Wicket is broken - the scaling is off

Bro you are out of your mind if you think the majority of pug groups at the 20 level have two DPS doing 30k in a boss fight. Even with Power infusion, that’s rare to see.

And you’re playing a DK who can grip adds in - not a luxury every pug group has. This boss is overtuned, and that’s OK to admit. The highest key done on lower this week is 25. The last tyrannical it was pushed 2 key levels higher with less gear - and they nerfed those bosses anyway.


That was an EU group, and Wikket isn’t up for them. The highest key timed NA (I’m not sure which other regions have it this week) is a 23.


Seems like I was right, shocking how out of touch Devs still are when they’re “listening”

I timed a 22 this weekend with a worse comp than you, and I still think Wikket is overtuned when compared to the other opera events (which is what really matters, not it in isolation).

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They nerfed it? When? What did they nerf?

They announced it. Looks like noone needs to get any skill when they gut the instance entirely. Enjoy your ezmode LK now.

Cant believe that last one what a joke.

i can’t believe a blood dk is talking about skill though… like do you only play with hunters/locks/rogues/ hpriests/ rshamans

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Prot warrior right there on the leaderboards timed +24.

Whats your excuse for nothing higher than an untimed 15 LK? Go ahead ill wait. Try not to call out others about skill and get an actual timed key for LK? Maybe?

Very welcomed nerfs, huzzah!

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They really didn’t need to get rid of the attumen debuff. They needed to make it more easily visible. Keep the purple horse above peoples head the entire time. But i’m okay with getting rid of it.

Its bad design to need a WA for a fight.


If only you could have got all +13’s in season one lol. What a clown you are.

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wikket took literally twice as long as every other boss fight, meaning pushing this key up to the limits would entail the unnerfed version of this taking literally 6-8 minutes at high key levels

but then you havent gotten past the early 20s yet so i cant blame you for not understanding how the exponential scaling works

There’s only one joke in this thread, and it ain’t in the patch notes. …

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It’s a bit frustrating that they waited until the week was over to nerf this, but oh well.

Removing intangible presence was also completely unnecessary. A visual buff to make it easier to recognize was all that was needed.

The hilarious thing is that it was so obviously predictable too lol. Making obvious changes way too late is now a Blizzard trope.

The last one makes perfect sense in some scenarios.

Intangible Presence wasn’t just having reported “unclear visual” issues. It had reports of outright bugged behaviour with the visual not showing at all, and was separately being completely overwritten by various cosmetic effects or abilities that altered a character’s look. If they couldn’t figure out a reliable way to actually fix it, removing it might have been left as the best possible alternative.

That’s a bit of supposition on my part.


That’s fair, but still a shame. I mean, they could have just replaced the ghostly dude with an effect that made your character glow or something like that. I hope they iron that out and bring it back, but I guess it’s also fair to say that this fight has enough mechanics that the removal of one doesn’t make it less interesting.

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They might have tried that, and it still had bugs.

Also, to be fair, “Intangible Presence” that makes you glow like the sun is probably more than a little absurd.

I think that’s a safe assumption. Same with Glazer’s eye beam in Vault of the Wardens. The effort put into finding a solution would be better used on something more important. Unfortunately it’s indication that they’re stretched for resources.

Blizzard knows how many wipes it caused. It’s likely a massive outlier, to the point that as a mechanic it performs poorly in most objectively measured regards. It doesn’t matter how subjectively it feels like an overcompensation if it ultimately detracts from an encounter, rather than adding reasonable challenge.

I’m pretty sure the debuff is still in the game. Picture from today

Just putting this out there