Premades suck. Fix the game

Well I’ve offered my advice. Good luck then. With your attitude and the minuscule knowledge you have as a hunter, you’re going to be sitting in level 30 greens for a LONG time.

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I feel like you think someone disagreeing with you is a personal attack on you lol. What attitude? xD

Did you see me say anything that was incorrect?

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You got the polearm from AV as your reward. That is everything I need to know about you as a hunter.

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That’s a reductive thought. I’m not the one who wants organized PvP.

Fyris: Endless ad hom attacks, rude, takes offense at every minor disagreement.

Chatchai: Completely calm response

Fyris: You have mental health issues. You suck at hunter. Take your attitude somewhere else.

?? xD

Anyways, as for the choosing the polearm over the crossbow. Again, I’m following the advice of brucewayner and bean, the two top hunters in the classic dueling tournament. That recommend focusing on stamina. The crossbow from AV has no stamina. The WSG bow has 10 stamina. I prefer to listen to the advice of people that went toe to toe with professional players. And beat the best SL warlocks/shadow priests in the game. Just my preference.

I like you enough Cauchy but disagree on this for sure.

I already explained the reasons. There are 50 reasons to not like Retail. it was like this with premades in Vanilla. It was like this in Classic and probably on pservers so we don’t want it because???

There’s a join as group button that you can join WSG with up to 10 and AB with up to 15.

I’ll quote the blue post again:


It wasn’t.

LOL, what? I have probably 500 posts from all the whining and crying about this exact thing on these forums from Classic.

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Not in 2019. in 2004-2006

There are thousands of people who ply this game literally for the thrill of prem v prem in wsg. Just because you aren’t a competent player doesn’t mean you need to spew your copium on the forum


Cool. It can be premade vs premade, and pug vs pug.

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You either die a pug, or live long enough to see yourself join a premade.


I’d prefer that

My thought exactly, who prioritizes a stat stick over a ranged weapon. Especially when their gear is sub par.

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How does a Classic Hunter beat a Shadowlands Warlock or Priest? I’m pretty sure the streams don’t cross. I’d love to see a video of that.

I think he meant soul link warlocks or shadow priests, not shadow lands.

And soul link warlocks are the easiest warlocks for a hunter to beat since they can’t get the range talents in a bg situation. It’s only duels where the hunter is tethered to the duel flag that they become an issue.

Hunter range is 41 yards, warlock /shadow range is 36…skull link warlock range is 30. Good hunter wins 10/10 times.

Regarding the thread… I can sympathize a bit: I mostly play wow for casual pvp, and I’ve probably got more experience doing that than most of even all of this thread combined during the game’s history… Fighting premades definitely does suck, and they should absolutely be gy camping your spam if they’re even halfway decent. I’d also point out that it frankly even sucks being in the premade, the pugs offer no resistance, and opposing premades are just eating your time and hurting your honor per hour.

That all said, the way the vanilla honor system is designed, premades are simply a fact of life. The system is frankly 100% designed around premades and consumables being there to improve honor per hour metrics by pubstomping. You should have known this going into som or classic.

But I’m saying it shouldn’t be a fact, and it should change. As for consumables, that’s fine. As long as it’s pug vs pug.


You seem personally offended about the gear I want to get on my hunter. And how I play the game. lol. This post is about premades.


I miss the “no change” crowd, they stood by their guns.

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Premade going away are never going to happen