World of Starcraft the mmorpg. Will It Ever Be Created?

Warcraft came first. Well second actually. But out of WC and SC it came first. But SC was a way bigger success as an RTS vs what WC ever was.

i would do this in place of wow2 with an updated “engine” that they say limits them so much and with better graphics. i would also contue making content for wow at the same time and put less work into less popular games like heros of the storm/overwatch to do this.

The biggest problem I can see with doing this is how conclusively they ended the story at the end of SCII. I mean…sure the zerg are still around and I’m sure there’s still fighting with the various ultra-religious groups of protoss but… To make that story continue, you would need lots of "merely a setback"s. And too many retcons is half the problem with the state of wow…

I will first say I know very very little about Starcraft, and I played it one time and it’s not really my kind of game so I stopped playing.

That said, I’ve often daydreamed about a new more futuristic game, like WoW’s style, the way the graphics looks, the way the characters are, but in the future.
Different races, slightly different classes, and instead of the old medieval style weapons, armor and mounts, they would be all futuristic types. We already get a little of that with the steampunk style mech mounts and other things in WoW, but I’ve always wanted more. More laser swords, or laser guns, more mech mounts, hoverboards, hoverbikes, maybe hybrid animal and mech creatures as pets or mounts etc, futuristic armor and/or spacesuits I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last person to think of this, but I have imagined it many times, haha. I could ramble on and on but my point is made. :smiley:

I’ve thought about this many years ago.
I honestly think I’d prefer the medieval Warcraft.
It would really have to be good. Warcraft is quite the standard to surpass.

I’d love to have a World of Starcraft, and fifteen years ago many people thought it would happen, but with Starcraft in maintenance mode it’s not going to happen.

I would play “World of Starcraft”, although the game Wildstar was prettymuch it and did not make it because the devs focused on what the harcore end-gamers wanted and did not add much for the casual majority until it was too late (Blizzard might want to learn from that).

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The story of Wildstar. This video has some info on this mmorpg’s history. For those that might be interested. Pertaining to comparisons to Wow and a possible Starcraft.

In my opinion the morph that springs to mind when thinking Starcraft is the mmorph that closed some time back Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade. Well as far as having Armored space soldiers and mechs. Here’s a video that address that mmorph’s fall.
Again just posting these videos for info.

PS: I would like to see a Starcraft mmorpg. But I’m not sure how Bliz would pull it off?


I’d play it. I would have preferred it over WoW back then. I’d also call it “Universe of StarCraft”.

That reminded me. There is a fan made Mod titled: Star Craft Universe. You can find it in the Arcade section of the Blizzard Starcraft II main menu. So, if you want a taste of what a Starcraft mmorpg would be like check that out.

What the modders did was change the perspective from isometric to full third person view like you have in Wow. They also did a lot of other work on the mod. This is an official mod in the game’s Arcade section. So it is safe. Give it a try. Here is a video from 2016 of it’s beta.

I checked it out myself for a few minutes. Looks good. Made me want to go play more. Like I said if you have Starcraft II or download it. Then go to Arcade menu and do a search in the search box for SC Universe. You can have some fun.

This video shows what Starcraft Universe is like now in 2022. Enjoy


Lol you’re pathetic

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they were making one but flushed it didnt they?

id go with diablo at this point… the SC one wasnt meant to be apparently :slight_smile:

I’d love it, but I doubt it would happen since it would compete with WoW. Race/class diversity would also be difficult, Zerg could have the same classes as Terran if you played as Infested Terrans but Protoss would need their own unique classes.

Should have been done years ago. At this point im going with, “never gonna happen.”


Nope. They already tried to make a new MMO and it was deemed a failure, so I don’t see Blizzard doing another fully-fledged MMO. If they ever do anything it will probably be a hybrid game like D4 is planned to be.

I wish I liked RTS games, but the last time I tried was “Alpha Centauri”, I ended up (accidentally) starting a nuclear war and got hounded to death by the other factions. In the end I couldn’t even launch a missile their orbiting anti missile satellites would just knock them out of the skies. Things just got out of hand.

je tien a dire que pour un MMOrpg de starcraaft cest mort car il y as longtemps avant la venu de WOW il annoncais starcraft ghost qui a jamais vue le jour pour X raison pis je soupson que cetais un MMORPG

Wasn’t that the project labeled Titan?

I think it was abandoned. Doubt it will ever get up and running again.

As long as it’s a first-person shooter, I’m in. Wanna unload my 20mm cannons as I pilot my goliath.

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