Why this is the minimum requirement for the epic box?

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I still wonder what’s the benefit for the game to put cosmetics for a holiday event after a minimum level that high, when that cosmetic has already a really low drop %.


Just for clarity would you like it to be lower?

My basic understanding of it is that it’s set to 50 to allow players who are just subscribed but without Shadowlands, but also SL players to participate.

There’s not any logic provided by Blizzard on why these low drop % have a minimum level, when players can queue it with characters since like level 15, if they don’t want players creating and deleting characters just for attempts or what’s their reward design, because they could create a scenario on which you don’t have an id and could spam it with a single character. They keep moving this minimum level every expansion, forcing collectors to level up alts every 2 years and they don’t fix the “You’ve enter too many instances” issues.

Love in a box??

Very sad :disappointed_relieved:

There’s a dilemma, methinks.

The motivation (and I’m taking a guess at this) from the Blizzard PoV is to not make players feel they need 30+ characters to optimise getting event drops and believe the level restriction is the best solution for this.

The reality is players who are say achievement hunters would be doing this anyway to be optimal. I can see that you’re at 26k+ achievements so that’s Loremaster/explorer and a big chunk of expansion achievements too (about 3-4 expansions worth). So I agree with what you’ve said.

$60 boost gets you to level 50.

:thinking: What motivation is there for Blizz to make one of the most sought after mounts have a level 50 requirement.


Actually gets you to 60 now :smiley:

1-50 is alot faster vs previous leveling in BfA

If you can’t do that I’m not sure what to tell you

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You should need the latest expansion to be eligible for it anyway. And there is also little to no reason to not have a 50+.

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Leveling to 50 now takes an evening or two. It really isn’t a huge deal.

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The issue is not leveling one character 50+, is that due to the low % for the mount, collectors need to level up 40-50 characters and then level up again if they move that minimum level. Also, they can just remove the daily epic box and create a spamming scenario so players with 1 character can get 20-100-x attempts per day if they want to stay there all day. Example, when the headless mount was introduced you have to do scarlet monastery outside Undercity, not queue at all and u could reset instance and try again.

This stupid stupid mount is just arghhhhhhhhh . Insanely :poop: drop rate :frowning:

Sometimes you can’t have everything. And that’s ok. shrug

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That doesn’t mean that i can’t ask for improvements to have a better chance, i’m not asking for that mount on my mailbox tomorrow. I’m providing feedback on issues for the collectors community and people that would like to have that mount or a better chance.

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My wife calls them chocolates.

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Is so people don’t ruin the event for themselves by rolling 50x level 1-60 characters every day for the mount. They are saving the players from behavior they know we will do. Which is made even worse by the fact you’ll hit instance cap of 10 easily within every hour and thus be sitting around for 4.5 (finish up a bit early for the last 10 characters) hours every day just doing the event.

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If you made it like level 10 or 20 you could basically run it 100 times a day just deleting the chars and making new ones quickly leveling or just creating an allied race… so there is for sure a little reasoning behind it

Originally there was no minimum level for that, but they found that a lot of players were running low level alts. The change to “50-60” was intended to make people who want to farm that do it on high level alts.

They should let us run it with a single character without any ID, like when they launched those events and you could just reset instance and do multiple runs per hour during the whole event with a single character.

During patch 7.3.5 the epic box was provided from level 98-110.

During 8.0 was moved to 110+, https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/info-on-love-rocket-i-found/26518/45

Then during 9.0 was moved to 50 which was the equivalent to 120 from BFA, stop moving the range 10 leves each expansion release.

That’s my feedback, let 50 as the minimum for 10.0, help us with some fix for the “too many instaces error”, if they don’t want to increase drop, allow spam with 1 character or any other idea. Just stop moving the requirements and help us with the instaces issues from doing 10+ alts per hour.