World of Starcraft the mmorpg. Will It Ever Be Created?

I played the Warcraft games. I also played the Starcraft games. Both are great RTS games. When Warcraft the mmorpg was announced I was most enthusiastic. When World of Warcraft was released and I created my first character, I was thrilled.

During that time I thought maybe soon Bliz will announce that they created a new mmorpg titled World of Starcraft. Well, need I say its been a long time now and no World of Starcraft yet. I still would like to see World of Starcraft the mmorpg.

What do you think?


Even if Blizzard were at their peak and had the resources to use on something as incredibly risky as an MMO, why on earth would they make something that competes with their flagship product?


I’d be keen on world of starcraft.


I would hope not, WoW killed it’s own RTS. I would hate to see the same happen to starcraft.


People said world of warcraft would be meh. The elite warcraft community. Maybe hear the same thing with starcraft? It could be done.

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I think a new MMO from blizzard would be incredibly successful.

I mean, we’re still paying to play now right? Because even today, despite all the system etc, nothing can kill WoW, not even WoW can kill itself.

Unless you want to see hundreds and I mean hundreds of Retcons, I would say no. Case and point. The Confederacy of Man is going to be renamed. It’s flag? Is straight up dead on release. Do you know why this is?

Too many people will foam at the mouth and scream like harpies about it, and no one will defend it out of fear of being cancelled or called names. People are gutless these days.

Until that changes, everything that you EVER enjoyed will be retconned to be more family friendly or inclusive. Like a day at Chuck E. Cheese, minus the parental fist-fights. Ah… those were good days.

Sadly, feelings not being offended are more important than anything else. Your best served to just enjoy what was in the past. Artists are not allowed to have creative license anymore.

I am the mortal embodiment of Mephisto, Lord of Hatred!

Well… …until I become the Lord of Strong Dislikes I’ll be good now. Please?

…N… No… seriously guys.

I need this. Just let me have this moment. Please. …I… I am so malnourished now.


No the entire team that made SC has left Blizzard. They are making another RTS game.

I would not trust the current Blizz team to make a good SC3 they would just remove a bunch of features and make it way worse than if they had never touched it. Look at WC3 Reforged.


I’d play an Overmind and control a entire swarm of Zerg.

Much like Murloc aggro :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you really want this garbage writing team to work on a Starcraft MMO?


Yea kinda along the lines of what I just said.

Nope don’t think it ever will be, but we may see a StarCraft III eventually.

But the Confedation loses during the course of SC1.

i cant even play star craft 2 anymore they need to update sc2 with newer pcs.

Sadly true.

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Sounds fun, but it would be Universe of Starcraft, not world.

It would suck if they made it a FPS though. It needs to be setup just like WoW.

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I came to say the same thing.
World of Starcraft, bit of an oxymoron.

But no. I wouldn’t really care for a Starcraft MMO.

I think space games are 10x better as solo experiences where you can just randomly explore worlds at your own pace. MMO’s always come with that pressure to keep going be the first be the best.

I think Destiny is a great game for example.
Yet it doesn’t come close to Mass Effect.

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They were trying to go the FPS route with StarCraft Ghost. I still have the poster thing for it. Saying it was coming soon. Then was cancelled for no reason.

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Not for me, my main 2 games in the 90s and 00s were warcraft and diablo.

Id like a diablo mmo