Will SoM BGs have same faction queues

It but the nail in the coffin for alliance. They didnt have enough people interested in pvp and those interested jump ship as soon as HvH was release.

In order for that to happen in SOM horde will have to have 1+hour queues and there is no way that will happen.

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ahhh interesting, makes sense thx

Thats a good point too because look – i was on faerlina [A] and my horde ranker buddies would say their r13+ premade queues were between 30-60 minutes regularly. Those were stinky guys just about to get their weapons and even they were saying it was hard to manage just due to time efficiency for 15 people irl

You can’t really premade with long queues. It is a lot harder. Alliance could get almost full raid groups because of instant queues.

Oh, I know its one of the major reasons why I played alliance for the last 10+ years. Switch to horde for TBCC but was slowly dying inside when queues reached 1+hours. BG my @$$ off when HvH came out. =)

No, we aren’t planning for same-faction BGs in Season of Mastery.

We also aren’t looking at restrictions on premades. Players who are serious about ranking will do so in premades, just like original World of Warcraft.


Not sure this would be a good idea, same faction cues might only be good when an expansion is done(except for wrath), same faction battleground lead to win trading and everyone agrees that they are a massive failure.

So we can full 40 man premade Alterac Valley?


Great. This is why I’m mainly playing SoM, thank you for the clarifIcation.


I really wish you would consider if not doing cross-faction, at least keep the algorithm implemented in TBCC so that premades group against premades more often so that it’s possible to at least enjoy a BG queuing solo or with a couple of friends.

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Yay! No same faction BGs! Thanks Blizz!


“Players who are serious about ranking will do so in premades, just like original World of Warcraft.”

Consider capturing the spirit of original WoW instead of the exact implementation. It was rare to run into a premade in BGs. You could queue for long periods without seeing one. On Classic, you were lucky to find a non premade in hours of play. You say, “Just like original World of Warcraft” while failing to provide a similar experience for the bulk of the player base.

Most people i met while climbing to rank 10 didn’t even want to premade but did so out of obligation because there is basically no alternative. It’s either premade or play against constant premades. I’m sorry to say it, but you guys are really missing the mark on this one. If you want the experience to be remotely similar, you will do away with full premade past groups of 5 so that the bulk of your player base can enjoy BGs whenever they please.


I agree 100%. The premades killed pvp for a LOT of people in classic. This is one of those things where classic ‘feel’ should trump classic ‘mechanics’…just like a lot of the other changes they’ve been making for SOM.


AB and WSG can be easily swung by a 5 man group. While I am not against no premades, I have to accept the reality of the situation.

Can you guys just like…get rid of all your weirdo zoomer kids that make decisions about Classic and bring back Grumzz or something so y’all ain’t constantly out of touch with the base of players that play Classic?

15 years ago it would have been plain and obvious that the developers knew more about how the game should work than the players. This just isn’t true anymore, at all. Even these wierd Euro private server dev’s are more in touch with Classic than anyone in that office, probably combined.

I mean you just watched 2 years of one faction sitting 20 minute queue’s…


While the sentiment is nice, you seem to forget that for a big chunk of vanilla (almost all of it) there weren’t cross faction BGs going on. So BGs were just between players of 1 server and the amount of premades was not as much of an issue is it is today.

Also, if one side of the server got consistently farmed by the enemy premade of the other faction they could just stop queuing and make sure the premade would not get any honor this way anymore. These checks and balances are all gone with cross faction BGs.

That said, I know your solution would not be to revert cross faction at all but rather just do something that has even less to do with the vanilla spirit.


I strongly oppose same-faction BGs and thus I support this decision. But I must say I am sick of the blatant horde favoritism by the devs. In TBC where horde players are the majority of the playerbase, same faction queues are implemented to shorten their queues. In SoM, where all the polls show the alliance will have strong majority, there will be no same-faction BGs. Again the horde gets benefits, and the alliance is left to hang.

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The skewing is VASTLY different. I mentioned this previously. A majority of horde will queue BGs, a MINORITY of Alliance will queue BGs. The actual queues, if everyone’s “feeling” that Alliance will be the majority this time around, will be closer together than farther apart.

However we all DO realize the blatant Blizzard Horde favoritism. It is what it is.


Great points! Your response to these and my points, Kaivax?

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I wouldn’t hold my breath dude.