WoW Hotfixes - Updated October 21

If you say so.

Edit: With your ilvl, you should be more than 1 chesting it on 15 if it’s not overtuned.

You remind me of Berith. Are you Berith?

I assume at the same time you checked to make sure nothing else was also scaling with player item level?

Get 30/30 and complete the quest. That should clear things right up.

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Yeah. People on vacation in the guild so I’ll have to get it next time this raid is fated.

The first boss this week is kinda cringe, you just gotta stay on top of the adds. If you don’t get them down they can get overwhelming. Rest of it seems okay now.

AUGUST 22, 2022

Auction House

  • Addressed multiple issues causing degraded Auction House performance.

  • Fixed a bug causing Incoming Amount to display the incorrect value for sales of commodities in full stacks.


  • All Mythic+ dungeon tuning will occur during scheduled weekly maintenance in each region.
  • Iron Docks
    • Sanguine Sphere’s absorb now scales with keystone level.
  • Lower Karazhan
    • Galindre and Elfyra’s health reduced by 35%.
    • Winged Assistant’s Throw “Stuff” damage reduced by 40%.
    • Winged Assistant’s health reduced by 35%.
    • Galindre’s Flashy Bolt damage reduced by 30%.
    • Elfyra’s Defy Gravity damage reduced by 50%.
    • Atumen the Huntsman will no longer cast Intangible Presence.

Player versus Player

  • The minimum item level players are scaled up to in Solo Shuffle has been increased to 278, as intended.

YAAAAAS less 40k health people in solo shuffle. Big thanks.

the fact it was even released with this much damage is wild. 40% nerf bro?

still happy w/ it tho

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It’s not even a joke at this point that you’re waiting until reset to nerf it. It’s been broken ALL week and you won’t even fix it before reset. We won’t even see this encounter as Tyrannical for another 5 weeks, so why nerf it at all and slap us in the face with the “won’t take place until maintenance”.

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I didn’t mind this mech, but everyone just used a WA to ignore it anyway.

so… hotfix means its already in right?

i was excited and went straight for a 18 l-kara to test and we still go bullied :wink:

either “hotfix” is a lie and its not in yet or it’s already in and it’s still very painful lol (wikket)

literally says “after weekly maintenance”

hmm. explains what we went through… but isnt hotfix the wrong word then?

i was under the impression that hotfix meant … right now, while its live.

kinda like “hotswap” for a drive… oh well

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omg i can’t wait to kill attumen! get nerfed! :rage:

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Can you fix the issue where there’s hundreds of ‘ghost’ auctions making it impossible to buy progenitor essentia? kthx.


So much this

As a healer, Im actually sad to see Intangible Presence removed.

Can we just make the ghost visible all the time instead of popping up and disappearing for a few seconds? That would fix it imo

how troll would it be if they mean it scales down as keys go up

Would prefer a graphics update like the grimrail got rather than removing it completely. As a healer I like having the mechanic it was just a nightmare to see without a weak aura.

Heads up that Medivh fight will need to be tuned to prevent storming from blowing us up in flame wreathe.