Why Tyrande isn't part of Nazjatar/Eternal Palace

Degenerates find a way.

In reality.

Can confirm. Fear me.

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As said, jaina is being used way to much this patch, so tyrande likely wouldn’t be to hated.

Well, hated anymore then she already is because some alliance players really seem to hate her. I personally have Elf fatigue in general after 2 expansions where elves were the major players.

I am still of the belief this is not the last time we will fight Aszhara even if we do kill her. WoW is kinda lacking in the villain depart and I still fully expect she could carry an entire expansion as the final boss. Hell, she would be the first female endgame boss!


Last I checked, Shandris is still a Night Elf,and an Elder Night Elf who dates all the way from WOTA.

I’m glad Shandris is there an she deserves as much screen time as possible but that doesn’t excuse the writers for not using Tyrande and the rest of the night elves.

They turned what should have been an elven fight against their former queen into a just a trap to set N’zoth free. And what’s worse is that Jaina is leading things along side Genn so once again we have to see how humans get the spotlight in elven affairs.


I am so bleeping tired of Jaina. All these human heroes that insert themselves where they shouldn’t be.

And to be honest I’m not against having Jaina or Anduin show up everywhere but not at the expense of other characters like in this time the entire night elf race.


Don’t need Night Elves (particularly the likes of Farondis) participating in something historically and character-relevant to them. Nope. They’re just happily story-locked to events of the past.



That literally irks me to no end. Farondis, Morbent Evenshade, Tyrande, Shandris, Maiev, Jarod and every Night Elf survivor should have two people on their sh@t list first is Sylvanas for recent events and for number two is Azshara the Queen who destroyed their empire and left them a shell of a former people. After them goes the Quel’dorei/Sin’dorei/Ren’dorei since they’re descended from the Highborne of Zin’Azshari who saw their families destroyed in the Sundering. The Nightborne or Shal’dorei deserve to get vengeance last since they’re the cowards who ran and hid under a bubble.


i think that the solution would have been making someone else be the ultimate enemy of kul tiras, azshara basically caused almost all the problems there.
so this is how blizzard introduces her fully into the story.

and now she is going to destroy their fleet.
that’s why i understand that jaina is there… but then it makes me ask, why genn then?
probably because they use him for his interactions with lordthemar…

and probably because tyrande would not be willing to work with the horde, maybe.
who the hell knows what blizzard is thinking.

in any case,if azshara dies and tyrande doesn’t say anything then it would be just a catastrophe.


Blizzard overlooking the natural conclusion of Tyrande’s arc aside, I still can’t for the life of me see how they went “Ok, the theme of Nazjatar is working with the Horde, in spite of past grievances, against Azshara. Who do we use?” and settled on Genn and Jaina.


Besides, even if “working with the Horde” again, it could have made sense if there were all elves involved just like in Suramar.
That would show Blizzard’s intent of ending the faction war by having all elves working together for a comon cause while having some dialogue of Tyrande saying that it would only be a temporary truce because of Azshara but she is still going after Sylvanas for what she did.

The horde is still complicit though.


And they should all pay for it but the sentence must be given according to the crime.
I can see Tyrande hunting down Sylvanas no matter what but I can’t see her wanting to exterminate every single civilian from different races of the Horde.

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You don’t have to murder civilians (though can we blame her at this point?). The soldiers and leadership are complicit.

but what I mean with this is that Blizzard could’ve found some middle ground in Tyrande’s anger against the Horde. She can still be super angry and morderous toward Sylvanas and the undead but regular angry toward Blood Elves and Nightborne. Because she understands that Azshara presents real danger and that both BE and NB have genuin grudges against Azshara she can tolerate working with them for now.

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But she SHOULD be murderously angry towards the Horde. Either they aided in or did nothing after the burning.

I don’t even want to save Baine because of it.


I gotta be practical and I understand that wiping half player base is impossible.
If we want to push Tyrande towards a murderous path to annihilate every horde member the only thing we’ll accomplish is to a target on her head and because she is Tyrande (a night elf) Blizzard wont hesitate to make her a killable quest mob just like Ysera.
What im trying to do is to come up with ideas to please at least the majority of players.
I know that ship sailed and there’s nothing we can do about it but imo that would have been better than what we got.

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