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They should have added an asterisk with a note that realm forums will be added at launch


Cool, looks like a nice jumping off point for anyone that needs to be brought up to speed.

The blue post icon always catches my eye and interest. Not much to see in this post though.

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Interestingly, there no references to add-ons whatsoever. :love_you_gesture:

Please take away this Icy Veins from official web page, the people who try to add group finder add-ons to Classic have no place on official resource pages.


Hope you guys are seeing the lfg tool. Thanks for the post!

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Might want to warn people about trying to use the LFG addons. If its anything like beta, it just leads to everyone laughing at you in chat, and the toxic folks berating you for trying to bring LFG tools to Classic.

You are accidentally setting people up to walk into tha by supporting IcyVeins whos hosting that addon.

Will we get realm forums at some point as well? :]

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Can we get a dedicated LFG add-on server?

I’d like to be able to find groups without having to compete in chat channels with Chuck Norris jokes.

Please respond to the LFGClassic addon.

Right now, more like LFS - Looking For Servers. When you planning on adding more ? We can’t go to all these non-existant low pop servers you keep telling everyone to move to.

Yay, let’s bring this BS here. That is a retail add on in a retail game. The actual add on for classic is ClassicLFG. I downloaded it yesterday. Here’s what it does:

Features that are/will be included.

Creating Groups

  • Groups created using ClassicLFG are visible to all players using it on the Realm
  • When looking for people it will periodically write in a public channel of your choice to make people without the addon aware of the group
  • You can NOT set any itemlevel requirements for your group and the itemlevel of applicants is not visible

Looking for Groups

  • You can look for groups for any dungeon, but there is also a “Custom” category for world events and more.
  • The addon automatically parses all chat messages and lists them as groups to queue up (even from other layers!)
    Note: If you queue for such a group it will whisper the leader of the group with the message that you provide*
  • Multiple dungeons can be selected at a time
  • Groups of which the leader is on your ignore list will not show up

Features that will not be included:

  • Automatic group matchmaking

I made a phase 1 completion guide. Might be a good idea for the longevity of classic to show people the possibilities. If you want to rip everything from my guide and make your own version of the guide go ahead.

Thank you for the clarification. A lot of people seem confused. I was too, but it seems like there’s little cause for alarm.

There really isn’t. If you dig deep enough you’ll find out it’s nothing more than a chat utility.

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its not an ACTUAL LFG, its basically a CHAT CHANNEL so that general and trade chat arent bogged down with LFG conversations… its no big deal. it doesnt auto group, it doesnt teleport players to dungeons orany of that… its a chat channel lol

Wtb pve server for EST pst with price/tip

WTB realm forums!!! :smiley:

I like that the banner image shows a gnome mage pulling aggro LOL

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