[WotLK] Race/Faction change

Race/Faction change should be allowed because due to the fact it was originally in wrath, many people have created their characters in vanilla classic, and further characters in TBC classic with the expectation of being able to change later.
Forcing them to lose all their progress on that character and start over in order to play the race they wanted is just not fair as they had no reason to expect they wouldn’t have this option and the game/racials change significantly over these two expansions.

For me personally, much of my guild will be split up because we had made plans for swapping faction together. Some are committed to this and will make new characters, others do not want the trouble or loss of progress of starting over and need faction change to make that work.

I don’t think we necessarily need any restrictions, it wont harm others to let people play what they want (and many of them will pursue that anyway, just at the cost of splitting up their friendship group in some form).


I just wanna change my Human paladin to a Draenei Blizzard. Y’all restricted Draenei from the TBC boost and I was bankin’ on this race change.

Who cares if folks wanna min/max, that’s their prerogative.


Thank you all for your posts, I have created a discussion on the Community Council forum to hopefully give this topic some more traction.



Thank you Mispeled!


Thank you for this.


To not add the race change as a service is basically telling people that like the races that don’t exist yet, too bad you don’t get to play.
Started in vanilla on this priest but would have preferred to be a Belf. Did all the things expecting the race change service in wrath (or just eventually). Now it feels like a massive middle finger. So either I’m stuck with the race that I didn’t want to be but had no option when I started playing or reroll and Rip Atiesh, t3, the insane, all exalted reps (only missing Bloodsail but is sitting at revered), Loremaster up to date and waiting for WotLK to complete it, collected all the tier sets and hold on to some trinkets for sentimental value. Remember getting scarab brooch first in my guild, on our first visc kill.
My character has stories, its been on adventures and I don’t want to reroll, but I want to be the race that I want that wasn’t an option and I feel like its a punishment that I began playing in Vanilla and didn’t just wait till TBC.
Similar thing come Cata (it will happen, don’t hate.) I love the idea of a Goblin Fire Mage (Goblins handling explosives that always blow up cause fuse accidentally lit cause fire mage. It’s a little RP thing in my head) and have leveled a (currently Troll) mage, got the TBC event tabard, Spirit of competition and picked up some sets and things for Tmog, on it but will feel like whats the point on keeping it when it’s not the race I want it to be.
*Edit- When it will never be the race I want it to be without the service.

If Blizz is so insistent on no Race Change as a shop item then they need to give everyone AT LEAST 1 chance to race change all current toons and again each time they release new races/race class combos.

Shop seems the path of least resistance.


Ill keep bumping this until Blizzard gives us an official response on Race Changes final decision.


PLEASE give us race changes. I haven’t logged all the hours on my main just to abandon it. I would like to be a Blood Elf now, shut up and take my money, etc.

Faction change I feel like would make an already toxic server faction split even more toxic. But it’s also beyond repairing at this point so might as well let people have fun I suppose.

As far as any lore canon reason why a Tauren can’t become an Orc or whatnot, FFXIV handles this spectacularly.

They offer the Fantasia in the Shop. It allows you to change your character’s race, sex, etc.

The Fantasia, per the lore devs, does not exist in canon.

There, done.

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I’d prefer if both were available. Sometimes I just like a change in aesthetics to keep the game fresh. If people want to pay I don’t see the harm in it.


The only reason this is even a contentious issue is because some Blizzard employee that never played either Classic nor retail WoW randomly decided they’re not going to add this feature. If they never said anything on it at all, and there was a poll on the issue, I guarantee literally 99.99% of the playerbase would vote to allow it the way it existed in retail WotLK. As it stands right now we’re at 99.98% to allow it with 0.01% being the people who defend every Blizzard decision no matter how harebrained it is.


hopefully we get an official answer soon

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yes make race changes available I dont wanna stay undead on my rogue now that its wrath. They existed in wrath and blizz changes the racial so I want to change my race


When they add the faction changes they should bundle it with a server transfer because that’s what comes next lmfao

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nah no race or faction change make minmaxers play a slightly subpar race for once

Min maxers are going to re-roll regardless this only hurts the average player who wants to change their Race for aesthetic/cosmetic reasons.


exactly, minmaxers have no attachment to their character. they will crap all over whatever class/spec they want, then turn around and play it the moment a new phase rolls around because it does 3% more damage than the class/spec they were the phase before.


I really appreciate you posting this thread.

I want to add that as of June 5, Brian Birmingham responded to someone on twitter on the subject of race change.

And I quote: "It’s under consideration, but no announcements here. :wink: "

The emoji left me optimistic. I’m so tired of the fence sitting. I just want a concrete yes or no. I need to know if I should be rerolling ASAP! Not have to wait until pre-patch. What will also gut me is rerolling a warrior to 80 and then they introduce it.


It shouldn’t be, that was a big mistake they made from the beginning and even more if there was no cross-faction. Since the top guilds were increasing significantly as each tier was of increasing difficulty, players looked up and rerolled, this generating a snowball effect.

It’s the same effect that is happening in retail. The top players are rerolling to human in pvp, and dwarf in pve to have better rating. We’re in RP game, not in a competitive. It’s curious that now they want this service very much, since they announced that there was not going to be happen, I have seen too many complaints about this, and most of them are related to the human in arenas.

And what about the server transfer service? They were launched during the original tbc (2008) and was put in place during phase 2 of vanilla classic because it was too long and there were problems within the community.

Oh no! If people aren’t playing the game the >>>>way<<<< I want it’s wrong!!

That’s good to hear. :smile: