Why the lack of Customization?

That’s some cringe.

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  • Your classes are maxed out with one of them being a class that only two races can be.

  • People overexaggerate when they complain about how little blood elves got. They got new jewelry, facial hair, hair colors, hair styles and new skin colors, eye colors.

  • It’s the most popular race in the game, customizations should be spent on other things to encourage players to branch out.

  • The compromise for the void elf hair colors was the Nightborne getting new customization. You wanna get angry about that? Take it up with the members of the blood elf community that kept trying to derail void elf threads by saying how neglected Nightborne are, the people in your races community that were vocal voiced that they wanted new Nightborne customization so that’s what they got. Better idea would have been to make their own megathread talking about what they want instead of trying to gatekeep customization.


I guess this will make some people happy. I know I been seeing requests for Void Elves for quite a long time. I was actually in the opposite boat and wanted like pure black hair for them. (instead of blue tinge with it) Happy some people are getting what they wanted tho.


Will they be locked to skin tones? Like are we getting a full blood elf option?

You said that Blood Elves were the only race with a carbon copy model on the other side and all I did was point out that wasn’t true.

But I digress.

Blood and Void Elves still have certain features that make them clearly distinct from other another i.e. different hairstyles, green and purple eyes, and the fact that Blood Elves have far more customization options in general compared to Void Elves.


“Why aren’t they listening to feedback?”
“Why did they listen to feedback?”


People keep abusing this poor poor word.


Hey it’s the compromise you advocated for this was the middle ground Blizzard decided on :hugs:

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What compromise?

Because you seem to be using the “I get everything that I want and you get bupkis is a compromise” definition


CONGRATS VOID ELVES (special shout out to high elf roleplayers)!!! I’m so happy for y’all, really. This is awesome. Now we can all be blonde together.

can blood elves get some cool tattoos tho…… BC box art guy giving me the stink eye with his cool face tattoo is the reason I wanted to play a belf to begin with.


I support this change in developer direction. +1 from me. Players will enjoy this. Although I am still waiting for a few more announcements before I make any decision to resub. This is a great positive though.


Nightborne got their customization so the void elves get some extra hair colors. You and others advocated this like crazy while gatekeeping in void elf threads. I’d figure you would be happy.

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Blizzard wanting to keep their already dwindling fan base slightly happy for potential reoccurring 15$ a month with little cares to the integrity of the game.

Platinum Blonde please. THANK YOU!!!


If we’re finally giving races tats can we please give blood elves their tats?


Unimportant as far as customization is concerned…

Very few of which were of any real impact.

Compare that to Void Elves literally getting a subrace.

There is no comparison.

Customizations should have been better planned to have more parity between races. Everyone should have seen tattoos and scars for instance.

Unfortunately for whatever reason Blizzard did not do this.

Fans were always going to have issues across the board.

This doesn’t make sense.

Nightborne got nothing during the inital pass save one earing.

Void Elves already got a subrace…

They did this. Three times.


Which seems brilliant to do it by giving in to one side of an on going argument while shunning the other.

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Well unfortunately their game has a forced barrier and they wanted to bailout the smaller faction with enticing it with the age old idea of, ‘sex sells’.

Excited for the nighborne customization! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Really hoping to see some ashen/desaturated variations available for skintones, both dark and light. :pray:t2: :pray:t2:


Yeah but they always come back to gatekeep instead of keeping up with their own thread upkeep sooo not really.

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