[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

Tell me that Brian Birmingham, the lead dev of World of Warcraft Classic, didn’t again


Just an FYI, you’re arguing with a 3-day old toon that has made almost 300 posts, all anti RDF and very antagonizing. They don’t play the game and spend all their time here pissing people off.

They’re just trolling you, so don’t take the bait.


You said recent. I said they didn’t. You’re wrong. The video is from Apr 19. They discussed it. Then they made their decision. Here is their response Aug 8:

You can stick your fingers in your ears and ignore them but they are very clear on their intentions and you aren’t getting RDF.

i don’t mind if rdf existed or not, but i don’t agree on blizzard decision because i know there are tons of players in need for the RDF if to level with or to be able to run dungeons at max level instead of stressing their eyes on spam chat or use the useless in game gf tool.

however i’m still believing that rdf will surely arrive at one point in WotlkC because i stopped trusting blizzard words long time ago.

Ok, so, I dare you to go onto Social Media, or create a thread on the forums, and tell Brian Birmingham that he is a liar.

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I didn’t frequent the forums previously. You reasons to invalidate my opinions are petty.

You know nothing about what I do.

Number 1 response to anyone who likes the game by the miserable people who pay to be here because even though they don’t.

He didn’t lie. They didn’t make a choice you agree with. The game is better for it. Their decision implies they think your opinions are an acceptable loss.

You’re right. I didn’t agree with there decission. But the video I linked to you, was posted on April 20th. Few weeks after the announcement of Dungeon Finder won’t be added, Brian Birmingham said in that video, the team is still in active conversation about it. Something which you chose to ignore because you’re happy with the first decission that was made. Even Brian Birmingham said it in that video said the decission was split between the devs, which means, they did not ask the community, nor relied on any so called data that you claim.

Based on your own opinion, not based on an actual fact.

There decission doesn’t mean my opinion is a loss. How good are you at trolling.


…and, then, they replied August 8 with their final answer. I even linked it for you.

Of course its an opinion. It’s a subjective topic. Thousands upon thousands of people are actively playing it. Unless that changes, it validates they made the correct choice. The game is awesome and better for it and the active player count is a signal of validation.

Sure it does. They weighed the choice to add RDF or not. They chose to exclude it. If your opinion is that it should be in the game, they knew that way of thinking existed, and they chose to proceed contrary to that opinion. They “accepted” the consequences.

That blue post, that was posted on April 8th? That is not August 8th. 0/10 for the attempt.

EDIT: Sorry, my fault, I misread the month, you were correct, I apologize for that. But my point still stands, the devs are still in active discussion about it, regardless.

Easy to read those to months backwards. No biggy.

There is no evidence it is up for debate any longer. They weighed the pros and cons of the choice for months. They were up-front with their choice.

I miss that Blizzard. The Blizzard that understood giving players choices and options was a good thing. Not this current Blizzard culture of, “Play how we tell you to play or GTFO!”

That is just the opposite of how Wrath was designed.


It was barely a choice, there was no downside to using RDF, I don’t think anyone would have done a standard dungeon normally ever after that.

I couldn’t tell you were the majority of dungeons are even located in the later xpacs

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That sounds like a you problem. I knew where they all were. And expansions after Wrath are irrelevant. This is Wrath.

As far as leveling dungeons. Take out RDF and no one even does them. That’s somehow better? Of course not.

You can still manually form every single dungeon group even with RDF in the game. Pretend it doesn’t exist in the group forming process if you want. But you can’t deal with players having options. You want everyone forced to play your way.

I know you’re real scared at losing your dungeon access selling ability, but oh well. Sometimes we need to think about the good of the game, the majority of players, and authenticity. Gatekeeping simply isn’t a good thing to encourage.


Your entire argument can be reversed. Big giant gapping whole in your logic …

If knowing where dungeons are located mattered. They would put them on a map or there would be an addon for it.

People don’t read quests either. We going to remove instant quest text?

Blizzard: “we are removing the RDF feature because it doesn’t match the social aspect we want for the game”

You: “don’t let people use RDF because they won’t know portal locations”


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I really want to know where these surveys go to. I have been playing WoW for almost 15 years and have never gotten a survey, and I’ve been subbed basically the whole time


They never did a survey. It was an argument between devs, not the playerbase, and a majority of the playerbase actually want Random Dungeon Finder.


It honestly doesn’t even feel like the devs are listening to feedback at this point either, I haven’t played consistently in a few years but it’s really surprising to see zero blue posts on forum posts like this


I love that none of the pro RDF posts bother to provide any evidence or real reason it should be in… other than wanting it and thinking you’re a majority.

I also love that when given direct answers to why it’s not happening and why breaks an important social aspect, many responses resort to insulting or shaming the poster.

You guys are your own worst enemy. Good luck thinking you’ll get anywhere.