[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

Why is it wierd, Im a gearhead and make machines, ive customized 1000s of cars, classic is like buildig a drag racer in your garage piece by piecd, retail is like going to a dealership and buying the performance package and driving away

Show some transparency.

The fact that Blizzard refuses to show any public data on this subject is beyond telling. In one hand they can smile and say “it hurts community” while in the same breath yell “also we are selling p2w services to boost you to you 70 immediately” shows exactly where there allegiances are.

Money > Community.


It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the real reason they don’t want to do LFD is that the legion version doesn’t work properly for wrath classic and they’re just too lazy to fix it.


Are you not guilty of making that very same assumption by assuming that I am “not in the industry” or otherwise have the experience you speak of? People who criticize others for making assumptions while making assumptions themselves make me shake my head.

We will have to agree to disagree on this I suppose. I view wotlk heroics as a level of difficulty comparable to lvl 70 dungeons for everything but the later heroics. I think the ICC heroic dungeon was around slavepens level, but everything else is closer to normal shadow labs in difficulty than it is to H SP.

Indeed. We’re way overthinking and overanalyzing this. At the end of the day it simply gets more people playing the game, increases accessibility and viability of dungeon content, vastly expands player retention, and it’s authentic to Wrath.

It checks all the boxes and appeals to the greatest number of players. Complete no-brainer it should be in Wrath Classic.


Legion is where borrowed power and AP grinds started.

I liked legion, it’s where I mythic raided, however those were still terrible systems with a ton of backlash and they still added borrowed power and another AP grind in BFA and even with the huge amount of hatred they again added it to Shadowlands.

They are finally removing it in Dragon Lands, just took them 3 xpacs to figure it out.

I worry without something like AP there won’t be enough to do day to day.

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In a perfect form of WoW I might be entirely against LFD. A game without boosting, botting, gold buyers, meta slaves, proper gear balancing, etc. But since WoW is not that, and Blizzard has no concern for the integrity of the game, then LFD probably should be added.

LFD is hugely beneficial to new players, and players who “require” gear from certain dungeons. It’s actually anti-fun to whisper dungeon groups and get ignored/denied because of the class you are or the gear you have. It’s so anti-fun as to make someone consider quitting the game.

People say “just find a guild” as if the majority of guilds are anything but raid loggers. Even in the best guilds on a server you might be hard-pressed to find a “guild group” to run dungeons with on a daily basis.

If any change should be implemented to LFD it should be that it does not award additional gear/xp/items over finding a group another way, and perhaps it should also require that a player click on the summoning stone in order to start a queue for the dungeon. Beyond that, punish players who leave an LFD group early by preventing them from joining the queue for an hour.


This isn’t the goal of Classic.

Also irrelevant with #somechanges on the table.

It should remain removed as they’ve already announced. One of their best moves in years.

I have posted in the Community Council forum my post regarding the LFD:
Link to thread
Feel free to comment about it here.

“Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.”

This is a quotation that I believe to be wildly incorrect in a huge spread of contexts, for the record.

I also don’t believe it applies to this scenario.

Doing “nothing” would imply WOTLK is left as is. Doing nothing is #nochanges.

Removal of RDF IS the action. You just believe it to be one of the imperfect ones.


You just believe it to be one of the perfect ones. Aren’t circular arguments fun?


I understand what you’re saying, but the inaction I was speaking of in the post is regarding the underlying issues that plague Classic. The boosting problem, server population balance, etc.
Which is where the concern seems to be for the most part.
It would be disingenuous to pretend like LFD doesn’t alleviate some of the issues outlined.
On the other hand, we can’t dismiss the concerns that LFD brings as well, hence why I listed the fears regarding adding LFD.

I’m not looking to point Blizzard in any direction here, I just want them to acknowledge the issues and present some solutions.

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The argument isn’t circular because many reasons have been provided for why it’s a good change, I’m just not going to retread them hundreds of thousands of times for every Dick, Tom & Harry who’s arriving on the scene, simply because you’re unable to peruse a post history.

I’m not saying you’re obligated to, but acting like no substantive arguments have been presented is a level of “living in the moment” that is admirable.

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How do you feel about Dungeon Finder not being added to WotLK Classic?
-Very disappointed. It was a huge quality of life improvement in WoW.

What do you think are the positives of having Dungeon Finder?
-It’s much Easier to find groups and I get to experience content. I liked WotLK dungeons a lot.

What do you think are the negatives of having Dungeon Finder?
-I didn’t see any negatives. I don’t pay attention to what other people have on their plates, I enjoy what’s on my own plate.

Do you think an hybrid solution could be implemented, whether it be a partial Dungeon Finder or a different solution altogether, and what could that solution be, if you can think of any?
-WotLK Dungeon Finder was great as it was. I don’t see the need or any hybrid solution.


No, there haven’t been. Every feeble attempt at an argument you’ve made has been very easily countered with just simple logic and common sense.

You’re not living in the past or the present. You’re living in some alternate reality where your points are valid or even slightly relevant to RDF.


Anyways, to the original point you don’t get to treat your party like NPC’s in LFD anymore than you can now and the result is the same if you try, a swift removal from the group.

You are more likely to treat your party as NPCs with rdf than without because of a few reasons.

  1. You are likely to never see them again.
  2. You dont even have to talk to get into the group.
  3. You face virtually no consequences for doing so with rdf in wotlk heroics vecause the dungeon will be almost done by the time the vote kick option is available. Due to how easy and quick wotlk heroics are.
  1. That already applies now without LFD
  2. That already applies now without LFD
  3. Wrath dungeons take about as long as they do now depending on the dungeon, the group will know quite quickly if you are acting like a jerk and kick you. The exact consequence you face now.
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