Why the lack of Customization?

I’m sure more will be added in time, they never said they weren’t adding anything ever again.

Just not with Shadowlands.

I’m not a am a fan of streamers at all, but yes…the streamers normally identified the serious problems that the game is having as a whole.

I love customizations as much as a next guy, but at the end of the day looking cool will never be more important than having good gameplay.

I tend to take the perspective of ‘at some point’ instead of ‘now’

If we’re lucky, we’ll see more 10.0. But I’m still skeptical that they’ll do anything to fix Nightborne.

I call BS on your last statement yes they took the easy way out and instead of a new model they just took our model which the company use to say we will not SHARE assits between factions. If you been here since 2007 they stood by this. Horde got screwed out of OUR core race do you NOT see that by adding the most lamest race ever. VOID.

So the company broke it’s own word to half the player base hence why VOID elves should have received nothing. The fact they are still crying they want all of the blood elf appearances now.

I feel and many others do that we were screwed over by a company who invested more in boozing it up, harassing people, and playing COD Instead of doing THEIR job.

I gave them a like for the second paragraph, not because of what they said about you. Perhaps not think the worst of others based on a heart symbol on a forums post?


Honestly, I’m tired of thinking about customization. While I’m happy with few new things added, but still I was expecting more, especially to allied races. Out of all allied races, VEs got the most. Before you start to complain about same skeleton as BEs, most allied races have same skeleton as core races.

I’m so disappointed with the lack, actuallly none added to Nightborne. Is it gonna be like Worgen all over again? Also, I want red eyes for my BEs. RED EYES.

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I’m curious what would have been here had the legal trouble not happened :thinking: Would you have just said nothing or would you have thought of something similar to say using older talking points?

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Whoa, gimme a minute. Nightborne have some serious problems, I agree with that, but LFD do not have appearance issues. I feel I should inform you that I SWITCHED from Void elf main to LFD main because I was too upset that I couldn’t have hair color variety on my Velf! So at least LFD have some good choices that support all themes! Yes, their customization is lacking and they definitely need a lot more, but I’m really sick and tired of seeing people complaining about customization and saying Void elves got lots of stuff, we only got them because our core race got theirs and it was as simple and quick a job as a copy paste. We got NO NEW hairstyles, haircolors, tattoos or jewelry. Ask for as much customization as you want but please stop bashing Void elf fans just because they request stuff.


Yes I would have and many times I go into these threads cause some void elves or a group are having a fit they can’t have blood elf hair colors or styles.

NO need to say anything else to you.

Hair colors really annoy me because it doesn’t have to have anything to do with lore at all. If we live in a world where you can open a portal to the realm of death then surely someone can create some hair dye.
I know kids that dye their hair with freaking Kool-Aid yet thousands of Mages and Warlocks and not to mention supposedly Master Alchemists can’t figure out hair dye? Really? Blizz wants me to believe that?



I’ve been here since launch. No AR got new rigs until KT.

Where did I ever say anything that defended the existence of Velfs? Once again, that was never part of my comments.

Things change. Horde got the Nelf model (although they destroyed it) and Alliance got the Belf model (in a very shoehorned and dumb way).

So they shouldn’t get anything but all other AR should, just because you’ve got some serious outrage going on? Mkay.

It was my first impression after your first reply to me was an attempt to insult me. I’m guessing we just got off on the wrong foot, so I’ll apologize if I came off poorly in my first response to you. That wasn’t my intention. And I apologize for taking your like incorrectly after that. I was wrong. I’m sorry. If you’d like, I’ll go back and edit that first post.

I came in to simply explain why Velfs got what they did and correct the fact that Velfs did not get more than Belfs.

Believe me, I’m just as cheesed that they just stopped short and lied when they said they’d get to more customizations later in SL and then never did. And I’ve always been cheesed about the Nightborne. That was a travesty.

Thats the same as Armor Dyes no one ever learned how to do this? Lord of the Rings on line does it and you can wear any out fit you want once you buy it from the vendor. only there version of class sets were locked.

Be truthful. The very broken Night Elf model which still has all the issues as the Night Elf. It’s just now they are even more noticable.

I have Zero faith in the company even finishing Armors. Much less the customization’s.

I totally want a bright blue haired Human and a bright pink haired Tauren.

Do you just not read or do you like to cherry pick simply to be outraged? Why did you skip over what I said in parentheses right after that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was typing when you replyed.

You’re missing the point. Void Elves didn’t get new hairstyles. We still have the same ones–and only the ones–that were available upon release of the AR. The only customization they got was the skin and eye color options, and the only reason is that they’re the same model, so it was literally a copy-paste.

The other AR’s got shortchanged, yes, but not ONE SECOND of dev time was taken away from other AR’s b/c of Velves. Seriously.

That was his only point.

This is just factually inaccurate. They got a very small handful of the options that were given to Blood Elves b/c of the model similarity. They got no new hair, no new hair colors, no body jewelry, etc. The Void Elves got (I think) two new skin color options c/p’d from the Belves and new eye color options c/p’d from the Belves.

I agree with the sentiment of this thread and your posts, Thelyssra, but the Void Elves REALLY didn’t get what you seem to think they got.


That doesn’t make any sense. You literally quoted my post. The one where right after what you quoted, was the important part in parentheses.

But whatever.

Bottom line: Velfs aren’t the issue here. AR better get stuff in 10.0 and Nightborne better get fixed.