World of Warcraft: Classic and Burning Crusade Classic Characters and Realms

It’s a snapshot. All characters are frozen at once, whoever is holding the gold wins. There is no duping it.

well, the gold gets cloned, but only once. So you could borrow it and return it in one version, but keep it in the other. To do this you would have to purchase the unlock, and whoever you borrowed it from, would not get to clone it themselves to the other version.

This would work if that someone you are borrowing from is not interested in classic, then you just return it in TBC, but keep it in classic. Or vice versa. Total amount of gold in both economies stays the same, just who gets to keep it where can be arranged. An oversight in design but it gets people purchasing unlocks, unless they put limits on the clones.

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A hardcore reset server would be what the private server crowd would prefer, but look at who is playing classic, mostly middle aged dads, so they are not going to do that. Dads have to have something to spend their stimulus checks on, and blizz needs money, always, sweet, sweet money.

Pretty disappointed at the lack of a fresh realm announcement. I’ll find a server to play on either way, but still… TBC is why I played classic. It’s when I became good at the game, and started to meet people. Having the new server experience along with reliving these memories would have been bangin.

But I get why you wouldn’t.


Will TBC Classic add more character slots per realm? I have 10 characters on one realm in WoW Classic. I don’t want to have to delete an alt to be able to make my Draenei Shaman!

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Being able to wait until a later point to copy a character would be the ideal solution (so that we don’t have to level a character up to 60 twice / can enjoy the Classic content at our own pace and move/copy to TBC whenever we want). The ability to progress through WoW’s history at our own individual pace is too great a utility to forgo / overlook in my view.

The reason they’re doing the “snapshot” copy solution is to stop people from gold / BOE duping (copying your character with a ton of gold / BOEs, then sending those items / gold to another character and copying that one too). However, they could solve the issue of “duping” by wiping any BOE’s / tradeables / transferable items from the “copy’s” inventory and setting your Gold to a standard amount (say 10G for Level 30s, 100G for Level 60s etc.) when you send that copy to TBC servers, and only allowing you to make a copy of that character once.

Hopefully they consider this alternative / additional solution, as I think it would create the perfect conditions / precedent for how Classic servers could function and the role they would play moving forward (wherein you can start a character in a Classic server at any time, then copy it (sans gold / transferables) to a TBC server whenever you’re ready to move up, and then Wrath etc., all at your own pace, and without having to level twice etc.)


Okay so I have a kind of dumb question… As someone who started on a Pvp server to raid and moved to a Pve server. Come the TBC servers, say I am on a Pve server but wanna move my toons to a PvP server… will that be possible? Meaning move my 3 level 60’s over to TBC onto a Pvp server even if Im on a Pve. Probably a dumb question but I am curious if I should just relevel them now and what not.

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Please add fresh TBC realms with boosts/transfers closed for at least 3 months. Returning people/people who missed out Classic launch want to re-live the leveling experience, and starting in an established server doesn’t have a great experience with all the boosts (in-game and uh… I guess… with $$$ now. Great).


Came into Blizzcon expecting the worst. Got great news about TBC! Super excited Blizzard listened to the issues and are making positive changes like non nerfed bosses, Seal of Blood, Phase 1 not containing T5, and the option to keep your Classic Vanilla toon and/or progress into TBC (something all of us didn’t know we wanted back in the day until like WOTLK - then realizing we would never see our original toon/gear in their original glory). Paying a bit to copy a main or two (only have to do it 1x and it lasts forever) to a perma Vanilla server is so much better than not having the option at all!

In general, nice to see the old Blizzard back making the right call for the players and not just for the pockets :slight_smile:

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According to this:
This was possible in BC. IDK if Blizz will remember this feature was avail then, though :woman_shrugging:

Time Stamped Video of Blizz’s plan on Classic and BC (starts at 14:15, you can start at the beginning to listen to them talk about nothing, if you wish, but 14:15 is the real start of them discussing their plans for BC and Classic):
A few things to note as CONFIRMED information:

  • Time Stamp 14:15 to 14:29 “#somechanges” stance
  • Time Stamp 16:10 to 16:12 removal of Spell Batching
  • Time Stamp 18:25 to 18:32 at max level (70), opposing Paladin Factions will “learn” the opposing Paladin Faction’s respective Seals i.e. “Seal of Blood” (for Alliance) and “Seal of Vegeance” (for Horde).
  • Time Stamp 19:06 to 19:12 increased Arena Team rosters
  • Time Stamp 19:47 to 19:54 early access to Draenei and Blood Elves
    ~Time Stamp 20:15 to 20:17 CONFIRMS “early access” during the “Pre-Patch”
  • Time Stamp 20:21 to 20:24 Content Progression/Phasing
    ~Time Stamp 20:29 to 20:34 Phase 1 - Kara, Gruul’s Lair and Magtheridon’s Lair
    ~Time Stamp 20:55 to 21:00 Phase 2 - Serpent Shrine Caverns and Tempest Keep
    ~Time Stamp 20:01 to 21:21 Phase 3 - Hyjal, Black Temple and Arena S2
    ~Time Stamp 21:21 to 21:24 Phase 4 - Arena S3 and Zul’aman
    ~Time Stamp 21:31 to 21:34 Phase 5 - Sunwell and Arena S4
  • Time Stamp 22:01 to 22:08 Progression Players (known as BC Fans/Players, for now) are Blizz’s main priority
    ~Time Stamp 22:08 to 22:10 Blizz thinks “the majority” is in favor for PROGRESSION (whether it’s Classic, BC, Wrath, etc.) Servers and will focus on that.

  • Time Stamp 22:14 to 22:17 Players STILL have choices/options!
    ~Time Stamp 22:37 to 22:47 If you have a PROGRESSED Character, you get to decide if that character will remain on the Progressed Server (in this case, BC) or move it over to one of their Classic Era Type of Servers (in this case, Classic).
    -Time Stamp 22:48 to 22:51 This option is PER Character
    –There’s no mention of this option requiring real life payment

~Time Stamp 23:59 to 24:04 Level 58 Boost, but it costs real life payment
-Time Stamp 24:04 to 24:19 Only 1 per account, Blood Elves and Draenei are not applicable to be boosted, and you’ll have no professions (not gonna mention the 60% speed mount because it’s a Level 58 boost, and Level 58’s can’t ride 100% speed ground mounts, anyway)

~Time Stamp 25:35 to 25:39 There’s no “deadline” to make a hasty decision to choose between Progression Servers (in this case, BC) or Classic Era Type Servers (in this case, Classic)

~Time Stamp 26:13 to 26:36 Pay a fee to COPY one of your PROGRESSED Characters onto a Classic Era Type Server (in this case, Classic), while you continue forward with all of your PROGRESS on the PROGRESSION Servers (in this case, BC).

  • Time Stamp 22:23 to 22:31 The current Classic Servers (as they are) will be Progressing (whether it’s into BC, Wrath, Cata, etc.). They’re calling this “Progression Servers”.
    ~Time Stamp 22:21 to 22:37 If and when Blizz decides to release other WoW expacs, these “Progression Servers” will progress into those WoW expacs (via BC, Wrath, Cata, etc.)
  • Time Stamp 25:13 to 25:24 PERMA CLASSIC SERVERS!!!
  • Time Stamp 27:18 to 27:23 BC will be out “some time” in “2021”.

“Talk” of “supposed” changes/deadlines/unofficial possibilities

  • Time Stamp 16:56 to 16:58 “harder” Raids
  • Time Stamp 16:59 to 17:35 Not decreasing M’uru’s health to appease the “harder” Raids concept
  • Time Stamp 17:54 to 17:58 PvP and Faction “balance”
  • Time Stamp 19:22 to 19:28 Personal Arena Rating vs Arena Team Rating System
  • Time Stamp 22:22 to 22:37 “Progression Servers” will “always” “progress” into whatever Expac Blizz will release…possible hint to future Expacs such as Wrath, Cata, Mop, etc.
  • Time Stamp 27:24 to 27:27 BC Beta “Soon™”

There’s definitely a lot to unpack here, but I’m not in agreement with the opposing Faction paladins receiving the opposite Faction Paladin seals, at level cap, nor am I a fan of the Level 58 Boost. That’s just me, though.


I do not agree with the Level 58 boost nor do i agree with the Faction Seals. But I also hope that they give us the HARDER content than the nerfed raids where things became easier. This should be Harder because we have guides and templets to help us figure out fights and Talent spec’s. Where as back then we had very little to work with.

A question that I have is. Once BC Classic has started can I create a new Level 1 character on a Classic Era Realm. Level that character to 60 and at my leisure transfer it to a BC server?

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For current characters, anything done after the cut-off date is not counted. You can decide later, but all progress after the TBC release is lost.

I would imagine for new characters creating after that release date, the option is no longer there.

As you said, Classic Era means you already chose the destination when creating the character

Logically it would return to the player that sent the mail as it was undeliverable… how it actually works I guess we see : )

Sounds like yes you could with a paid option to clone it to BC server

It’s called Pre-Patch, and they said in the link we would have that happen.

How is a one-time, once-per-account level 58 boost “pretty scummy” ?

Shoo, troll.

Agree with this… I would rather all the tbc servers start fresh and make everyone on the same page to start… instead of allowing people who have stockpiled gold and mats and such to literally determine the market of the game on TBC right off the bat… as there are many players who bot or have more time to farm and collect things than others… making it hugely unfair to the average player.
I love bc but will not play with all the same mistakes going forward that blizzard still refuses to address why bother to support and pay them money for a bad gaming experience when I can just go play many many many many other games that are free and don’t have a monthly sub.
They are not starting fresh servers which means more trade/market abuse … yes it will still happen but at a much later time allowing many players that much longer of a good game experience.
They have not addressed the massive amount of spam in the game or the inability without downloaded 3rd party apps/mods/addons to actually block the spammers they still have a pitiful 50 block person limit then there are literally thousands of spammers on a daily basis back when the game launched they probably didnt expect spamming to be such a big deal or that people would need to ability to block thousands of spammers… years later though its an issues and nothing has been done about it… it really ruins the game experience.
There is also the issue of boosting which has become an issue as well…with all the boosting its almost impossible for people who actually like to run dungeons hours on end/all day to get groups to do said runs… now people just buy gold then buy boosting… im not opposed to boosting as a general thing but I think it should be a blizzard based service that if people don’t want to invest the time and energy into actually playing the game then they can Buy a boost from blizzard in general I think the offering of such services by others players detracts from the overall game community and player interaction.
Blizzard does not care about making a fun enjoyable game like it did when they first launched wow… now they only want $$$ and work on ways to get quick cash instead of an enjoyable game that will last another 20 years with faithful monthly subs.

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Yes, or opt out. I rolled on a PvP realm to play with friends and hate it.

There’s the level 58 boost, but the Classic economy is so massively broken that starting on an impoverished toon with no trade skills or even epic riding isn’t even vaguely appealing.


Are we really not getting Arena till phase 2 or is this a misprint?