Why Tyrande isn't part of Nazjatar/Eternal Palace

Jaina - you know, our current raid boss- says “Hi”.

I’m not saying Tyrande shouldn’t be present, I’m saying I rather not take orders from her, period.


Oh I totally understand, sorry if it came out wrong I am just very salty about this. I think she could at least only appear for us Alliance players that would be nice and would not irritate Horde players.


Indeed… She SHOULD BE there rather than more Jaina Suemoore, but alas!! The perks lf bwing elevated to self insert of one of the prominent writers…


They can’t just throw in a gunship battle willy nilly if it doesn’t fit the story they are telling (or boss fights). And here it doesn’t.

ICC was a full attack by a large Horde and Alliance force. In the Eternal Palace it is not. Azshara taunts both Thalysra and Shandris throughout the raid and in the Azshara fight both Thalysra and Jaina work to imprison Azshara. That doesn’t work with Tyrande.

In addition, it’s not like they are stuck with a no name Night Elf Without Tyrande there. Sha Fire is a good and fitting character as well here.

But… they include Jaina and Genn, instead… You’d be hard pressed to find two Alliance characters who ruffle Horde player feathers more than those two, individually. And here they both are.


Yeah but they were really whitewashed this expansion, Tyrande’s anger is more fresh and recent so it would have be the more harsh one I guess.

Honestly I am just trying to find a reason to what is probably bad writing, what I fear the most is that the lack of Tyrande in the story so far and the focus on other nelves is because they want to make her fall to the the villain bat.


I would use that same bat to beat the crap out of my susbcription and wave goodbye at Blizzard using my finger because Tyrande is the last thread holding me to this game.

I guess I’ll just have to “wait and see TM” what future patches have in store for her and hopefully things will get better. Not holding my breath anymore.

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Same, I may be thinking too much into it but when you consider that Tyrande is the only lore character to have receive the night warrior skin it seems that they didn’t want to “corrupt” the others on purpose. I just want to be proven wrong and actually Tyrande is the star of 8.2.5 or 8.3 and puts an end to Sylvanas(if she is going that way), N’zoth or some major villain.

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great idea.
Just as Azshara first saw Tyrande in a prison cell then Tyrande will return the gesture.


So i was re-reading some interviews from blizzcon 2018

and i remembered this.

Night Elves

With the reveal of the Terror of Darkshore cinematic, we’re excited to see if the Night Elf story will continue in future patches.

  • Definitely. This is an opportunity to dive deep into Night Elf culture and their champions. As seen in the Terror of Darkshore cinematic, they are feared by the Horde for a reason. They are in touch with nature—but don’t mess with them if you mess with their people or their homes. Exciting to see Tyrande move into a new chapter of her story as she moves into a new role as a Night Warrior . We’re building foundations for future stories.

So maybe this explain more or less her absence and these lines?:

Unknown_Female: By the moon, I have not seen this land for centuries.
Unknown_Female: Still, Azshara’s touch lingers here. She would have our people in ruin just like the Horde, a decision for which I will not stand.
Unknown_Female: Tyrande, you have already done much for our people in Darkshore, perhaps it would be best to let someone else handle things here?
Unknown_Female: No, for the times ahead we will need to unite as we did once before, I will not cower away from the maddened queen like Thalyssra’s people did. The Kaldorei stand proud.

i said many times that i would have preferred that they give a CGI cinematic to tyrande, she deserves it. that would be a great.
and if it is vs azshara would be awesome.


Were these lines ever confirmed? I never really found them during the massive datamined text we got a while back.

I liked that piece of dialogue and I was hoping she was talking about the other type of elves (High, Blood, Void and Nightborne) when she said “we will need to unite as we did once before” perhaps refering to the Suramar insurrection.


No, I haven’t seen them either. Moreover, in this lines Tyrande basically refuse to not partake in the Azshara front but we don’t see her anywhere so that would indicate that these lines are fake.

The intro to Nazjatar hasn’t been added yet which is where that would be so we wouldn’t know if it is in or not.

If she disappear after saying she will not cower it would be a bit weird, she can’t say that in the intro and then leave Nazjatar but we will see.

Nope, unfortunately i can’t confirm these lines, i think that i got them from mmo champ.
but i can say that at least tyrande’s npc and her owl have been added.


We’ll get more context im sure when the Naz’jatar intro quests are added but I don’t think this ends well for Tyrande fans unless she turns against Anduin.*

Since we do know that Jaina and Thalysra will combine to imprison (temporarily) Azshara and Thalysra and Shandris seem to work together during the raid too, there isn’t going to be some massive resistance to working with the Horde on the Alliance side.

  • I wrote that just to keep it short. What Tyrande is willing to do once she finds out that the Alliance helped Baine (And Saurfang) and will help the Horde again in Naz’jatar I don’t know. But the only way I see her being able to stay in character about taking vengeance against the Horde requires her to go rogue.
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In any good story, writers can have Tyrande persue revenge against specific memebers of the Horde (Sylvanas), while still being mad but able to see beyond anger and work or at least tolerate others (Lor’themar/Baine).
Things don’t have to be black or white all the time. Any real person has several layers of thoughts and feelings so why can’t that be use to build Tyrande’s story arc for the better?


Genn’s main target for vengeance is Sylvannas and the Forsaken. He still has memories when Lor’themar and him were on the same side and he has no personal grief against him.

Blizzard could have easilly made this true for Tyrande. Having her hate Sylvanas for what she did but still hold some form of respect for races such as Tauren who fought along side them during several Legion Invasions.
It’s all a matter of Blizzard wanting to balance things and emotions but it’s become very clear they simply don’t want to do that or at least not if Tyrande is the one involved.


Night Elves? What is this type of elf you speak of? Are they like the purple humans we have here?

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