World Boss Mounts available for purchase in Mop Remix vendors

The world boss mounts such as Sha, Galleon, Oondasta and Nalak are still obtainable in the current retail game.

Personally I dont think they need to be purchaseable on a vendor in MoP:Remix, it will trivialize the acquisition of these mounts.

I say if someone wants these mounts, they should simply farm them from the world bosses the same way that everyone has for over ten years.

There really isn’t a reason to put them on a vendor.

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The value’s gonna be subjective, but for me personally RNG drops are near the bottom of the ‘prestige’ ladder. Don’t get me wrong, it feels good when something with a low drop rate shows up in my bags, but it’s not really an accomplishment to me. So I have no problem at all putting it on a vendor as well, especially a vendor that’s only available for a limited time. Besides, the WB mounts have some of the highest price tags so their so-called value is somewhat respected in that regard.


imo, if they aren’t on a vendor in retail, they shouldn’t be on the vendor in mop remix.


They’re like 12 years old. Trivialise away.


the older they are, the more important it is that they remain true to their origin - and the world boss mounts origin is a rare drop.


Why though?


All mounts should be on vendors.


Too late now! :dracthyr_love_animated:

you’re at least a week late with this thread, we know, we like it or we don’t care. Let those people who have been farming for years get their damn mount.


if people have been farming for years, then they should continue farming.

Rip the people that have been farming those weekly for years

I had Son of Galleon drop last week. I don’t have any of the others. I am not going to waste my bronze on them either.

However, having a method for people to obtain these in a deterministic fashion is a good thing. They aren’t actually rare mounts and don’t even require effort to kill the bosses anymore. They aren’t letting people buy challenge mode rewards, aotc mounts or vicious saddles.


exactly, so they should follow the same course with world boss mounts and not provide them to be obtained in a new way

Agreed, I have all excerpt Galleon. It’s not like I exhibited any skill to get Sha, Huolon, etc I just parked a toon and occasionally logged in. If it was up I one shot it and see if it dropped. Eventually it did… woo hoo.

Let people buy them, seeing the price I am thrilled I’ll save myself a lot of grinding because I can focus on the cheaper recolors


blizzard should just put recolors on the vendor, save the originals for their original method of acquisition in retail.


Still cheaper to farm existing stuff like mounts.

Now if only Nalak would drop his snake mount…

These MOP boss mounts were trivialized when the drop rate was buffed to 1/100ish.

The MOP world boss mounts are not rare. You join any raid group, there will be at least one person showing off their Heavenly Onyx mount or one of the other MOP boss mount drops.

Rare would be you hardly see it at all like the Scarab Lord mount.

It’s fine they are going on the vendor. And this is coming from someone who farmed all 4 MOP boss mounts.


if the drop rate isn’t that bad, then people should have no issues just farming them.

The distinction here is that WB mounts are not a skill/challenge-based collectible, so Blizz doesn’t really have any qualms about making them available through other methods, even if those methods may be temporary.

If anything, I can see writing on the wall here telling me to wait for at least a WoD and BfA remix in order to finish gathering the RNG collectibles from those expansions as well.


people spending years of their time acquiring these mounts is a challenge.

blizzard shouldn’t just give them away for free on a vendor where the currency involves disenchanting gear

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