[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

If you don’t interact with your party in LFD you won’t complete the dungeon. So yeah sorry but you most certainly do have to care about and work with your group in LFD. You wanna know what NPC’s won’t do but players certainly will do, remove you from the group if you ignore them.

And furthermore nothing about not having LFD forces people to use it as a glorified chat room where you have 4 people held hostage to listen to you babble like you seem to want. Most people you are pugging with do not care how your day was, we don’t care what your favorite color is, we don’t care what you had for dinner last. Maybe that’s a blow to your ego but you are not that special.


I will say this, i used the lrd/rfd and raid finder in retail, and found it to be devoid of substance, 2 out of three runs at some point would force me to decide on a votekick between pulls, Tanks would just chain pull the entire instance with the shortest route possible. Healers would just hot the tank and heal the dps through fire phases, gear drops would pop up and id port back to mailbox and repost some auctions, tbh it was easier to buy gear and unlock the raidfinder which was actually more fun because of the casual expectation that even though were strangers we gotta work together, tbh cant really remeber much toxicity in RF other than ocassional goober comment but was always drowened out the opptomistic majority so really no need for a vote kick because they are greatly outnumbered and usually just quit, letting the content players carry on

Well, they aren’t a Blizzard employee and I don’t believe this thread was started with any urging or direction from Blizzard. Other than that, yeah.

Most of the time I list myself in the LFG while questing and I sometimes get invited from it. But it’s luck of the draw and lots of times I can sit there for the entire day and not get a nibble.

Yes, people sometimes use LFG. But yes, we could still benefit from rdf.

Of course none of that has anything to do with LFD but rather the actual dungeons themselves and the current retail game mechanics.

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Shrug. They’re better connected than Any of us. It is what it is. We’re acting like bratty children.

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You must have had some crap luck, I barely ever run into any reason to VK.

That’s a product of dungeon and class design, not RDF. We’ll be doing that in wrath by the end.


Pallies are doing it now in TBC Classic, the only reason it’s not more common is warrior/druid aoe threat still sucks.

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You are overestimating the difficulty of wotlk heroics.

And? Not being in LFD doesn’t make them any harder. They require the exact same level of group cohesion regardless of how you form the group.

And no they are still not so easy that everyone can just run around doing their own thing. Wrath heroics are basically heroic slave pens difficulty.

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It would have taken them far less effort to just leave LFD/RDF in WotLKC whether they actually implement it along with ICC or sooner than it would have cooking up this retail like LFG tool that I can’t convince myself is going to be any more effective than what is currently present in TBCC. That same effort could have gone into more pressing issues. Rampant botting, boosting, RMT, etc. Sure, it’s not as though they can’t work on multiple issues simultaneously but I would think that the aforementioned issues are far more detrimental to the game than a loss of “muh community.”

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HsP is harder in comparison by a decent amount.

Wotlk heroics are about as hard as normal shadow labs.

  1. How do you feel about Dungeon Finder not being added to WotLK Classic?
  • I am immensely disappointed. I believe it fulfilled a very niche however important role in the leveling process especially.
  1. What do you think are the positives of having Dungeon Finder?
  • I believe it gives access to a very fun and important aspect of World of Warcraft to a significantly larger audience. It allows people a less linear path to level alt characters, and brings life to dungeons that are very difficult to otherwise get groups for. This becomes especially important in later phases of content when normal dungeons aren’t being run as frequently (have a warrior dps or rogue alt and you’re trying to grind TBC rep right now? good luck lol). It also goes a great deal to create access for characters that are fully capable of completing the content, but aren’t fitting a particular “meta” or don’t have a current raider’s gearscore.
  1. What do you think are the negatives of having Dungeon Finder?
  • I think it forces some folks to play together that may normally not want to, which can create some awkward or negative social interactions. Learning to play together is an important part of World of Warcraft, and I think actually enhances the social experience, rather than detracts from it. The current function in TBC to find and build groups in game is awful in every way.
  1. Do you think an hybrid solution could be implemented, whether it be a partial Dungeon Finder or a different solution altogether, and what could that solution be, if you can think of any?
  • RDF in some variety feels mandatory for me to have literally any interest in leveling alts. My experience with leveling dungeons and normal max level dungeons has rarely been positive, and it’s frankly not an experience I have any interest in with WotLK. I believe the opportunity for middle ground is heroic dungeons at max level, I believe these should be moved to a more organized group finder tool with required travel to dungeons. This is the content that players will do for the entire expansion because of the daily badge quest, a dungeon finder tool isn’t as necessary for these.

My final take, just put RDF in the game as it existed in WotLK, and do it from launch. Ultimately more people are going to play the game, and play it the length of the expansion, if you have RDF in immediately. It will also do a great deal to mitigate the boosting meta. I think this is an easy win for Blizzard at this point, of course some folks will be salty, but there’s a quiet majority of casual players that don’t pay attention to the forums that want this change.


No it’s not they are about the same as heroic slave pens, the only difference is in wrath all tanks have good aoe threat. And of course the tuning of heroics is more consistent in wrath so they’re all pretty much the same difficulty.

People seem to ignore that little bit as well when they whine about how easy wrath heroics were.

People area also skewed by the memory of running them for nearly 1 year in ICC gear

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Do you work for Blizzard? People either not in the industry or not having the experience making huge assumptions like this, makes me shake my head.

People forget they’re using the 8.0 client for TBCC and likely the 9.0 client for Wrath, so it’s probably easier to put modern versions in than backport the client setup for the old versions.

Absolutely, and so my playstye adapted to go around dungeons. Big difference I found between the two was how diffused endgame became in retail and just a mishmash of appropriated mini game mechanics that reward gear and a maze of homogenized content that has no real story cohesion and progression excludes lore and mythology and boils down to gear score and speed clearing metrics. Its overly complicated and bassically the edsel of mmo’s, Its the difference between playing with a toy you made vs one you bought.

That’s a very weird take.

Retail is more “has something for everyone” where classic is more “raid or die”

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None of us know what’s “easier”. But there is obviously cost of development involved in all this which makes it a significant change.

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