JUJU FLURRY POSSIBLE BUG…can someone tell me if this is the right ACTUALLY I KNOW! ITS A BUG...WTF!

lol looks like you guys have been hit by the Seal of the Crusader nerf bat from patch 1.2.2

Seal of the Crusader: Fixed a bug where damage per swing was increasing instead of decreasing when Seal of the Crusader was active.This resulted in a dramatic increase in damage per second (DPS) that was unintended. The tooltip for the spell displays the intent of the spell:

“Fills the Paladin with the spirit of a crusader, granting additional attack power. The Paladin also attacks faster, but deals less damage with each attack.”

The overall increase in DPS from Seal of the Crusader should only result from the increase in attack power and not from the increase in attack speed. We understand this is a significant decrease in the power of this spell, but was a necessary bug fix to ensure both overall game balance and the viability of different Paladin Seals.

Lol this definitely looks like the Seal of Crusader mechanic, that’s so bad…it might be worth to take a look at other haste buffs.

Note the description but deals less damage with each attack.

Where does it state anything like so on juju flurry.

Juju Flurry
Item Level 60
Binds when picked up

Use: [Increases the target’s attack speed by 3% for 20 sec.] (1 Min Cooldown)

Max Stack: 20

Sell Price: 15

Ona side note flurry (warrior fury tree) and slice n dice (rogue ability) warchiefs blessing (15%) all increase attack speed while maintaining the same damage value - Juju Flurry should also follow this behaviour.


dude, it’s a bug - I’m merely stating that they probably copy pasted the code from Seal of the Crusader over to Juju Flurry and added the bug to it as a result

calm down and go outside


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PLEASE look into this Blizz <3 im sure its an easy quick bug fix…

its effecting MILLIONS of players parses :frowning:

Just tried this on my hunter and the juju flurry didnt change the range attackspeed at all but it did lower the damage and dps. Interesting!

On the hunter pet it increased the attackspeed like expected from 1.0 to 0.97 while also reducing damage - which still increased the dps by a bit.

Do /dump UnitDamage("player") and /dump UnitAttackSpeed("player") when you do and do not have the buff. These are the only two functions called by the Paper Doll Frame w.r.t. damage, and I am interested if the 5th through 7th return values are being set when under Juju Flurry.

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woah whats gonna happen when I do this? screw up my character or whats gonna display im scared…

Its just an api call to get values to know for sure if its just a visual bug or actually affecting our damage too.

I am willing to bet there is a lot of stuff like this in Classic we have yet to discover.

This port to the modern engine is really bad; game mechanics should have been priority 1 but looks like they got the back burner in Classic 2019.

if only they had a beta where things like this would have been tested and discovered…


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i dot imgur dot com/laiYYQd dotpng

just put dots where it says dot for the imgur

I did EXACTLY what you told me to and took a screenshot…its the same results as on my character frame…

Juju flurry does not affect ranged attack speed - it boosts your pets attack speed.

Just helping out post your screenshot!

Does appear to be affecting damage instead of just the attack speed.

So isn’t this thing supposed to be a pure haste buff?

If that’s so, then this blizzard server is looking more and more like a dud.

Not gonna blame the classic team either, I’m willing to bet they were ridiculously understaffed.

It’s a shame too, because this game really had an honest good shot for greatness.

If anyone could have produced a flawless replica it was Blizzard, but I guess it’s really not Blizzard anymore is it.

I’m just overall disappointed; I’m having fun but I know this game could have been so much more.

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Its supposed to be a melee haste buff exactly the same as warchiefs blessing, flurry (warrior), slice n dice/blade furry (rogue) and the 1% attack speed libram.

These all increase the swing speed by the % listed and dont reduce the damage. The paladin blessing increases attack power but reduces total damage to keep it inline with their other blessings.

As shown here.

Juju power is supposed to just increase attack speed with teh same damage.

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It should also increase range attack speed.

If you look at the spell details on wowhead the juju flurry effect is: “Apply Aura: Mod Attack Speed” while abilities like slice and dice / warchiefs blessing have “Apply Aura: Mod Melee Attack Speed - %”.

Libram of Rapidity works for range too btw.

However you currently still reduce the range damage displayed by using a flurry.

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my raid is 18hrs from now can you please fix this before my raid it’s been a week since I made the thread :frowning:

Hi All,

Wanted to chime in and mention that the Juju Flurry buff is currently matching the behavior exhibited in the 1.12 reference client. As others in this thread have correctly guessed at, Juju Flurry behaves similarly to Seal of the Crusader in that it increases your attack speed but also lowers your DPS by the same amount.

We also did some digging into our bug database from the Original WoW era and found that we had in fact filed a bug for this behavior while the original game was current, but the issue was not actually fixed until the Burning Crusade pre-patch (patch 2.0.3). As this bug was present throughout Original WoW, we do not currently consider it to be a bug and is merely an aspect of the original game that was carried over into Classic.

We will update the Not-A-Bug list with this information shortly. Thank you!