Why the lack of Customization?

I was like that before but I personally want stuff like Highmountain Tauren/Tauren Warlock or Lightforged Draenei/Draenei Warlock to be playable so I don’t want to be against what someone else wants as a race/class combination even if I don’t like it personally, I mean for the longest time I used to be anti Night Elf Mage and Goblin Shaman but they grew on me eventually.


Jewelry is probably the least impactful of all customization categories because it doesn’t physically alter the appearance of the character, at least not in a way that tells that character’s story or makes them distinct. The color palette would have to be absolutely enormous to have the impact of say, a skin tone. Scars should be an option for everyone, even the prettiest of races.


I want longer beards for Elves. Why can’t my Elf have a gandalf beard?


I switched to my Dark Iron Dwarf because I don’t have a normal Dwarf to post this but because you aren’t a Dwarf and only Dwarves are allowed to have great beards. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have a stupid amount of hunters, mostly nelf and belf.


Factionless. It was a level 14 or 15 Panderan I think before the squish. I dunno, I haven’t really bothered to touch her since I created her, and I think I am just going to keep her as it is.


Supporting more customizations for everyone, personally:

  • Void options for Void Elves (including tattoos, hairstyles, different Entropic Embrace skins, perhaps red eyes and reddish skin tones as well)
  • San’layn / Undead Elf options for Elves and/or Undead
  • Light and Blood Anima customizations for Blood Elves
  • Highborne/Shen’dralar options for Night Elves (fix the male faces as well please)
  • Faction-based tattoos for Pandaren

Also, please reconsider Sethrak, Gilblins, Arakkoa, Ethereals, Saberon and Naga as new (allied) races.

Merci bien !


Or faction-less Pandaren would be also very great. Can play both sides and would give the players a significant reason to try them out.

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I’d imagine that it would be some kind of body paint due to all the fur, but great idea.


Yeah sorry, body paint makes more sense xD

Oh boy… i´m 200% sure I´m gonna regret this, but… explain the “Blood Anima” customization bits (considering the idea has been championed mainly by myself, I just want to see what do you interpret for such suggestion).

Also, thanks but no thanks regarding the “Light” BS. Leave the Draenei stuff for the Draenei, the Belves aren´t the glorified foil of your favs no matter how much you people desire this would be true.


Damn this stupid limitation on likes. Just take this reply as a like. Blood Elves (and every race that doesn’t have them) should have scars, tattoos/warpaint, Farstrider and Fel inspired options as well. :smiley:

Not too fond of holy light customization, I feel phoenix and fire would be more apt and analogous enough to the light theme without overlapping with the draenei (both kinds). Basically, it appeals to that theme yet is distinct from it and more appropriate for blood elf culture. Phoenix and fire are two of the Sin’dorei’s most iconic cultural elements.

Also heck yes to basically all of your AR suggestions, especially saberon. As much as I like elves and undead, I’d probably make a butt-ton of them.


I feel like Light options puts us too close to the Draenei(especially after they got Lightforged) instead of being our own thing.

They took away the different take on the Light our Blood Knights had instead of expanding on it. It’s an Alliance theme grafted onto the Horde.


It’s so weird to me how some of you guys can’t accept that fact that there are probably a lot of Belf players who WOULD enjoy light themed customizations. I see tons of Belfs on the forums and in game with super golden/light mogs and the yellow eyes and that’s their entire aesthetic. Customizations that better reflect their use of the Sunwell make total sense for them. It could include more fiery/phoenix options in addition to more standard golden sunwell options.

Not sure why Belfs can’t get both light AND blood/undead/dark ranger/gothic options… the race literally has various themes in lore there’s no reason it can’t have multiple in the character select screen. I’m sure not every Belf wants to be gothic and undead looking either. The more options, the better. You say that “you people” are pushing for this, implying Belf players don’t want it, but are Belf Paladins and Priests not some of the most popular combos in the game? lol?

Also, “Protecting faction identity” isn’t going to be all too important when the faction barriers are inevitably lowered.


The worry is pushing it as a main theme for belves. A lot of belf players won’t want to lose out on stuff for themes far more important to belves because some think we’re all super obsessed with the light now or something.



I want some light based stuff for Blood Elves but it is by far and away not the only theme or concept that blood elf players want to see.

We shouldn’t be having blood elves shoehorned into only one aspect of their primary themes.


It’s almost like we shouldn’t be trying to force everyone to agree with one thing and talk down to others who also want other things. Everyone has a different idea of what makes their character who they are.

To put this in perspective, we as human beings don’t fall under one umbrella. I’m a network admin, not a logger. I was military, but I don’t embody what the military was.
Blood elf culture has their arcanists, their average civilians, their farstriders, their priests, their magisters, blood knights (as extremist as they are, they’re still part of this culture like the Scarlets are for humans), the dark rangers loyal to Sylvanas (who claimed to be both forsaken and blood elves) and so on.

  • The bulk of their theme is: Arcane, Light, Fire, and Fel. Doesn’t mean that’s all that blood elves are. Not every single person of any race is going to have the same background. Just as not every dwarf created is going to be a Bronzebeard, or every forsaken is an apothecary, every alliance “high elf” model as a Ren’dorei, each troll a darkspear etc. There’s more than one simple label for everyone, which I think these threads are meant to broaden.

I truly wish people on the broad scope of this forum would understand that there are plenty of themes that apply to every single race AND class, and only your imagination and lore are your limits. There’s always so much animosity when customization is brought up, and often for the absolute worst, unnecessary reasons.

Stop being jerks to each other. If someone wants to play something, it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t impact you.
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Unless they are planning on adding an allied race that combines the darker blood elves together for the Horde it’s best to just forget about the light themes.

A reason to drop the Light is that it competes with Fel, San’layn, Dark Ranger and the standard Blood Elf. Dropping the light would be for the best as it was forced on us by the Draenei and we never really went anywhere with it. The Light and the Naaru are a Draenei connection and our relationship to the light will never come close to the Draenei.

My personal reason for disliking the light is that our story took a nose dive after the Sunwell was reignited. We had an interesting take on High Elves which were these mana vampires and it was all taken away to become a blander take on elves which felt out of place in the Horde.


I feel like for a lot of these themes, they don’t really need to be model themes. Just have some depth of options that let you get a physical look that works as a base. But for a lot of them, to me they seem to be things that are better expressed through mogs that are helped out with some physical touches, but that a devout light follower, or an arcane user, I wouldn’t associate much of that with bodily features, but as things best shown by acccessorizing and such, maybe add in some stuff like eye color, or tattoos/body paint/other cosmetic markings like that.

But what would be a blood elf “light” theme for their model? What are you adding to present that?

Lemme add on to the end here that for a lot of the touches I think they should lean into the elves are evees thing. They’ve got the eye colors, but if you add in glowy bits or auras, basically anything like a representation of energy coming from the character, have a few different options to represent different energy types that are common in universe. So not making light forged elves, but having some options that can be used to represent that, or a fel using warlock, a showy arcane mage etc.


I entirely agree.

Not…sure I’d say they were like the Scarlets…