GDKP - Is it still allowed?

Unfortunately, even in sports…the richest have advantages. They can afford the best gear and the best trainers and can afford time off to practice. However, what you want the game to be and what the game actually is can be two different things. Ultimately, the bosses just drop loot and its for the players to decide how to distribute it.

However, all of that is completely irrelevant to GDKP and gold buying/selling. By your own admission they can be run completely legitimate. Trying to stop something completely legitimate because someone MIGHT or CAN use ill-got gold in that system just doesn’t make sense…its like closing down a restaurant because someone might spend stolen money. You don’t do that…you punished the guy with stolen money, not the business.

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To be clear, I haven’t tried to stop anything. I’ve just said that I don’t like it, I refuse to participate in such behaviors and frown upon those who do, and here’s why I don’t like it.

“A man got to have a code.”

I think the main concern among players isn’t the GDKP itself, it’s the fact that it can be false flagged for gold selling. I heard a person got a ban for attending a MC GDKP in where a Garr binding dropped and sold for ~15k

But the thing is that we don’t know the full story, the person that got the binding was a mage (funny, I know) over a warrior and him being a mage to get that much gold he either spends a lot of time in ZG grinding gold or, he’s a gold buyer.

I think GDKP raids are fine to do, personally I haven’t done any cause i only have one level 60 and spend most of my time on that. My friend on the other hand does GDKP’s a lot and he hasn’t been banned so, in my personal opinion it’s perfectly fine to do them… Until Blizzard says that they’re against ToS or something like that.

So your friend lied to you, you can’t loot the Garr binding to a mage. And it’s not worth 15k gold in any world. You need 2 binding and 100 arcanite bars to forge Thunderfury.

Yes, it is still allowed.
As far as I know, some players run GDKP for a reason:

Pay for other players’ time or get paid for offering help.

Yes you can. And I was informed that it sold for 29k gold not 15k. doesn’t matter if you think it isn’t worth that much, GDKP’s are done on a bid system so it can easily get to that amount if the gold and the want is there.

How many hours you can farm 29k raw gold?
Mage can farm “raw gold” around 66g/hour, that’s max you can get from loot and vendor.
Don’t you think GDKP create bots and RMT?

The demand for gold does. But you don’t stop completely legitimate things to stop people from doing illegitimate things. Have you seen the uproar about putting a limit on instances to try and stop bots?

That wasn’t the only reason they said they put the instance limit out. The bigger reason was, “exploitative” gameplay which Blizzard refused to elaborate on so we can only guess.

I took it to mean the flying bots that were in ZG.

They haven’t actually banned them, or at least all of them from what I have seen and heard. Plus they just have multiple accounts and do it on several servers.

Yes, instead of banning every single one until they came out with a new hack that bypasses the current version of Warden, they put the instance limit in.

Which doesn’t actually hurt bots that much, which is well known. The thing we’re focusing on is, “exploitative” gameplay - which isn’t necessarily cheating or hacking, but the thought is that it’s legitimate players who farm instances a lot.

Like you said, speculation.

All I know is there was a blue post about “Hey, see a lot of complaints about bots…please right-click report them” And the overwhelming response to that thread was “But you cannot right-click report bots inside instances.” And then not too-long after that, a hot fix goes out to target specifically instances.

The way I read the situation is that Blizz was trying to respond to the feedback that players could not right-click report bots in instances.

If you think this change was directed at them, sure. But it was directed at both botters and, “exploitative gameplay”… which was never elaborated on and players can only speculate.

Players who know anything about the bot problem understand that this won’t really hurt bots, but hurts players.

You can do a lot more than 66g/hour.

Some sell mara boosts for 10g/head x 4 x ~4-5/hour. That’s 150-200g/hour, not counting the drops.

Do that for a few weeks or months and rake in the dough (for the record I think this is stupid and don’t do it, but it is what it is, you can get rich on a mage in classic because improved blizzard is a broken talent).

It does cut into the botter’s bottom-line. By how much, who knows.

The point being though is you don’t limit legitimate play-styles to stop illegitimate things. It doesn’t matter WHAT “exploitative gameplay” is…what ever it is, Blizz considers it illegitimate. And to combat it, they put a restriction on legitimate game-play (pummeler farming etc.)

You don’t stop gold selling by attacking GDKP. That is the point i was trying to make.

I do believe he’s talking about farming raw gold. As in, adding brand-new gold into the economy. Doing boosts, while making you gold personally, does not add any new gold into the economy, just makes existing gold change hands.

It’s not the change players wanted. It’s the lazy, easy to implement change with minimal impact for minimal effort.

I mean I’m not arguing for the change, I actually personally don’t like it at all. Just that it wasn’t directed solely towards bots. We still don’t know what Blizzard meant by, “exploitative” gameplay.

Totally agree.

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