Why the lack of Customization?

updated og travel form plz?

that yellow cheetah is hella ugly when you put it up against moderns models…


Seeing as you might look into this thread, here’s my suggestion for blood elves:

Really hoping this will be implemented for those who want a unique theme for Blood Elves that do make them distinct. This, and/or felblood elf options. Thanks! This would also embrace their darker theme, which was the appeal for many players including myself when it came to blood elves before they started to sap that away.


Great news! Congrats high elf fans :sparkles:


That’s the hard part, what sort of greatly wanted extra theme is there for the Blood Elves? There are a lot of little bits here and there that have their own niches, but not a big request that’s similar in scope and appeal as “Blood elves on alliance” was. So what do you give to the blood elves to make up for carbon copying to the opposite faction that isn’t just tacked on and won’t just be handed over due to the next temper tantrum?


Yep, just voices, hairstyles, skin colors/hair colors, racials, paladin class, faction… totally no difference whatsoever. :expressionless:


I’m very excited about new druid travel forms, especially for my Troll. The default stag just feels wrong, and the cheetah model is so very out of date.

Speaking of travel-type forms… my Draenai Shaman would absolutely love a ghost talbuk form.


This is great can you relay to the team thst trolls faces are bare and need facial hair options like voljins and others! There’s plenty of WoW art that you guys released that has troll beards plzzzzzz


cant believe you guys caved to literally tens of players. why even play a blood elf now when void elves have everything


Oh man, all my Draenei are about to get injected with Light at the cost of like $25 a pop. Think race changes are that much.

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I appreciate you listening to the fans of high elves.

Are there any plans for further void based options in the future? (I don’t expect them anytime soon.) Just a word that those of us who truly love the Void elves theme centered around the Void are not forgotten as you help out our High Elven brethren?

Thank you.

Edit: and is there any chance we can see an update to the Telogrus Rift that shows new void elves being made, randomly coming out with an assortment of all current (and future as they’re added) customizations?

That way not only do we get concrete information about how we’re made and some more lore but all customizations would be obviously canon.

  1. You are Horde, the superior faction.
  2. Belves get access to two more classes, pallies and dh’s.
  3. Belves have access to far more eye color and hair style options.

Meh, we both know void elves were just an attempt at giving alliance their own thalassian elf. More people wanted high elves so might as well give them what they’ve been asking for.

Define “everything”. Blood Elves have access to more classes and have far more eye color options. They also have far more hair styles than void elves.


We had a total of three hairstyles added with the customization wave, and we had a bunch of nonsensical and impractical jewelry added. The quality of customization added to blood elves was not the same as it was to other races, and we are the only race in the game which has a carbon copy model on the other side, and have continuously had to deal with our options being given over and over again. No other race in the game has had to feel that way.

No matter how you slice it, this feels bad.


Oh no, the petite humans got customizations, so much anger, oh no… anyways what are your plans for the LFD? Y’all gonna give Draenei their rightful magenta eyes or…?

Y’all gonna give HMT some Highmountain flora hair options? How bout Nightborne getting some arcanic magic outline with their hands or some Suramar flora hair styles?


For male Worgen I would like:

  • Upright (non-hunched) pose option when standing idle
  • Realistically shaped, sized, proportioned teeth, similar to how they are on female Worgen
  • Jet black fur option
  • Make them ~10% bigger
  • Tail options

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe males got 3 (4 if you count the bald option) new hair styles and females got 4 new styles and a bald option.

The Pandaren would like a word with you.


Remake Nightborne racial please, 3 minute CD melee slow that is on GCD doesn’t feel good to use when all melee already have built in slow, turn it into something simple like 2 minute 1.5 second ranged stun (basically ranged War Stomp) and we’re good to go.

Thank you so much. I’m really excited!

You know what would make me even more excited though? If I could play my Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves without being cut off from all my friends (who are Horde)! D: I hate being Horde…

Ain’t that the dream. Imagine playing your favorite race with folks you wanna play with.


Most Horde don’t want to play with Alliance players, many actively ran away from them.

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The pandaren are a neutral race, were stated to be a neutral race, and are most certainly not the same thing, and acting like they are displays how weak your argument is.