Why the RMT Spam allowed in LFG?

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So the problem can get worse for everyone else that doesn’t use addons to filter it automatically?

How about we fix the problem now rather than letting it fester uncontrollably.


Because Blizzard sells tokens to finance all those carries.

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It’s not allowed, but that doesn’t stop it from being there.

Actually it’s what normal people call a difference of opinions.

Your words. I’m saying it isn’t a problem to begin with.

I don’t believe it is allowed, but reports help.

not sure you noticed they have.

It won’t stop unless blizzard completely removes descriptions and titles from lfg

Rules dont matter when they aren’t enforced.

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It isn’t allowed. They’re constantly banning these accounts. It’s just that each account finds enough buyers that it’s effectively paying for itself, and also funds another account.

why have any law enforcement then? Just ignore the criminals and move on. woops nevermind they stole your car…

sure these guys arent actually stealing your car, but they steal plenty from people who are suckered into their offers - bank details and ID’s and thats completely ignoring the glaring truth that they steal blizzard IP and sell it for real world money

I agree. Blizzard should track down everyone who buys these services and perma-ban their accounts. Delete everything. Then have Town Criers in every single city and major hub shout out every 15 minutes the number of accounts permanently banned for participating in these actions that week.

Wipe out the spammers’ customer base. It’s not like Blizz needs the WoW income after Diablo Immortal’s whaling operation has gone live.

Because there’s no way to stop it.


So not 24/7 they’ll still be in there :person_shrugging: And bans do nothing but make people make new accounts :person_shrugging:

Um wow…

This isn’t about law, it’s company policy in a video game.

This isn’t about law enforcement, it’s about snitches.

Woops no one stole your car and you’re just overreacting.

Which is why this trainwreck of a post of yours should have just stopped in your head as everything after that is just pointless.

You are a “person” who is saying that all ads for RMT sales in the group finder should be ignored by players who are concerned that the rules are being broken, which really isn’t any different from enabling RMT activity.

Are you an employee who has access to internal data on this?

Not really “allowed” but there’s so much that they don’t have enough people employed to fix.

I already report them, but they are a never ending stream

They do dumb “fixes” like require authenticator to post titles/description that did nothing to fix the issue, what would fix the issue is don’t allow custom titles/descriptions for anyone and fix it with a lot more pre-text to select including boss names etc for each raid

Um… thanks for the summation. Little unnecessary though as i know what I’ve said

That kills “fun” stuff though like “parties”, random tournaments (not combat related), and achievement groups

oh and rare farm groups :+1: A lot of not directly pvp or pve related activities that rely on custom titles/descriptions.

well actually it is, its IP stuff as well as bank and identity fraud.

these guys make a living of stealing peoples identities and bank accounts - and video game accounts. Why do you think people get hacked, why do you think blizzard released authenticators over a decade ago?. Plus they are stealing and profiting from blizzards own intellectual property. Thats plenty levels of illegal. At no point are these people flooding the lfg system with 3rd party weblinks operating under any legal safety and security. They only exist because they operate in ways they cant just be told “stop” unlike say private servers who are pretty easy to nail down to a fixed location and lists of names

Some sure, some not.

Big ol blizz doesn’t need my help policing. I’m sure the multi billion dollar company appreciates ya

Hey whatever makes you feel vindicated caped crusader.

i mean, it sounds like you have some vested interest in not hindering them. Not saying you do, but, you seem very up in arms about anyone who doesnt like having these types of folks in the game.

Some people just want to log in, play the game and not have to deal with any hint of chronic rule breakers, especially given the dark underbelly in which they operate