Worgen Tails & You

Unlike your strawman argument, orcs have concept art of them being upright.
Worgen do not have any concept art with tails.

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And that is where you lose the bet because you are wrong. Both original concept art for female Worgen had tails. Care to try again?

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Actually they do, there’s two of them, but they probably scrapped that idea and it was never implemented in game.


Sharp eyes have caught a slipup in Before the Storm–unlike Genn, I’m only human. I mistakenly pinned a tail on the worgen. @Llorewalker caught it & we thought we’d docked all the tails, but missed one, so there is a vestigial tail in the book. So no, worgen don’t have tails.

I guess “no tails” are official, otherwise they wouldn’t ask her to change it?

Edit: I mean official as in now, I’m not saying that it’s not possible for them to change it in the future, just pointing out that despite the concept art, worgens has always been tail-less.

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Cite your sources.

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Here you go:

ht tps://i.imgur.com/MsgYFZT.jpg

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dio5v-TVAAEoaL-.jpg

Why shouldn’t the alliance be allowed cool stuff?

“They” didn’t ask her to change it…it’s still in the book being published today. It has simply been acknowledged as a mistake made by one fiction writer.

I have never denied that the lack of a tail is officially the current state of Worgen in game…that’s rather obvious. What I’m saying is there is no written lore that outright declares that Worgen must not have one…no dialogue by an expert in curses has proclaimed a cause, no attestation by Goldrinn exists to say they must have none. “Lore” by its very definition is a “body of recorded knowledge”.

If we were to apply the fact that “things just are the way they are” as a definition of lore, and that lore dictates what is allowed, then there would be no new skin, eye, and fur color options permitted for any race in the coming expansion. Yet, there will be, and as has happened in every single expansion, lore has been altered as the developers saw fit to do so.


I made that post a long time ago but I think my point was that there’s already cool stuff in the horde and it’s not necessarily “horde favoritism” when they add more human-like things to the faction whose aesthetic is based on unity and tradition.

I’m there with ya, I think less emphasis on elves and humans in the alliance would be great, but that’s just not their style and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Unless I’m reading it wrong, didn’t she said that she wrote tails for all the worgens in the book, and she was told that worgens having a tail is wrong, so she wanted to remove all those tails, but accidentally left out one?

Maybe because nobody asked so Goldrinn didn’t feel the need to say “hey little worgen, come here, I’ll tell you all about how did Elune’s power biologically changed your Pack Form into a half-wolf without tail”?

That’s what I said.

It really don’t matter as the original concept art had tails, but the fact is, Blizzard squandered the time they had and put out one of the worst models in wow history other than alpha female troll models. Tails on a wolf like model is the normal in most mindsets and has been done in the past in art and other things. Even the upcoming Small World game shows the Worgen character with a tail. Most players asking for a tail are asking for it to be optional and that way if you want the original Worgen look you can keep it or you can have the optional tail.

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How am I supposed to verify that this isn’t fan made, and someone just threw a Blizzard copyright line on it?

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That may well be…but my understanding was that one instance of it getting by the ‘cleansing’ was a non-issue, and certainly not enough to garner negative comments or official rebuttals from Blizzard. It was readers of the book that pointed it out after the fact.

That’s the whole point of what I’m saying. Blizzard has not seen fit to have any character in the comics, books or in the game ever ask “say…isn’t it strange that Worgen are infused with pretty much every physical attribute of a canine except the tail?”, and get an answer to that question. Therefor, there is no official lore.

I apologize if you feel singled out. Because this is a public forum, I used my reply to you as a means to explain to everyone that “but…but…but the LORE!” is a weak excuse to preclude Worgen tails as a future cosmetic option.

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I can’t see tails looking good on a worgen character model at all. It would just look weird. If worgen got optional tails, I would never put one on any of my worgen toons.

Some of us think Worgen “look weird” without them…but we’re also saying it should only be an option, so that players like yourself can do without.

It’s good that opinions vary; everyone thinking the same way would be boring.

There used to be a “Blizzard Art” page on the battle.net website that hosted those pieces of art, but it’s no longer there. However, Wei Wang is one of their most prolific conceptual artists, and he did those two particular works for them back in 2009, before Cataclysm was released in late 2010.

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ht tps://twitter.com/weiwangart/status/1020692004852850694?lang=ga

Thats right from the artist twitter page. I dont think fan artist can edit his twitter…

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Do not necro. Redirect to the current thread. Give Worgen Tails


Utterly strange, considering the rest of the character is just a complete bipedal wolf.
You realize wolves have tails, right? Worgen look completely goofy without tails.
We’re advocating adding a tail option, by the way. You wouldn’t be forced to have a tail on your character if you didn’t want one.


I agree with the Dingle Berry infested Worgen.

Wow its almost as if I acknowledged that they would probably be optional or something!

Worgen aren’t bipedal wolves. Bipedal wolves would have the exact same anatomy as a regular wolf, but they would just walk on two legs.

Worgen are anthropomorphic wolves. They have mostly human anatomy but kind of wolf-ified. For example, regular wolves don’t have bewbs. Regular wolves don’t have human arms and hands.

I was just expressing my opinion on the matter. I’m not saying everyone has to feel the same way I do. It’s fine if you think they look goofy without tails, I couldn’t care less. I just think they look fine without them. Why? Because it’s my opinion. I’m not saying my opinion is a fact.


Worgen ARE bipedal wolves.
Anthropomorphic is a lot broader a concept than whatever deviant art or furaffinity or whatever told you.
Worgen don’t have human arms or hands. Look at them.
Yes it’s weird that the females only have one pair of primate-style mammaries. Chalk it up to character design sex (ugh) appeal, i guess.

Give Worgen tails.

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