[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

It was a feature introduced in the original Wrath expansion, it should be in Wrath classic. That’s a “real” reason. It fosters group gameplay. Why would anyone need more reason than that?

We’re continually called lazy children who want everything handed to them when all we want is Wrath as close to how it was so we can actually play more dungeons, but go on. No one has ever proven that RDF breaks any social aspect - important or otherwise. The opposition crowd has only presented anecdotal evidence of bad behavior that occurs in game regardless of the existence of RDF.

“Easily”? If those things are so “easily” fixed then maybe you can explain to Blizzard how that can be accomplished because they quite clearly haven’t figured it out yet.


Blizzard: “you think you do but you don’t”

Players: :boo:

Blizzard: “we here you. Here’s Classic”

Players: :yay:

Blizzard: “Classic is a success. Here’s TBC”

Players: :yay:

Blizzard: “Classic and TBC are successes. We think you don’t want RDF, here’s WotLK-RDF”

Players: :WTF:

Blizzard: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:


Again, saying “facts” does not = facts. You’re just providing your opinion, which has merit, but acting like it speaks for the masses instead of yourself detracts from your point.

You have a reason, good. Never had a problem with someone having an opinion or providing their reason. Only people claiming “everyone I know” or “the majority agree with me”. I think I’ve tried my best to be clear about this.


Blizzard: :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

Literally everything I stated was a fact.

I think I will stop feeding the Troll now, have a nice day.


This is the way

You could tell this guy the Earth revolves around the Sun and he’d say that’s your opinion.

Smart move: ignore the troll and move on.


Revolving orbit is a human construct. Planets are in all locations simultaneously

Someone doesn’t understand gravity.

But I get your point. :wink:

I think if they added a teleport to dungeon button once your party is filled would be a great balance, keeps people interacting with each other and you still get the benefit of the prior LFG system.


No reason to reinvent the wheel. RDF does the job well.


I’m fine with RDF at start, for normal dungeons 1-70. Heroics should stay LFG til between togc and icc where its used as a catchup mechanic for the current content and possible upcoming expansion. I see 0 reason to have it for heroics. People keep talking about gatekeeping but if its that rampant rdf solves almost nothing in heroics. Heroics are a stepping stone to raiding for the most part. Normal dungeons gear you enough to take on almost anything in the world outside of dungeons.

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People can interact with each other just fine with RDF. You can actually still manually form every dungeon group you run. Blizz can feel free to leave this LFG tool in the game alongside it. If that’s how you want to fill your group, go ahead.

  1. Huge fan of the decision; I also don’t think that the loudest, whiniest voices (i.e. the forums) are reflective of anything other than a niche demographic insisting upon its own importance (i.e. vocal minority)
  2. None
  3. Social element/community, sense of consequence and curation, less toxicity, world pvp, world having topographical and spatial meaning (i.e. objects relating to what one does and how one interfaces with the world), thematic importance, more replayability, community is cohesively maintained under one medium rather than segregating (i.e. the ‘we can have both just make a group if you want to play that way’ sentiment–this has consequences beyond what people seem to immediately conceive, for the same reason LFR does)
  4. No, and any such capitulation merely cedes the precedent towards the slippery slope of things like LFR–Cata was the inevitable extension of WOTLK’s only bad systems imo
  5. I know there was no point 5 but I’ll interject one caveat here: If RDF does end up being implemented for the sake of fully recreating wrath as it was (this is a silly postulate however, because there’s already a million other systems which have since deviated us from ‘no-changes’), then they should at least introduce it in a later patch, since that would be consistent with the logic of ‘recreating things as they were’, because this was historically how the introduction of RDF came about.

No, literally everything you said… is just something YOU said. Why are we still explaining wtf the word literal means?

Have any sources for your comments?

You said something along the lines of RDF promoting social group play, but Blizzard says otherwise. I also agree with Blizzard that it detracts from social interaction.

But they don’t. Hence why Blizzard made a comment about the social impact.

Citation needed.

The old wheel did its job too well and people complained that they got to their destination faster so they didn’t have enough time to share a complete conversation.

So now if we don’t want to have to walk everywhere we need a compromise wheel that fosters socializing with the community.

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So funny story on August 8th blizz told you you aren’t getting rdf and to plan on that, and hasn’t spoken on the issue since.

So plan on it hunny.