Multi boxing is fine eh?

if someone used skill as the reason, they weren’t very smart or were yanking your chain.

It’s all cost, isboxer was 15 bucks like every 3 months, plus initial setup cost of subs and expansion purchases, plus computer with a better than avg processor to deal with all it.

Dang, from what I’ve read in the this thread, it seems like boxing takes some initial capital to get up and running. Kinda makes the “it’s fair everyone can do it” proclamation look pretty dumb.

You can do 2-3 with minimal investment, specially if you farm below current expansion.

Beyond that it gets more expensive, or got, as most people aren’t going to do that many without tools lol.

This didn’t age well :wink:


Aged fine, since multiboxing is still fine :slight_smile:


I never used either software or hardware keycloning or emulation. Just 1 leads and solos, 4 on follow that can dot up or autoattack if needed. It’s still how I do it when I farm stuff for my own use. Which, by the way, means I’m taking fewer of those nodes and can quit sooner and leave more nodes for you.

The OP’s video is now totally irrelevant. PvP multiboxing like that is no longer possible.

People who still want to multibox are fine.

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you know what i wanna see…

the guy with 20 mice on his desktop, thumbing his nose at establishment!

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I tried to watch but the narrator’s voice was putting me to sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

LoL. So many classic toons posting in this thread. I’m not much better but come on.

This is fouring me on classic too, sir.

You’ll notice that the navigation chain says:

“Forums > Community > General Discussion > Multi boxing is fine eh?”

No mention of retail or classic or tbc or whatever.

That’s great. What you’re doing isn’t meaningfully different than having two computers sitting next to each other. I don’t know why you’d bother calling what you’re doing “multiboxing”.

I actually call it “shadowboxing”, an older term for people who were too lazy to set up key passthrough software. But multiboxing is still accurate, because I’m playing two game clients in two different tabs on one computer that I switch between.

Yes, you are technically correct. That’s like two different computers running single clients each, except it’s one computer running two clients. Got it.

/follow needs to go.

multiboxing is now banned on wow acording to the recent EULA update.

imagine being this wrong

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Except it’s not.


Imagine being this wrong.

having multiple accounts isnt against the rules and it isnt considered by almost everyone as multiboxing. what we all refer to is what is what blizzard saying is against the rules now and somethign alot of us have been mad about for ever.