World of Starcraft the mmorpg. Will It Ever Be Created?

I liked StarCraft. Them having the same voice actor for Jim yea cool.

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the last murloc eye, i can finally complete my Westfall stew quest

I wish WoW rogues had the ability to call in a tactical nuke. Just open my parchment scroll and mark an X where the wyvern carriers would drop it.

RTS were never my strong type, I’m too slow for them, I take my sweet time building.

I do love the custom games tho like Terran wars and tower defense. Music and voice were also great, I got SC2 for the custom games too.

Also lore wise, I know nothing about Starcraft lore, maybe I should look it up someday, I did enjoy Diablo and Warcraft lore.


You can do the campaign too if you want. I never play SC2 Here is mine
Profile Summary - Mandalorian - StarCraft II Official Game Site (

Show the last one you did on there not your highest.

Do SC2 and Diablo as well. My entire match history got eased mostly had way more. And I dont know how I got Raynor to 10

Cant find my Diablo one but it sucks.

Edit dang my SC2 ones seems to errror 404 now havent been in in a while but yea that is it.

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Would the races work as player characters though? Its been sooo long since i played that game, i remember always choosing the bugs.

We are getting a Diablo MMO on the phone before on PC. Times have changed indeed.


-Steers the collision course with Dreadmoon-

I wish they’d push SC2 again instead or try again with the starcraft single player game they scrapped years ago, that would be awesome.

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How many new starcraft games do you see coming out? As much as I love RTS games and I REALLY love RTS games. I also know that RTS games are dead. They fall in the same category as space flight sims only existing in the occasional indi game and my nostalgia fueled dreams.

None if blizzard figures out it can make money forever on an MMO.

You should try SC and watch the cinematics, click on all the chat dialogs, and do all 3 campaigns in order. Then you will see why SC2 is the best RTS ever made. Star Wings of Liberty, Heart of The Swarm , Legacy of the Void. Mission Packs.

I bought them all Collectors Edition back in the day when they first came out. I think they are all free now. Maybe Mission Packs are not free. But all the others are.

And if you want to start from the very beginning, go start SC1 and then SC1 Brood Wars. Do them all in order to follow the story. One of the voice actors for Star Craft went on to do Mortal Kombat. You play them ALL in order no skipping anything I have the CD ROM discs for SC like 1999 ish they first came out I am thinking. You can get them from Blizz here now though on your battle net.

Because if you dont then you will not be making sense of almost all the story from SC2 and will not enjoy it much.

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Blizz announced a long while ago that they had 6 more exacs planned out and that was 4 expacs agon when they announced it so…Got two more for sure. The old Blizz team that split off from this one is going to be making an RTS soon. They havent done much on it so far.

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For sci-fi I’m pretty loyal to SWTOR as an mmo I don’t know much about StarCraft I admit, and I’m not a fan of Blizzards other popular franchises like Diablo or StarCraft but a Diablo mmo would be more appealing to me though at face value I don’t know much about it just people wishful thinking on it every once in awhile

My guild mates and I tend to believe that we got World of Warcraft because The WarCraft games were less popular than StarCraft, to begin with.

Blizzard wanted to make an MMO, but they didn’t want to risk their golden IP that was StarCraft. They wanted to keep that an RTS to make sure it remain successful.

So they used WarCraft for their MMO idea instead….
And here we are.

Obviously WoW is more popular now, but it wasn’t the case back then.

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Blizzard already Killed it

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it is ending most StarCraft 2 support moving forward. There will be no more paid content such as new War Chests or Commanders or story expansions. This comes after StarCraft 2 crossed its 10th anniversary earlier in 2020.Oct 15, 2020

If anything a Starcraft mmo would breath life back into the franchise


Have you tried Commanders Mode on Direct Strike in the Arcade there? Great weekly brawl this week too.

Well, that is extremely disappointing to read.

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Star Wars is Fantasy

Star Craft is Fantasy

Star Treck is Science Fiction

Im still trying to get my SWTOR account back.

A lot of us nerds are experiencing dangerous blood pressure levels just because you spelt it that way.

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