Worgen Tails & You

You know what, yeah! Wargon do deserve tails, c’mon blizz let’s see some tails out there.


Let’s keep this going. More tails for all!

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Tails on a race that resembles wolves in a fantasy universe with magic?! Thats umpossible!!!


A tail would look great on worgen.

A tail would be perfect for their front leaning run animations

One is a tan, and yes you can tan that dark. The other is a complete biological change. The 2 are not equivalent at all.


You mean like how Worgen can completely change from a human to grow fur, claws, longer bones, etc?

Even Earth humans have tailbones. If Worgen just canine-it-up, there’s not real reason that can’t enter the picture either as an option. Or some more eccentric Worgen decided to try ‘customizing their curse’ and delberately tinkered with their physical shape. Or just got more comfortable with shapechanging in general since, well, Worgen are now shapeshifters by nature.

I know! This is just like the time they turned all the lion king characters into photo realistic emotionless puppets, but still let them talk, my fantasy immersion of thinking i was watching a weird national geographic special was completely ruined! Oh, and also animals have expressions, eyes widening, sniffing, pawing, jumping, dashing, and ear twitching and nuzzling. It kinda took all the character of the character designs out of the movie, but hey it was realistic!

But i still love this version better.

Sometimes draconian realistic != Rule of fun.

Same as humans can suddenly gain ethnicity, blizzard can add the option for tails to a race that doesn’t currently have them.

Or even something as simple as has been mentioned before such as a quest where they can choose to embrace their bestial side, becoming closer to Goldrinn. Similar to how Night Elves have a quest to unlock black eyes, which they also don’t normally have.


I appreciate you and everything you posted.

I also advocate for the tailed worgen option. All the people getting upset that it’s not in lore when you said just kinda points them out - yeah you get the idea.



<3 you too!

Yeah pretty much the Naysayers have the following arguments:

“It’s against lore.”

There is no actual lore stating a worgen cannot physically have a tail. Meanwhile it is against the lore when it comes to dark skinned blood elves. Darker skin tones = pigmentation and everything you see about high/blood elves depicts that they are fair skinned.

“They never had tails before.”

We didn’t have straight back orcs either… Also again, there is official concept art that did show them having tails and it just didn’t get into the game. It could have very well been time constraints because I distinctly remembering the alpha models being switched about 2 weeks before Cataclysm went live to the models we had up into 8.2.5. Female worgen were notorious for the WoW team getting flustered.

“Werewolves don’t have tails.”

Elder Scrolls, Werewolf the Apocalypse, and several other movies out there say hello.

“Christie Golden says they don’t have tails and she is a writer for Blizzard.”

That’s just it, she is a writer for Blizzard. Blizzard gives her the content to write narratives to tell the story of Warcraft. She does not do in game design. While she does have an input on story dev, she doesn’t actually have the say on what the story is. She admitted her mistake on Genn but again, as I stated before, If she wrote Genn to have a tail then even she believes that worgen should have tails.


Ok fine, you think getting a tan means you can, for no established lore reason at all, get a tail because magic… then I get my goblin/gnome paladins. Deal?

Only if Vulpera also are included in the deal. <3

Might as well throw in Eredar warlocks on the Draenei while we are at it. shrugs

Ehh why not, red demons have always been more popular than blue goat people. Draenei as holy demons just doesn’t work. Everyone gets excited for eredar and those dnd demons, no one gets excited for draenei.

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The higher this goes the more attention we can get. Let’s see if we can get a blue to say something now! XD I doubt it. But c’mon, let’s get our tails, for great justice!


More worgen tails. That’s what we need.


Kitsune vulpera subrace with multiple tails please.

Sure. Why not. Let’s just give everybody a tail.