Why the lack of Customization?

don’t count on this happening at all. I am not.

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Eh, I’m not that bitter yet.

Yet. LOL

Be bitter it makes the let down much easier to swallow. Just drink some booze with it.

I just checked for myself in the character customization, you are right actually, and i was wrong. However that being said. How come Night elves and Night borne didn’t recieve this same treatment? Since in theory they were all the same elves at one point too, just throw the copy paste to them too?


That’s how I was with the storyline, so… I totally get that. lol

Because they changed the rig some for Nightborne and they’re not entirely the same. And also because there’s a 10,000 year gap between the two cousin races, whereas there’s a whole zero gap between Belfs and their shoehorned counterparts.

Also Draenei and Lightforged are the same model, why not do the same there too, would have been quick as well.


THAT absolutely pisses me off. They should’ve gotten the hairstyles n stuff, too.


I just feel they have been worried too much about their profit instead of their product. I hope we do see some sort of improvement and soon. I think the lack of content, lack of small things such as this are the reason why people are going to other games, and with the whole lawsuit thing to boot. If Blizzard does read this thread. Please go back to the great company you were. I used to have so much respect for you all. You all used to care about your fans, you used to value our feedback and actually listened to it. And i am sure theirs many that agree with this statement. From a person that has literally spent half of my life in your game along with many others, please start listening to us again and actually take our values and our comments into consideration.


customization takes work, work equals money being spent, spending money on WoW means less profit for Activision

That wouldn’t surprise me.

It’s why I play Old Republic more than WoW now.

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It is insane how fan creators can make better or more options than the billion dollar company. Literally some hair styles should just be on every race, tattoos should be available on every race. Where the heck is the body sliders and muscle definers, what if I want to be a not roided out male human mage? Like it’s absurd to me that they’re holding back these options as sell points for every expansion going forward probably.


Blizzard went back on their word about adding more customization options throughout SL. They left customizations half done. The devs need to finish the work they started and add more customization options so that ALL races, allied or not, get the same level of customization they added to some of the core races (such as night elves) at the SL pre-patch.


What did Alan do to deserve his Shaman getting deleted?

My thoughts and prayers for Nightborne players. Yall were ROBBED and DISRESPECTED by the npc counterparts compared to the playable ones. Yea yea blah blah blah remodeling, skeleton to fit mog. Dont care. Nightborne need an overhaul.


while thats true. they actually arent spamming for more options, rather a blood elf clone for the alliance. so instead of something new they want something old but given to the other faction

even in fenelons void elf customization thread where there are many void themed requests, its just a shield they hold up as they tuck their ‘normal hair color options’ under their shirt to smuggle through


Not just hair. You could fill a book with all the clipping issues that still persist in the game. Hell, they even changed female blood/void elves’ bow shooting animation, and their bowstrings still clip through their breasts; which is the reason people complained about the old animation in the first place!

And yet, for some reason, instead of adjusting the bow animation further, the devs felt compelled to change their mining/hammering animation. Who the hell asked for that?! Oh, my poor elf girl has to use both hands to mine minerals! Boo hoo hoo!


I would ABSOLUTELY race change to a Draenei if horns still clipped and they were a lot skinnier for mog to fit better…

EXACTLY. This is my main beef. Some of the teams got the job done and others didn’t. Some of them are just flat unfinished.


You can get more customization options when they finish the heritage armor for the rest of the base races.