World of Warcraft: Classic and Burning Crusade Classic Characters and Realms

Because that’s exactly what it is and that’s exactly what this project has become.

You have zero proof for that claim.

The copy is to classic, not TBC. The copy is also copying a point in time snapshot from before the patch, so everyone’s character is copied from the same point in time… can’t really clone the gold.


Yah this makes sense. I guess this is fine for now, but i am hoping in the future i can clone multiple toons to both bc classic, and vanilla classic servers in the future. Atm, it seems like you get the option to transfer one toon over, and can also clone one toon for a fee.

But will future transfers cost money, as well as future character server clones also cost money? This is a curiosity of mine. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Idk i guess the way this is being handled, it just smells of EA. Oh well, what can i do. I love wow. At least warcraft is good, and i can’t really name a game by EA that is actually good in recent years.


Maybe the fact that what you described isn’t even possible???

Once you clone the char over to the classic era server, you’re in a completely different place from everyone else who has yet to copy themselves over. So what exactly are you duping?

Any possibility of faction transfer? I was playing with a group on Horde but my friends are now playing as Alliance on another realm…

Will the character copy service be available post TBC launch? For example, I’ve got a number of alts, I’d like to finish leveling in Classic then move to TBC. But…

  1. I don’t want to rush madly to level them before TBC launches.
  2. I want to keep it them classic indefinitely
  3. I don’t want to level them twice, both in TBC and in Classic.

Basically I’d like to do the character copy, but only when they’ve reached level 60 and I’ve had a chance to enjoy the classic content, both raids and open world, with classic talents and actually at level 60.


I bet there will be new servers at launch without transfers. Seems really well thought out and I plan to advance to tbc and also level a character to stay in classic.

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Classic is huge fun - all leveling and no raiding pressure.


The levelling part sucks in classic though. First play through is good fun, 2nd time…eh…3rd time, log out once you hit level 40 because 40-50 is the worst and longest part of the game.


From Blizzard:

Clones are created from a snapshot just prior to the Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch and will not include any additional progress from that point on. This means that if you continue to play your WoW Classic character for some months after and unlock the clone at a later date, it will not include any additional progress past the point of the original capture of your character.

So basically, you would have to level twice. That’s a real shame. I wish you could clone a character to TBC with any additional progression made on the Classic Era servers. :frowning:

Also jumping in here to say I think reasonably cheap boosts are the way to go. I have two friends who would be excited at the opportunity to jump back into BC, considering that’s the expansion they started WoW in, but anything above $25 would seriously put them off.

Please don’t make it $60 like the normal one, considering it’s a once-per-account situation. Make it something along the lines of $20.

I think over all the announcements were good I think everything they said his fine honestly I just wish they had given us a little bit more information and not spend literally 25 minutes talking about memory lane.

They’re still so many questions that we don’t have answered like what patch are they going in on for example They do seem open to changes so how are they going to figure that out?

I just kind of felt it was a little what’s the word I’m looking for not wasting time by it didn’t feel like a deep dive.

A just kind of fell OK we have to do this let’s just do what we want for 25 minutes and then say what we want to say at the end

The one thing I am not clear about is that if players download BC Classic will the toons we have at lower and mid-range levels (say 45 and below) be able to advance forward in levelling as is from Classic? I have been playing Retail since the original BC expansion came out back in the day never having experienced Vanilla original content until after I downloaded Classic. So I really don’t know to what extent game play or content changed from one to the other. I will continue to work on levelling my toons while still enjoying the lore, but I hope that Blizz will give us enough time to do what we want before the pre-patch and expansion comes out. I don’t want to feel pressured to rush through everything.

Boosting Characters is an Abomination. You, Blizzard, Should be ashamed of implementing such a disgraceful option into a “Classic” version of this game!


your friends should do like you, and everyone else did, and actually PLAY THE GAME if they want to jump in. Which means, starting at Level 1 like EVERYONE ELSE DID.


Can we please get confirmation regarding whether there will be new fresh servers for Classic Burning Crusade, and an idea of it’s timing? I know the post said there would be additional details released soon, but this is the number 1 thing I wanna know. I plan on playing a belf shadow priest, and I think the maximally fun way for that would be on a fresh server, so that everyone on the server starts evenly. I assume it would require not much more effort than the extra few Classic servers that were added on launch day, except for to also disable 58 boosts/transfers/pay-to-win situations for a fresh server.
It’s also incredibly fun to play on a new server on launch day and for many weeks after, just from that unique sort of feel of the whole server sorta moving together, and it leads to more exciting server-wide engagement (like a horde invasion in Elwynn forest on day 1 in Classic’s launch on Smolderweb defending as lowbie alliance against lowbie invaders).
My ideal favorite way to do it: fresh servers released on the same day that belfs and draenei go live on Classic pre-patched current servers, disable 58 boosts and whatever else wouldn’t work on a fresh server, and at least one of those servers is Pacific Standard time or close enough.



They will just clone the servers, then lock the char on the other version once you make your choice. At least that is what it sounds like. How do they handle mail though. Say I have char A which has mail from char B. I make one go to classic, the other to TBC. If the mail is returned on A, it would be returned to the locked char copy of B, or probably just deleted altogether. Does it expire on the locked copy B, so that when I unlock it later it has no mail because it all expired, or is it returned to A if it can be.

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Have you not noticed yet, they have no shame, they are a corporation. Their employees sure are more boring than I imagined though. Or maybe it is just poor choice of speakers.

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