World of Warcraft®: Deep Dive Panel Recap

World of Warcraft®: Deep Dive Panel Recap

During the World of Warcraft®: Deep Dive panel at BlizzCon 2023, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas took viewers deeper into the features coming in the next chapter of World of Warcraft: The War Within™.

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I’ll be honest, I was actually shocked that everything Ion talked about was a big W.



Very positive direction, imo.


Hear me out!

Change Herald of the Light in Paladin for Inquisitor. Sounds so much better.


I’m curious about if Druid Flight Form will get Dynamic Flight or not! :smiley:

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Seems like they are going in the right direction. Getting feedback from the community will help in this I do believe.


How many characters can we have in our warband?


Other than the allied race. Not even the audience could fake any excitement for that.

But otherwise, this expansion looks to be freaking awesome!


A lot of Ws. I don’t like the new allied race, there’s better options but maybe those don’t translate to a playable race without a lot of work and this new Dwarf feel like a safe option, something already in game with a new skin.

Besides that, I’d like to see a new expansion with more content in the whole world, like World Quest and now Delves in old zones instead of a massive focus on the current zones only.


This is the most optimistic i’ve been for a new Expansion in a while.


Not a single mention of cross faction content?

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Pathfinder only requires exploring and story campaign nicely done

Dragonflight default experience awesome

Love the direction this game is going.


Oh I know. Everything is really good so far.

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You don’t have “a Warband”. It’s not a party system.
But the login screen seemed to be capped at 4.

Hopefully you can customize your Warband camp and or choose where it’s located. That would be amazing!


So much great QoL stuff in this panel! Makes the overall game feel a lot more approachable.

Just hope the new talent system doesn’t add too much fluff or just another “mEtA” talent tree that’s just masked with the illusion of choice. I feel like my class already has enough unpolished or dead talents, adding 20+ more so quickly is just adding more fuel to the fire.

(1000dps talent vs a 10dps talent isn’t much choice)

My initial assumption is they’ll work with the toggle if the various bird models get access to DynaFlight, but it might be a good question for the Q&A.

I hope so.

I’ll be honest, I was disappointed by Ion’s remarks about that Dracthyr wearing leather gear. I was hopeful for new class reveals, but I guess they’re going to be letting the Dracthyr sit for a while. Maybe 10.2.5? I’ll remain delusional and hopeful lol

Other than that, everything looks to be great fun! I’m excited for the Delves and all the silly hats they bring, Warbands are shaping up to fuel my Altoholism, and Dynamic flying day one of the xpack is a good to hear!