With all the scrutiny about multi boxing

Is is possible to:

  1. Transfer my remaining time from my second account to my main
  2. Delete three licenses under my BNet account so I only have 1 left that I can access? I don’t want a ban for simply having 2 accounts open at once.

I looked at a support ticket and did not see what bucket this would fit under

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  1. No. Account game time cannot be moved to a different account.

  2. That’s not how it works. Having more than one account is fine. You can have up to 8 wow accounts under the same battle.net account.


Game time cannot be transferred in part to another license. No.

Full WoW licenses cannot be deleted, but you could transfer them to a different Battle.net account if you wish. Keep in mind all account bound items, such as mounts, pets, etc… will remain with the source account.

That said, you are allowed to have up to 8 WoW licenses on a Battle.net account and there are no rules prohibiting logging into them at once.


Than, can the time be refunded?

I understand how it works as I have had 4 accounts since Wrath. The problem is I DO log into more than 1 account at a time. People have been getting banned for that. I want to avoid this happening and willing to delete characters I have had since launch day.

I am trying to abide by what appears to be the intent of Blizzards law. Are you telling me it’s not possible for me to act the way Blizzard is telling their customers the way they want us to act? I am trying to avoid issues going forward.

The simplest solution is to DO NOT log into multiple accounts at the same time. It’s not something you do accidentally,

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Whole game time that has not yet been used may be able to be refunded. Partial game time cannot.

I’m sorry, Verminarde, but no, they haven’t.


Let me be clear. There is no rule against logging into multiple WoW licenses that you are registered to. It isn’t against policy.


I am sorry but see above. Not only are people saying they are, more people are actively advocating for it. See:

I am just trying to do the right thing that Blizzard wants me to do.

Without losing either of the 6 months sub time I have already paid for because of a change in policy.

Yes, I know they may be trying to help, but they aren’t always entirely accurate. Hence, why I corrected the information.

People who have been penalized have for years claimed the reason for it was something other than what they were actually suspended for. That doesn’t make it true.


Yes, disparaging of multiboxers will continue as others aim to cry out against its use. It has been happening for quite some time now, and will continue to happen long after it no longer happens.

Their word is not law, however, and the representatives on this forum, in this very thread even, have stated plainly that it is not against policy to play with more than one license active. They are the only ones you have to believe.


People lie, especially on the internet.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with this Blue post: Policy Update for Input Broadcasting - May 2021

Policy changes have never been a reason to consider refunds beyond the established criteria. The very nature of an MMO is that it is ever-changing.


Really doubt it. If you want to play it really safe don’t go gathering herbs or mining or skinning or farming mobs out in the open world with more than one character at once and you won’t look anything like a botter type and won’t be even reported. But even that is unlikely to be a problem as long as you’re alt tabbing or moving your mouse from screen to screen and having delays between actions between characters.

I have multiple accounts and have played two, even three at once open (but only for roleplay purposes) and have never heard a peep from Blizzard and expect to never hear a peep from them over this. It’s explicitly allowed to have up to 8 accounts and you can log into up to 8 accounts on one bnet account at once. If Blizzard doesn’t want to allow this there is a very simple solution and it is to implement a technical fix that allows only being logged into the game on one license per bnet account at one time.

Edit I should clarify I’ve never multiboxed in the sense of command mirroring. Mostly I’ve just used multiple accounts to have a couple of my characters hanging around looking for RP at once or to have one looking for RP sitting in a city while another farms old raids for mogs. I’ve used the downtime between partners and posts to do other stuff basically. And this has never caused problems.


That would be a rather ineffective method of eliminating multiboxing, since there is no practical limit on the number of Battle.net accounts a player could create.

While I play exactly the same as you, this community is so toxic, I EXECT to hear from Blizzard as the players are so full of hatred on this topic as you can just see in this thread.

It’s ridiculous the amount of hate that is thrown at people just for playing another character.

Ill be honest, I never would have but for 2 reasons. A poster I have read for years mentioned it happened to them and I have seen the same thing with my own posts. If this community decides you don’t belong (for any reason) they will go through any lengths to make sure you are gone.

Like the guy that got mad I voiced opposition to the PvP part of the pre-patch. He made an alt on MY server, went to Halfhill where I was hanging out and spent the whole pre–patch destroying the town. Even went into the thread I had been in and was happy to point out he found me and was glad to ruin my playtime.

This is patently false. The community does not decide which accounts get actioned by Blizzard support.


No but if it works like the forums, enough false flags will trigger an automated response. I am sure a person look at it, but it then would depend on the person reading it and their own biases.

As someone who has managed CS and know people who worked as GMs (and higher) at Blizzard, all it takes is a person who doesn’t care or simply will go “yep looks like MB to me” instead of well they are using the banned forms of input software

You can have more then one account open at once, and you can put your other characters on ‘follow’ to run dungeons, for example if you want your healer to tag along and keep you healed, you can switch back and forth between the open tabs.

What you can’t do is use third party software. As long as you are manually tab switching you are fine running more then one account at a time.

You can’t move the time you already paid for on a single account to another, but if you want you can cancel the other accounts so that you will not be billed again for those accounts.

I’ve never had a problem with my characters on follow and alt tabbing between them.


Not how it works, when a post is flagged, it is hidden til a GM or Forum Mod can review it. There is no auto punishment.


It doesn’t, though. There is no automatic response to reports of in-game violations of ToS. The only thing in-game that has an automatic response is specific to chat channels: sufficient multiple reports of spam will temporarily squelch a player’s ability to post on public chat channels until a GM reviews the reports. But even then, this doesn’t affect the player’s ability to play.


You seem a bit mis-informed about the system. Yes, players flag possible violations on the forums and in game. The only automated part that can happen is:

  • Forums will grey out a post (but people can click it and read it) then send you an auto message telling you it is up for Moderator review.
  • In-game enough spam reports in a short time can get you auto squelched pending GM review. That is primarily for gold sellers and such, but it can hit others if they upset enough of the community.

All actual post removals, thread locks, suspensions etc on forums are done by Forum Moderators at Blizzard, not posters. All actual Silences, Suspensions, and Bans in game are done by GMs/Hacks staff. Of course, people being human can make mistakes - which is why appeals exist to review the data logs attached to the penalty records.

Then you are well aware everything they do is done on Blizzard PCs, under their specific user account, logged, and reviewed. EVERY single thing. Misuse of the system or failure to follow policy would get them fired fast - which anyone who works there would tell you.