Would you ever date someone you met from WoW?

(Testdemo) #1

So recently someone who has been a good friend of mine since WOTK has spoken to me with an interesting proposal. He wants to take me out to go see a movie and have some fun around the Valentines holiday season. I am female irl though I play mostly male characters.

We’ve spoken and chatted a number of times through discord video chat and we are both in our 40s in live near each other, but have never met before in person. It does sound like a lot fun. I am mostly just trying to gather intell from others about what kinds of things I outta be careful about. I’ve heard about relationships starting through wow many times.

Update: The date went absolutely fantastic! The guy was a huge gentleman. Very polite, charming and pleasant to talk to(pretty easy on the eyes too). Never at any point did I feel threatened, nervous or uncomfortable. After the movie we also went someplace nearby for a fancy dinner. Definitely one of the best Valentines day dates I’ve had in a long time. I will definitely be going out with him on more dates in the future.

(Asceticism) #2

I’m not trying to sound snarky, but, as a woman in her 40’s, you should probably know what to look for and what to be alarmed by.

(Hotaruu) #3

Years ago, I met a WoW friend and his mom at the Comic Con in San Diego. We had a blast. If you’re in public, you should be okay. Obviously, I’d advise against going to his house until you get a real feel for this person.

Good luck!

(Kittredge) #4

I wouldn’t, but that’s only because I feel like every person you meet online will be like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs… But I’m not a very trusting person in general.

(Endevôr) #5

if your scared make it a double date or go somewhere public and meet, if you trust the person and like them then who cares if you met on the internet or not.

(Tovi) #6

Go for it but meet in a public place and drive yourself.

(Testdemo) #7

Every date I’ve had throughout my life has started through real life interactions. Since this is a first potential one through entire online interactions, I thought it might be good to see what others had to say and others experiences.

(Atalanta) #8

Concern is a valid response, I think. It doesn’t mean you can’t, but it means you should be prepared.

Meet in public, during reasonable hours, and be cautious. It’s not significantly different from going on a date with someone from a bar for the most part. The vast majority of people you meet have no interest in hurting you, but we’re extra cautious online because it’s easier to do so.

I’d go for it, honestly.

As above, I’d be cautious, and go during reasonable traffic times. Don’t be alone, don’t give him money, the usual stuff for someone you don’t know. If at any point you feel safety uncomfortable, simply go to the bathroom and leave.


Realistically, meeting someone from WoW IRL for a date is no different from meeting someone from Tinder IRL for a date. If you don’t know enough about them, keep it to public places and don’t put yourself in a position where you have to rely on them to get around.

But since you mentioned you’ve been good friends since WotLK, literally 9-10 years now, and have chatted via voice & video, I think you probably should have an idea of how this person is.

Doesn’t really matter where you met someone at the end of the day. If you’re interested, try it out.

(Asceticism) #10

Ahh, I see. Fair enough. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of my friends from WoW in real life, so I can’t offer any advice on that end.

But, I hope that, if you do decide to meet him, that he’s your perfect match and that you guys have a mutually-fulfilling relationship to come. :slight_smile:


Just came in to say have fun! :slight_smile:

Everyone above me already has said all the sensible stuff.


Just like meeting ANYONE online from anywhere you should always meet in a public place in the day, have emergency contacts in case something goes wrong and bring your cellphone with you.


I just want to make a point and say that I’ve only ever stayed in contact with 1 person outside of my family for 10 consecutive years, and that ended pretty much exactly at 10 years.

All of my other long-lasting friendships have been 6-7 year ordeals.

Despite being online, you probably know this guy better than I’ve known almost anyone who’s ever been in my life outside of my family.

(Momimfotm) #14

Probably not. Too jaded and cynical, but good for you.

(Stéampunk) #15

well yah considering I married her lol

(Testdemo) #16

Heck. I think I am probably going to go. Taking necessary precautious of course, but it sounds like a potential great time to be had and it is the holidays. This just makes me feel all the happier and more flattered that I was asked.

Despite being online, you probably know this guy better than I’ve known almost anyone who’s ever been in my life outside of my family.

Online video gaming as a medium, I’ve been told can be a great way to form relationships because of the many interactive activities.


I would, probably. Yeah. Not just anyone. It’d have to be someone I felt either attraction or interest in. While I’m not against the idea of it, I would say take precaution. We might type to each other and speak on discord or facetime, however you do it, but until you meet someone in person you won’t know everything about them. So yes, I saw go for it, but go for it safely – meet in public, let people know where you’re going and who you’re going with. That all being said, I know several people who met their spouses online playing WoW and so far all of them are doing pretty good.

(Fallynn) #18

Met my lover of 3 years now via WoW. We’ve seen each other in person many times even though it’s long distance. It works out fine for us since we video chat every day. I’m moving to him as well soon.

Good luck with what you try to do!

(Lovefool) #19

Same thing as anything else. Could you do better? Maybe. Could you do worse? Also maybe. If you’re seriously interested then I think that you should ask yourself the following - Is there anything for me to gain from this? Is there anything for me to lose?

(Testdemo) #20

That is really sweet. Glad to hear it is working out nicely for you.

Is there anything for me to gain from this? Is there anything for me to lose?

Potentially a really good time and maybe even a nice boyfriend. If it goes wrong well. I guess it depends on what kind of way it goes wrong.