Why Tyrande isn't part of Nazjatar/Eternal Palace

Its that purple horse with that beating-stick sticking out of its skull.


Real people also happen to not be rational on occasion. And even beyond that, there’s a very good argument that the Horde should be dismantled as an entity because of nearly back to back monsters as warchief.

On top of that, why wouldn’t she be furious at Anduin for freeing Saurfang who even though he sharply disagreed with it, was a direct reason Teldrassil burnt?

So it fits that one of the characters on the Alliance wants vengeance against the entire Horde.

I never said she shouldnt be mad or that she should not seek revenge.
I only said that I believe she is perfectly capable of directing her anger toward valid targets.
She should try and kill Sylvanas on sight. She should call out Anduin inability to understand war and should never have to answer to him whether she is right or wrong (she is right).
Should she try to dismantle the Horde? of course. Does she need to kill every last of its members? I don’t think so.
I support her murderous intent and her killing spree. But I also don’t think she will mercilessly murder innocent horde members just because that monster of Warchief did to us.


Why would she respect any Horde race that’s either too incompetent to stop Teldrassil, or goes along with the aftermath until it becomes inconvenient?

It’s the same reason why alliance fans hated working with the horde in MoP.


There’s a whole thread on the Horde player’s moral responsibility in these events and I agree that they are complicit in things like teldrassil. And if that’s true, most certainly all the Horde leaders are and Tyrande would want vengeance on them.

I’m happy with the Choice of Alliance Characters within the Next Patch of 8.2 already.

I rather help Jaina, Genn, Shandris, Alleria, or any other good alliance characters than having to be forced to deal with Tyrande or Malfurian in their drama quest.

So by that logic Tyrande and the Night elves now have to be excluded from a fight that should have been theirs to lead just avoid hurting horde feelings?

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The point is that the normal way this would play out is those who side with Tyrande would refuse to work with the Horde even if it means Azshara wins. Just like Jaina in Legion.

That’s not what history shows us. Tyrande hated both Alliance and Humans and still sided with them so that the Legion wouldn’t win.
Nobody is asking Tyrande to fight Azshara holding hands and singing love songs with the Horde. But to tell us Tyrande can be so blind to hatred that she wouldn’t push the pause button on war to handle Azshara/N’zoth is something past crazy.


That’s what Jaina did.

Circumstances change as well. The Alliance didn’t threaten or even do anything to the Night Elves at Hyjal. Arguably, the Horde did more damage to the Night Elves than Azshara did. Or at least equal.

If the Alliance was that concerned about Azeroth above all else, they wouldn’t use Azerite. But they are.

There is also a fair chance that Sylvanas sent the Horde to Azshara anyways. Why should the Horde be trusted to actually defeat Azshara for the good of Azeroth? And that they don’t just plan on backstabbing the Alliance at the last minute?

Idk how much the Alliance as a whole knows about the Horde rebellion and I bet Tyrande certainly doesn’t because of Saurfang being freed.

Tyrande should be there not because she wants to help the Alliance or not because she is following the Horde to end them. She should be there because she knows first hand the danger Azshara is. She has witnessed the horrors that woman can unleash and how night elves and herself are usually the targets or Azshara’s rage.

Tyrande’s presence there should be more in the lines of this:

Tyrande: I’m here only to put an end to Azshara’s raign of horror and to avange every kaldorei who did not survive the sundering.
Jaina: We must put aside our hatred and work with the horde for now in order to stop Azshara once and for all.
Tyrande: Foolish child. Trust them at your own risk. For the time being them more of them that dies at the hand of Azshara the less my people will.
Thalyssra: We have all being wronged by our former Queen. We must stand together as we did before if we are to face her again.
Tyrande: I have Azshara on my sight right now but don’t think for a second I won’t come after the horde the moment this is over. You can use this time to think where you want to be when I turn my gaze upon the Banshee Queen and all who would stand beside her.

Put some sass on Thally and Lor’themar or whatever and there you have it.


Tyrande needs to be there when Azshara falls and honestly so does Farondis and Maiev. The Kaldorei should be leading the assault if anyone is taking that b@tch down it’s the Night Elves.


The Nightborne have just about an equal right to take her down too. Blood Elves right behind them.

I mean, the Night Elves loved Azshara right up until the end. I believe even with Farondis, who really needs to come back, he had no clue Azshara was a Naga.

So it’s not like all the Night Elves turned against Azshara. The Night Elf leaders certainly did, they could be at the top (depending on Thalysra interpretation) but not the race as a whole.

I’m actually OK with Tyrande sitting it out. Azshara’s like Arthas - a lot of people have a reason to fight her. Tyrande fatigue sounds like a joke, but it likely would be a thing.


Are you gonna log onto your alts to make it look like people agree with this?

I generally don’t trust anyone from Wrymrest Accord.

Only the most vile degenerates frequent that server. /spit

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You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Moonguard GOldshire begs to differ.

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The idea of any character falling into the fatigue area when we have Jaina being the star of the base game, 8.1 and 8.2 is a little mind blowing to me.


After the nude mod banning of 2019 Goldshire never recovered.