[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

No, they don’t.

What do you mean no “real” reason?
Is wanting to be able to find dungeon groups on dead servers not real enough for you?

Saying it breaks the social aspect, it does not. You will still see the same folks around your server in cities and in quest areas, they aren’t going anywhere. The same people who want to quest will quest in queue, the same folks who sit in cities to spam LFG/Trade chat will continue to sit in cities and spam those channels. Nothing will change except making players like me have an easier time find dungeons as a non-meta dps spec on a dead server.

Not all of us can afford $25 to switch servers every time one of them drops in population. Be real.


Yeah, because the Anti-RDF Crowd just make false claims. No need for me to act like the fool when there is someone else doing that for me.


Ok? Show me one factual claim made by the pro crowd.

Thank you for ignoring my post, it’s almost like you don’t want to have an actual discussion about this


How about you and the Anti-RDF Crowd actually show actual evidence that Dungeon Finder is actually bad for the game?


Here’s who it’s bad for: elitist gatekeepers. That’s it.

How is it bad for anyone else? Like forming your own groups? Go ahead! RDF doesn’t take away their ability to do that.

Other than that, what reasons have been given against RDF? None.


Ok, if you’re on a dead server ask Blizz for a fix to being on a dead server that doesn’t involve breaking social interactions for those of us that aren’t on one.

Ask for a merger, ask for free transfers and use em.

Quick fix antics that do more harm to social interaction in an mmo don’t need to be applied to other easily resolved problems.

Server population and population imbalance is easily resolved in less negative ways.

Also, here is all my arguments against yours. All the Anti-RDF peeps did was come into the thread and said I am wrong about everything without anything to counter it.


It is bad for the botters and GDKP boosters


Reason RDF should be in. It’s WotLK, no other reason needed.

Classic got all of its features.
Tbc got all of its features.

WotLK all of a sudden gets WotLK+/-


Unfortunately clicking that leads to a 404 page.

And yet you only suggest quick fixes. Mergers and free transfers are literally the quickest fix.
I’ve asked for 1 giant server with many layers as I feel that would solve everyones issue, but no one is ready for that talk either. RDF is our option for now.

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Funny, because the thread is still there.

It even shows as a display.

The poster used population as a reason. Server mergers or transfers are literally a solution that impact population only and don’t further go on to have consequences on social interactions.

RDF would be a quick fix bandaid that didn’t solve the problem the poster described.

True. I kinda roll all those toxic players into one category.

It’s sad that these are the players Blizz is catering to. Talk abandoning the true fans of Wrath.

  1. For me it shows a forum 404 page sorry.

  2. You’re providing an opinion, not facts. What I said stands.

Blizzard doesn’t care about all those who wanted the actual things from Wrath. All they care about is catering to the minority that want to ruin Wrath. Can’t wait for them to start complaining, “OH THIS IS TOO HARD, PLZ NERF BLZ” considering Wrath content was a faceroll.


You haven’t provided one fact. Maybe I dunno, troll harder. The noob is showing right through you.

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I said no one asking for RDF has presented an evidence based post about why Blizzard is wrong removing it.

Your response is that you have, but you have not. Yours is an opinion.

No one wanting RDF to stay out needs to present a fact other than Blizz clearly stated why RDF is out. It impacts social interaction.

But you keep spinning…

Further, opinions matter. But you guys need to stop claiming false facts for them to be valid. People who don’t want RDF can simply agree with the Blizzard statement. Pro RDF should then express their opinion, omitting the use of false claims or saying “everyone I know”, or “the majority want” because after that you’re just making stuff up. It really detracts from your goal. The decision was made and has a reason provided (fact). Feel free to express why you want that decision changed, without false claims.