[WotLK] Race/Faction change

‘the community doesn’t want it’ without discussing with the community kinda feels like its not the real reason

Yes it was in original Wrath. And Account to account transfers were introduced in TBC

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No. The character you rolled should be a commitment. The same reason you can’t class-change.

No. The character you rolled should be a commitment. The same reason you can’t class-change.

I don’t know if a ‘middleground’ is possible on this issue. If Blizzard deems these things to be inocuous to the experience, I see no reason why they would put restrictions on it. To put restrictions on a thing like this, I think, is to admit that you think it’s a bad thing to begin with. Selling level 58 characters is a good example of this. They obviously know it’s horrible to let people swipe their credit cards to entirely circumvent the game’s intended design, so when it was announced, they walked on eggshells around the topic and were very quick to say “But there’s limitations!”

All or nothing. If Blizzard takes a stance on it, it shouldn’t be some flaccid half measure.

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Actually Vanilla, late 2006.

race change would be nice if i ever want to feel fresh on my highest level characters.
Faction Change can only work if blizzard limits faction size per server.
i stopped playing as P2 came for tbc cos the server i was turned mainly horde and most alliance players left. FYI i had paid for xfer month before so i was stuck in that server. start playing again last month so thats $$ blizzard lost from me cos they couldnt keep server populations in check. a lot of people stopped playing cos of that reason. have blizzard look at the charts and theyll see that players unsub around the same time populations became to uneven on one server.


tried playing alliance, got a human lock all the way to 70 when tbcc launched, didn’t really like the alliance aesthetic and stopped playing soon after, came back a few months ago and rerolled a horde druid and i feel at home being horde again, but now can’t play my lock but at the same time don’t want her to just be abandoned.

let me faction change her so i can play my character as my desired race/faction.


Yes and Yes. How this stuff isn’t already in classic is rly weird


Since day 1 of classic wow I made my mage knowing I will gladly pay for the race change to play my Actual character “blood elf mage” and after so many hours of game time, grinds and gear, I simply cannot just create a new mage… I NEED the race change.

  1. Yes. When I created this priest back in Vanilla, BElf wasnt an option. So now Im locked with a race I dont want to play anymore. It doesnt affect anybody, so I dont really get the people who dont want it. Just dont use!

  2. It should be available, but I see this one as a problem. It can creates more server imbalance. Maybe put a restriction to lock it if the the faction balance is at risk.

  3. Implement both of them. Race change dont affect anyone. Faction change should be allowed with care in order to not create more server imbalance.


that is the most ignorant statement i have ever read on this topic. class change has never been a thing in WoW, and no one was asking for it to be a thing for Wrath. people also created characters to go ahead and play them rather than sitting around waiting for TBC/Wrath to come along under the assumption that they would get to faction/race change to the race they actually wanted.

if i started in classic and wanted to play a blood elf hunter my choices were to either straight up not play the game until TBC, make a hunter and buy a race change once tbc launched, or play a class i had no love for and did not want to play just so that i could do something until TBC to make a BE Hunter.

and some people got special titles/mounts and other things on their characters such as Scarab Lord or the ZA bear. but if they want to play a different race they have to just abandon all that progress when blizzard has a convenient service to change race/faction already in the game that was even available back in TBC/Wrath when it was retail?



Hmm. Did I say that people were asking for it to be a thing in Wrath? :thinking:

Sure. And that was an incorrect assumption. If people didn’t want to end up with the characters they created, they shouldn’t have just assumed that they’d be able to change them. Oh well!

Cool. There are no Blood Elf or Draenei scarab lords. And that’s perfectly fine.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No

As with other changes being implemented, Race/Faction changes were originally a huge mistake; and as has been argued, Blizzard has the right to correct their previous mistakes.

Yes because racials change drastically from when we first made our characters in classic (and WOTLK wasn’t confirmed or announced) and the option was there in original WOTLK due to this.

Same reason, the game has changed a lot since the start of Vanilla Classic.

Unsure. It would depend on if there is a reason to provide restrictions or not. Perhaps if Blizzard wished to start taking action on faction imbalance, there could be restrictions based on realm populations.

It’d also be nice to have account transfers as well, given the character per server change.


I understand people are worried about faction imbalance. But thats always going to be an issue. Plus with PvP to PvE realms now opened up its going to happen even more. Case in point our entire Horde guild just moved from Remulos to Arugal. Now, this wasnt becuase of faction imbalance and we did this because of the very low population on our server.

That said, I can understand that faction changes can make this even worse. However Race changes should not be prevented. I honestly do not care if all the aliance went Human for the racial. It doesnt bother me what so ever. But I would really like to change from Tauren to Orc simply just becuase of the cosmetic look. I really dislike the combat animation of my character and honestly find the Orc ones much to my liking. Plus complete cosmetic change was available via the store for purchase during Wrath. I just do not see why it will not be this time around.

  1. Do you think Race change should be available in WotLK Classic? Why?

Yes. It existed back in the day, and somebody deciding to change their race does nothing to detract from the experience of other players. It makes the person who did the race change happy. I’m emotionally invested in my undead warlock but… man she ugly, and I do not actually enjoy the undead (or orc) aesthetic, but I started in vanilla, not tbc.

If I had known, AT THE BEGINNING OF TBC, that race change would not be an option in Wrath, I would have done the painful decision of re-rolling a new blood elf warlock at the beginning of TBC. But I was anticipating a classic wrath experience. Deciding to remove the race change option is a slap in the face to those that expected this option to be available. Some of us made and planned our characters with the specific intention to race change in Wrath.

As for the argument about PvP racial imbalance - anyone who is going to pick a race solely for munchkining the racials will just purchase a character boost for PvP anyway.

Blizzard needs to understand that some players want the race change option solely for aesthetic and RP reasons. Like, mission accomplished Blizzard, we’re emotionally invested in our characters and don’t want to just re-roll them and will pay real money dollars to change them. Now please stop punishing us for reasons that seem rather unnecessary and capricious.

  1. Do you think Faction change should be available in WotLK Classic? Why?

Yes - Someone who really dislikes being in a faction or another for server imbalance issues and is willing to leave the social network of that faction and server behind, would just purchase a server transfer. Faction change is essentially a type of server transfer.

  1. Hypothetically speaking, should either of those be implemented, what kind of restrictions should they include?

Only original restrictions.


Bump. 10 characters.

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Just want a race change. No faction change, no name change. I just want my character to be a Draenei. Nothing less, nothing more.

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:heart: I can get behind that.


Yes, I believe both services should be available - at least for a limited time during pre-patch to allow people to bring the character(s) they have invested so much into to the guild/server they plan to play in in wrath classic. One can also argue that a change in racial bonuses in the expansion also warrants allowing that service (human racial in pvp).

The second important reason to make these services available is that those services have a massive upside to anyone that wants them while having very little to no downside for everyone else that is not interested in those services.

I do not care if there are no restrictions at all. If there has to be one, I think the ideal restriction is to allow that service only during pre-patch. This way, everyone can move any character to any group of friends they would like to play with for the next classic chapter. This would also help to preserve server communities once the expansion is underway, which seems to be the reason they have been planning to not offer the services.

Alternatively, I think setting a one-time limit per account per classic chapter could also make sense (most people have only one main character they REALLY want to move).


Yes they should allow faction change even temporarily. It would be nice if they did this and discussed more on the server consolidation and racial changes so people have an idea of what they want to do.

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