World of Warcraft's Next Class

Since the evoker is now a few month old, it is now appropriate to speculate on what the next class will be. Blizz confirmed that 12.0 is already being discussed so I can only imagine that the next class will be for that.

Now let’s do some recap first.

Since the release of the Demon Hunter, the classes that have been discussed the most by players are the Dark Ranger, Necromancer, Dragonsworn, and the Tinker.

Both the DR and Necro could have thematically fit with SL, especially given that it was the 2 second expansion after Legion, so we were due for a new class, given past patterns of a new class introduced every two expansions.

That didn’t happen of course and the chances of another death expansion are close to 0.

Also the dark ranger fantasy can now be fully fulfilled with the new DR skins for elves and dark ranger armor.

As for the Necromancer, many people argue that death knights already fulfill this fantasy…

But for those that want a true caster Necro, I think a Warlock super glyph that turns your demons into undead monster would suffice, especially for demo.

For Tinker, the DF profession revamp has introduced Tinker enchants to armor. I think if this is explored more and expanded then that’ll cover the techy class fantasy. Maybe allow Engineers to use their mech mounts I’m the world and be able to interact without dismounting.

Maybe even give us a special action button to allow us to weaponize our mech mounts for a certain duration with a long cd. Again only usable in the world.

As for Dragonsworn, I think we can all agree that the evoker fulfilled this…

So now what? What class archetypes that are common in high fantasy is missing for WoW?

Well the only thing I can think of that hasn’t been fully explored, yet has a significant amount of teasing, especially in SL, is the Bard.

There are few bards spread out throughout azeroth and lore regarding sound magic exists between Murmur and bastion, and even Lv 70 ETC.

How would this look like? I’d bet it’d be another ranged class and a clothy.

This fan concept is the best one I could find that I feel best represents what it could be

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Tinker Class with a customizable Mechsuit.

3 Specs, Mail. Ranged.

DPS -Deploy DPS turrents
Tank - Hulkbuster
Healer - Deploy Healing Robot Pets.

Instead of mana uses Gas and Electricity.

Give the class Soar… while you’re at it give Demon Hunters Soar too.


if we get a tinker class they need to redo the engineering profession or remove it
i can see them removing it redoing the profession might not work out

The DF engineering revamp killed this possibility. We have enchants called “tinkers”. It just needs to be further expanded.

The theme of the class isnt engineering, the theme is just that it has a mechsuit you can customize.

But that’s something that engineering can incorporate.

Like I said in the OP, if engineers can interact with mech mounts in the open world without dismounting and even fight with them, then I think it would pretty much cover it.

At that point they’d probably just use the RPG class Steamwarriors.

engineering has turrets
which is why they need to fix it

even its only you can use would make players mad

I’m hoping they release a GM class.

So the players can run around and help players and moderate the game like the good ol days of when Blizzard cared/paid for QoL features.

Maybe im getting out of line saying this but I basically just see professions as a thing for bots to use. I dont even use professions, maybe there’s things they’d have to fix or change, but mostly I just dont even see what you’re saying as an issue…

They can just give Tinkers class extra base Engineering stats if its something people think is an issue or allow Tinkers to unlock new skins for their suit and turrents through Egninnering and make it accountwide. You know gameplay is more important than anything else and tinkers could provide some seriously cool gameplay and I love to imagine what could be. And really the existence of Engineering isnt even something that runs through my mind and most casual players probably dont think about it either.

Again, the DF prof revamp created chants for engineering that are literally called “Tinkers”.

Well we know they would never remove something and or change the name of something in the game that belonged to something else prior. Demo warlocks still have meta and all that as we know.

Well whatever the new class is, you can bet your butt that they’ll be taking some warlock abilities.

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TINKER!!! Tripple spec
Mechsuit - tank!
Bombardier - Ranged artillery style class
Healer - You know, with like medical machines!

Tinker or bust, the game is now brimming with tech and it’s a shame that we as players can’t immerse ourselves in that fantasy with a fully realized class.

PS. Engineering is no different than enchanting. My warrior does not feel like any more of a spell caster/wizard than elsewise, engineering does not correlate to meaningful gameplay, just handy with black powder and gears.

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Tinker or something fully void themed for sure.

Necromancer is already covered by Unholy thematically and Demonology mechanically. Another possibility is making a “necromancer” that studies death magic in all its forms more generally, having its specs themed after the various covenants from Shadowlands. A Maldraxxian fleshcrafter that rides an abomination to tank and its abilities graft new limbs onto the construct for various purposes during combat, a healing spec that is fully Ardenweald themed, Venthyr for a blood-themed dps spec, etc.

Dark Ranger doesn’t have enough of an identity of its own to make a whole class, but it would make an excellent spec. It’s always been sort of a blend of hunter and rogue so my ideal would be seeing Subtlety reworked into a dark ranger, since it’s got a rather flimsy identity of its own that doesn’t really mesh with the rogue class overall.

Bard could work too if there’s no attempt to make it a “support” role. I don’t think the game needs another role beyond the 4 it has now. It’s also low-priority compared to other potential classes that have a lot of presence in game but haven’t been explored as a player class like Tinker. There are bards in the setting in the most general sense but I can’t recall any major examples of it being used for combat aside from the one kodo rider orc unit in WC3, which had the same effect as Battle Shout…

Tinker would be better.

We need a ranged class with a mecha theme and summons.

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dark ranger class is dumb, at best it should be a fourth spec to hunter.
Necromancer would be cool.
I want tinker, but i have the feeling blizzard would not make it in the way i have in my mind at all, and i would get disappointed.

for the warcraft universe a music based class… it feels to me the same vibe of disappointment when pandaren got added into the game… it introduced the goofy element within something that felt serious to many.
Bard feels that way to me… i would support the idea mechanically in terms of how it supports the other players and classes, but the music based theme class? no… i refuse

Tinker enchants have been in the game since Wrath.
Glove, belt, and cloak engineering mods have been called tinkers since they came out.
It hasn’t really killed any efforts to ask for Tinkers as a class, even though it’d undoubtedly cannibalize engineering.

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Since the last class was a dragon, the next one could be dragon hunters and ive got a unique never before seen idea for them

They’ll have a spear and heavy armor, and they can jump really high. And they’ll be purple! The class can be called Dragon Knight, or Drakoon for short