Worgen Tails & You

I always thought it was weird that Worgens never had tails, but never thought someone would make a comic of them just running around literal moons and all the rump shots. Honestly draenei getting tails before worgen was a sin. Worgen should have gotten the option to have tails via the heritage quest to say visit the Aspect of Goldwinn and/or have a branching path to embrace their heritage, or their humanity. With the completion rewarding both a savage werewolf shredded skin and relevation of what happened to them while they were turned and feral. And the other reliving the plight of worgen recovering. It could have been a really cool and organic heritage questline for them.

Just worgen without tails just seem as wut to me as cats without cat ears to me. https://i.imgur.com/71PmiKO.jpg?

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Worgen are missing their tails.

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Give us a tail so I can stop falling over.

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I still support Worgen getting their tails. There’s really no reason for them not to anymore.

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I’m all for It! It will make catching worgen running away in pvp much easier.

You goto love how non Worgen players come in and say… MUUUUHHH LORE!

Are you kidding me? Blizzard threw the Lore out the door for WoW long ago. Night Elf mages for one… Do you know what happens to a Night Elf who practices arcane magic? They physically transform into High Elves. “But… Nightrun its a small faction of Night Elves who blah blah blah…” No. Lore states that if a Night Elf uses arcane magic they become a high elf. Plain and simple. That Lore was changed. And there are even more examples of this. For the sake of repeating whats been said before I will avoid using them.

If you are not a Worgen player you have 0 say over what Worgen players would like to have the options for our characters. We don’t go around saying … Oh Orks shouldn’t be able to stand upright unless they are Mag’har so what gives you the right to come in and say… “Worgen can’t have tails it breaks MUHHH EMMURSON!” Once again No. You want to know what is lore breaking about Worgen? The size. Worgen female models were 7 feet 2 inches tall back in Cataclysm and pre Legion. Suddenly and without any reason or explanation after Legion Worgen models were changed to 6 feet 10 inches to keep them more in line with what I like to call the Alliance height… Every tall race in the Alliance is the same size: Kul Tir, Night Elves, Draenei, Worgen for some reason are all the same size within 2 inches of each other… But why talk about this Nightrun? Oh its simple Lore says Worgen are 8 feet tall for the females. So why are we not the correct Lore friendly size? Honestly who knows… But if you want to say Lore is the ultimate what characters should be then Worgen need to be scaled up. “But Worgen wouldn’t fit in WoW at 8 feet tall” Once again… NO. Zandi trolls are 8 foot 2 inches tall for females… Next!

As for the tails its simple enough to make them optional for those who want them. Just look at the new Night Fae model they have a long wolf like tail that would work just fine with Worgen. And then it will be up to each player to choose if they want to use the tail or not. I have been playing Worgen for as long as they have been in the game and I see no reason they can not have the option of a tail so players who want them can have them and those who do not can still play with the original Worgen look. “But Nightrun Worgen have never had tails” And… There have never been dark skinned Blood Elves, Asians in WoW, the list goes on and on… As Garrosh said… TIMES CHANGE.

TL:DR Really its a short read so go back and read it but:
Worgen need options just like the other races in WoW, Worgen need to be 8 feet tall to match Lore.


Worgen get Tails…I can practically see the Machinima version of the Spaceballs dinner scene now.
“This tail has a mind of it’s own”.

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I was going to go on a “the PNP RPG books aren’t canon!” aside, but that apparently came from Loreology (https://wow.gamepedia.com/Sean_Copeland ) in a tweet, so… nevermind.

That said, most things in WoW have been severely whittled down because of one-size-fits-all environment design.

Tauren are supposed to be the replacement for Ogres within the Horde, and yet they’re not even the tallest Horde race. Meanwhile, Ogres have ballooned up to blocking out the noonday sun with their buttcheeks they’re so grossly oversized.

Point is, too much of Blizzard’s art design takes place in a context-proof bubble.

I’d love tails please! With all the new customization that seem to ‘make sense’ I’d say a tail option is the only one so far that would truly be appropriate and befitting, and it doesn’t need an explanation, though I do provide a few ideas they could explore if they felt it was needed. Anyways, we should get a tail option!

Goldrinn has a tail so worgen probably should or at least could have a tail, and to make everyone happy, it could simply be that some worgen have tails and others do not. Completely player choice and not lore or game breaking in any way. some have them, some don’t. some npcs have them, some don’t. some players have them, some don’t.

Circumstances, lore and continuing storylines for our various races could be explored every now and then, as it has been with storyilines involving heritage armor, and not just remain an engraving in their past never to be touched on again. Let’s explore our own species’s unique pasts every now and again. While I don’t think that tails require an explanation at all, for those who need a reason for them to make sense, I have some ideas.

Perhaps newly discovered information about the curse through a collaboration of gilnean philosophers, explorers, scientists and scholars investigating the curse and its origin and effects, sheds possible to light in the history of the curse.

Maybe a portion of the curse lies dormant and awakens during an event, revealing its full potential.

Maybe the worgen travel to seek the guidance of goldrinn (or someone similar) to request a visit, which ends up revealing new knowledge of the curse and a possible awakening of it’s full potential, or they’re given a gift which completes an as of now unfinished transformation - which could allow for a tail and other looks such as larger mane. Or, it could just be chance that determines how extreme features are granted and how some are more prominent than others.

These were just some random but possible ideas. Having a tail option is better for the game and for us players. Besides, their model looks like it’s missing something, and I think it looks incomplete without a tail. with all the new customization that seem to ‘make sense’ I’d say a tail option is the only one so far that would truly be appropriate and befitting.

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I could just see our Worgen character seeking out Goldrinn for secrets to gain more power, in much the same way Tess Greymane recently did (perhaps even during the same questline)…only to have him respond with an incredulous roar.

“Such impertinence! You would plunder even more of my sacred, savage spirit?!”

Goldrinn surges forward to bite you. A sudden influx of ancient power overwhelms your thoughts, and you fall into unconsciousness. When you awaken, you find that much has…changed.

After this event, you have various new appearance options, including the tail.

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This was actually suggested in the following video (put it at the time stamp):


This video was also released before we even knew what the worgen heritage armor questline would entail as well. Keep that in mind.

Problem is is that this would be even MORE work for Blizzard to implement. I’d rather them just add the tail at this point and do it as part of the Shadowlands customization package across the board.

Problem is Valynx Tauren in lore are 10 feet tall. There is no way they could fit in buildings for the smaller races so I understand the reason behind Taurens size but as Zandi trolls are just a tiny bit taller than Worgen an 8 foot tall Worgen wouldnt be out of place nor would it be an issue in the game as most building openings work with Tauren and Z trolls as it is. So a Worgen being scaled up to the Lore friendly 8 foot wouldn’t break the game.

Sneaks into the thread and ties everyone’s boots together. On her way out, she spies all those tails.
…Those long, lovely tails…

I can resist anything but temptation.

Eh, so let 'em phase through tall doorways and pretend otherwise - WoW’s already a nuclear barbershop when it comes to clipping anyways.

Hey there, hands off the tail now

I’m for more worgen options and customization options in general.

Yes, I know it would be easier for Blizzard to keep record of who had and hadn’t ‘earned’ the customizations by simply not keeping track at all. I’m just an old RP’er at heart, and enjoy writing dramatic scenarios.

I haven’t seen the video you linked, and are blocked from watching it from my current location…but I will review it later, so thanks for the info.


Optional of course!


More fails, more fun. Keep it going!

With the wave of amazing tauren customization options we just saw added today, my hopes for a depth of player choice options for each race have elevated.
Worgen will probably get a few face and hair options and some jewelry.
But what else could they have? Scars?
Nah, it’s tails, fam.
They need tail options!