Why Tyrande isn't part of Nazjatar/Eternal Palace

I’ve seen some talk about and people wondering why Tyrande isn’t involved. You good folks wonder why the person who should definitely be present in the naga zone/Azshara raid isn’t.

Well, my friends, I am going to explain why. To put it simply, it has to do with subverting expectations. You see, Blizzard doesn’t actually attempt to write their own original themes and plots anymore. They just copy whatever GoT is currently doing. I have no doubt in my mind the past few weeks after every episode they’ve huddled together in a meeting room and said “Ok guys! How can we copy what we watched last night?”

And here in lies what Blizzard does. Ever since those two hacks Benioff and Weiss didn’t have Martin’s original stuff to go off anymore, they’ve relied on one simple method of storytelling since. Subvert. Subvert the viewer’s expectations. Even when it doesn’t make a god damn lick of sense they must subvert. Why? Because people will applaud and cheer the subversion simply because it’s subversive. Again. even when it doesn’t make sense.

Therefore Blizzard has decided to copy this exact method of thinking. They sit down and go “Hmm. How can we subvert the player’s expectations just like GoT does?” They brainstorm a few minutes and come up with the perfect plan.
“We’ve got it! We’ll make a naga themed zone and raid with Azshara as the lead. Then, instead of having the person with a long personal history of conflict and parallels with her, we’ll half-cobble together something with two other people and throw them in! Those players will be so subverted they just won’t help but love it! Just like GoT!”

And there you have it. Blizzard is fully aware that Tyrande should be involved here. They just choose not to involve her because they want to subvert our expectations. They probably even know it doesn’t make any damn sense whatsoever. But making sense doesn’t matter. Subverting is all that does!


Subversion of expectations really seems to be a kind of meme in media lately. It’s starting to get on my nerves because when it works it’s really good, but when it doesn’t work boy oh boy is it bad. Coincidentally Blizz isn’t great at it.

In all honesty I think Tyrande isn’t in Nazjatar at least partially because she had a role in Legion and is currently dealing with the Teldrassil fallout. Lord knows we can’t let the audience get too fatigued of a character even if it means them not showing up to an event they have a lot of history with.


Eh. Personally, I’d rather help Tyrande reach the natural conclusion to her 10k year story arc, than once again be forced to save a mana-addled ingrate.


Azshara captured her once, Tyrande has as much history with azshara as, illidan, mal, or shandris they all do, and they went with the one who has like no screen time.


because blizz don’t like night elves and like my friend says is slowly trying to replace them with the night borne in the lore


Not me. Bad character. Fake second rate Night Elf.


Feels more like they’re replacing them with humans to me, giving humans druid stuff to further dilute something that was signature to them, cramming the night elves into Stormwind, having Jaina of all people being the Alliance person taking part in all this, not the empowered tyrande who has a reason to be on Azsharas level other then HUman Potential.


yes… on the ally side. but soon ion will say to night elves “you want a strong tall purple amazon elf? you wanna play as the elves who fought against azshara? the horde is here waiting for you”


But nightborne arnt stronk amazon ladies. They waify casters and fit girls at best.

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theoretically they suppose to be like the arcane stuff. but cmon now, they have the exact same skeleton/model lol and now they even making thalyssra out to be the one that stood up to azshara


Eventually there will be nothing unique about Alliance anymore because Horde is just stealing all of the aesthetics of the Alliance. It’s only a matter of time before the Horde leader is just a human with red eyes like Nathanos and the main hub for Horde becomes a Stormwind look alike but only with red roofs instead of blue ones.


Yeah but they don’t got dat tone, nor the culture behind it. And of course Thalyssra stood up to Azshara…from Thalyssra’s point of view.

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i am going to quote myself.

so that, basically blizzard has just other plans for tyrande.
maybe, her real confrontation will be with sylvanas, the one who actually burn teldrassil.


I wish it is true, but even without Tyrande there is other nelves better suited in Nazjatar like Malfurion or Jarod. Maybe even Farondis if he was Alliance.


That’s fair, but as shown by them having Jaina in everything even slightly related to her, they could easily have Tyrande here and still do this hypothetical other plan.


a full cgi cinematic of tyrande talking with an imprisoned azshara would be cool.


Don’t tease me with such things Spudd


jaina was sold as a protagonist from the beginning.
they even told us that she was going to have a main role in 8.2.
is fine that she is there because azshara is personally attacking kultiras and creating all the problems including the destruction of the fleet.
i think that it will be kinda the end of her character arc.

But seems like that will be over already.
that is why i think that next is going to be tyrande’s turn. in my pet theory, of course.

I don’t mind Jaina having a role in all this. Azshara wrecks the Kul Tiran fleet, after all, and has been meddling in Kul Tiras through Ashvane. It’s her being in the definitive Alliance role, in lieu of Tyrande, that irks me so much.


All that sold Jaina as a protagonist is the Warbringer (Which Sylvanas also has and has done a drop in the ocean compared to Jaina in this expac) and the Alliance stuff being set in Kul 'Tiras, her home. This is so set up for Tyrande, as much as Kul tiras is set up for Jaina, and she’s not there.