Why the lack of Customization?

To be fair, all they had to do was give the reskin some of its original skin back, that’s a lot easier than adding genuinely new things to races with more original models.


The only reason Velfs got anything is because they got the same stuff Belfs did.

… no they didn’t. LOL

They got skin colors and eye colors. That’s it.


Yep I agree. We need boob sliders :joy:

Sorry I had to

I’m confused. What is this “customization” you speak of?


What did the other races get that were allied ? Or did you just come into this forum to argue like in other forum posts? Perhaps i was wrong on the Void Elves, but they did at least get things can’t say that for the others.

I think the devs/art teams etc have a hard time getting permission to work on things that don’t have a quantifiable ROI in terms of our playtime/engagement levels.


You’re moving goalposts. Reread what you said.

You claimed Velfs got more than Belfs. Which isn’t true. Velfs got skin tones and eye colors. Velfs got hairstyles and jewelry on top of that. Thus… Belfs got more than Velfs.

… excuse me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you’re going to attempt to insult me for no reason, then don’t respond to me.


Maybe. I think they just ran out of time. And it does suck. AR got the short end of the stick to begin with.


I agree, chest, bum, thigh sliders would be nice too, Weight, Height. All our elves are flat chests whereas Draenei, Worgen, Tauren and even Goblins have actual double D’s xD


Giving us the blood elf skin colors that took literally zero effort from the artists to do, and giving us blue eyes that again, they took from the blood elves and required zero effort, is not “A lot of attention.”


Sadly Nightborne and Lightforged are ARs. The only core race who got no real love was the Worgen. Now don’t get me wrong I want to see more customization for each neglected race. It hurts to see the Nightborne being the Worgen of the horde as we hoped Blizzard would learn from the mistakes made with the Worgen.


However attention nontheless can you point out what the other allied races got?

Not only that, but Nightborne didn’t even get new skin tones. We got nothing at all. I’m not trying to argue i’m just saying why give one Allied race attention when they said that no Allied races were getting anything in Shadowlands, then give them options and not the others.

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Dude your the new pankaren all I see you do is come into threads and start bad mouthing people. Void elves should have been given NOTHING Nightborne and Light Forge got screwed royally and the company knew it. Some of the hair styles we got for Blood Elves are those they never gave us when they said we were getting new hairstyles. And it took Years to get them finally.

The fact we have some of the most Jacked up dumb as heck looking characters makes the game look like a huge stinking pile of :poop: Period end of statement.

Personally it looks like they took 12 :monkey: put them in a room closed the door and walked away and came back 12 days later and said yup this is fine. while the models looked more like :poop:. Blizzard took the money but failed to deliver the goods.

This is why I can’t stand 90% of the entitled void elf players like Maizou it’s all about them and no one else.

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The gate keepers deemed it so.

I don’t think I can accurately describe how ridiculous this statement is.

The fact that you are complaining about the lack of customizations instead of the other HUGE gameplay problems demonstrates that listening to the players wouldn’t be beneficial and that it definitely wouldn’t increase productivity

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Worgen get to claim the worst model that made it to live for 10 years. Don’t get me wrong you hardly see Nightborne due to the model but Worgen take the top spot for worst model for 10 years. That said I do hope they upgrade the Nightborne model before that point no one should have to suffer like we Worgen players did.


Oh I agree you all look so stupid with no tail… did the company think animating the tail would be too hard?

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Please show me where I came in here and bat mouthed anyone. I specifically pointed out why Velfs got what they did and explained that Belfs absolutely got more than Velfs.

You do realize I never said a thing about what AR should or shouldn’t have gotten, yes? You’re attempting to argue something I never brought up in my original post in here.

I have always been adamantly for Nightborne being fixed. ALWAYS. So instead of ranting at me as if I did something wrong, how about you read what was said first, mkay?

As I said… Velfs were a copy pasta. So they automatically were given skin tones and eyes colors that Belfs were getting. They didn’t spend extra time. It was just already there.

Also: nice way to passive aggressively like a post that once again attempts to insult me when all I did was explain two simple things.


So all streamers ideas are for the betterment of WoW’s player base? Even those that would like to see WoW fail? Perhaps what i said wasn’t stated well. I’m not great at expressing what i say. But their has been plenty of Streamers that i won’t mention today that wish for WoW to fail, instead of giving them helpful criticism of how they can be a better company.

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