World Boss Mounts available for purchase in Mop Remix vendors

and they will, except now they can farm a currency and get the mount.


It took me over a decade to get 3/4 of these mounts so far, and I only got them recently because of the increased drop rate. Them popping up on a vendor during a limited time event is fine, and they are super expensive so not everyone will bother anyway. The world won’t end, I promise. Well, not because of a few mounts in a video game at least.


they should farm the rare drop off the world boss like everyone else.

blizzard shouldn’t give mounts away for free.

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Are they reskins or the actual mounts?

the actual mount

Oh nice. Gonna hold off on grinding out coins for those til I have everything else I want.

Typically pretty lucky with RNG but haven’t farmed those mounts in retail like other mounts.

On the topic of earning them/giving them away for free, I feel like grinding coins through gameplay is more “earning” than waiting for a spawn timer and one shotting a world boss, but that’s just me!


there is EVERY reason. the drop rate is far too low and people go years without seeing one drop. this is a limited time event with a TON of other mounts etc to buy so this will require an extra grind to afford everything or near everything. that is MORE then enough to justify these mounts being on the vendor. there is NO prestige to being lucky. grinding currency is NOT trivial. stop being so salty that people will be able to earn things without having to deal with horrible RNG.


The drop rate now is reasonable. It wasn’t until they changed it though.

you mean like someone lucky enough to get the damn thing to drop on a first try? that kind of free? you mean like griding content in order to get enough currency to buy them - as in… putting in ACTUAL EFFORT? that kind of free?

you are being ridiculous and you know it


if blizzard wanted to allow people to easily obtain these mounts, they should have been easy to obtain back when they were released.

When MoP was out my son was 3 years old. My wife let him sit at her PC and play around on her hunter alt while she went to the bathroom. He sat up on the bridge where Huolon spawns with the typical mass group of people waiting for him. He just kept pressing 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . Mom showed back up went about her chores on the Timeless Isle. Later that night as she was clearing her bags out she found Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent sitting in her bag. Little dude managed to tag Huolon and got the mount. He was 3 and had no idea. That…Thats prestige right there. :rofl:


the mounts are still in the game, people can farm them off the world bosses should they want them.

they werent removed.

oh yea farming them so do you have any words with the evokers who abused this window to get the mounts 100% when they were released day 1?


I mean. I want them as much as I wanted them before.

Everyone that participates in Remix will have them but not everyone will have them.
It’ll be alright. Those mounts aren’t really prestigious or anything anyway.


ah, you are one of those people who only gets things so you can show off to people that you have something they do not. got it.

those mounts are NOT worthless any more then class mounts you used to have to do a quest chain for, but can now just buy - are not worthless. you need to go outside, touch grass and find something other then pixels in a video game that you were LUCKY to get - to be proud of.


Based on their etiquette in another thread recently, I don’t think they are actually looking to have a conversation here. They just want to stir the pot.


they should remain as rare as they were on release.

Yeah, you said that already.

I’m clearly not the one worried, though! :joy:

i think you should follow your own advice.

And they’ll say it again, too. At least two dozen times.