussion blow (Warrior talent)
Bash (druid)
Kidney shot (rogue)
Intimidate (hunter pet BM talent)

Secondary Stun DR
Cheap shot (rogue)
Charge stun mechanics( warrior)
Pounce (druid cat)

RNG stun DR
Improved revenge (Warrior talent)
Mace spec warrior & rogue
Seal of Justice (paladin)
Blackout (priest shadow talent)

I likely missed something, and didn’t include trinket / consumables.

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Physical Damage Reduction isn’t correctly reducing damage taken in PvP combat that or shifting from cat form to Die Bear Form is giving the player a long delay before the game knows the player is in the form. After doing some math a warrior depsite current gear and recently dieing in AV shouldn’t have the means to white critical hit with 2-hander for nearly 600 damage or Overpower critical for nearly 900 against someone with 65% reduced Physical also It seems impossible to dodge anything but white hits even with a flat 23% dodge using a potion and kings.

they do cost a sub…i wouldnt be sub’d if it wsnt for classic not sure on ur logic…

Fix reckoning initiating an auto does not use the stacks because if you cast a judgement it resets the entire auto, You were able to judge and still let off reckoning stacks after you judge your target before this patch and before you released this classic+ crap.


Druids and manaburn in forms

My problem has not been solved. The server where the character name “Mmpvl” is located is blessing. When I enter the game, it shows that “the character name you selected already exists”. The problem is that I have already played the role of Grade 49. How can such a problem occur? I hope you can help me solve it as soon as possible, because I hope I can reach the full level faster than my partners…

/sit is still causing reckoning stacks from npc’s

/sit doesnt proc it - /sit while standing within the same spell batch will proc it because you are sitting and standing at the same time.

thus is exploiting

The following has been added to the original post:

  • The Juju Flurry buff increases attack speed but also lowers overall DPS by the same amount.

Thanks for adding a bug to the “Not A Bug” list.


Since we’re now putting admitted bugs on the not-a-bug list because it wasn’t patched out by 1.12 when can we expect you to restore the ability to walljump?


No input on the 5/8 Giantstalkers Feign Death issue? If you’ve got Nature’s Ally active on your pet, your FD takes 1-2 full seconds to actually take effect. (I imagine this issue will persist with the Dragonstalker set as well, given it’s got the same basic effect.)

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Doesn’t actually do anything. Can be viper stung or have a mana burn finish casting but it doesn’t remove any mana.


I’ve just added the following to the OP:

  • Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker can be completed and equipped by any class that can equip swords.

Did someone say…


Want to elaborate? Why is this not a bug?

I assume because the sword itself never had a class restriction, only the quest items. So, in theory, if I were to somehow to the quest to kill thunderaan (impossible at the moment), I would be able to equip the sword because there is no class requirement on it. I believe class requirements on the bindings were dropped during wrath of the lich king.


I imagine it’s because of how the “chain” works. The final part of it is simply a drop from the summoned raid boss, Dormant Wind Kissed Blade The boss is summoned after you turn in the quest Thunderaan the Windseeker (, which is what requires the Bindings and the Elementium Ore. The dropped quest item itself might be visible to anyone, and anyone can turn it in, as its quest may not have prerequisites.

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