Why the lack of Customization?

the blood elves need more customization all the new skins are shared with the void elves now also hair colors and ear sizes! lightforged customization for blood elves! magister / farstrider tattoos and scars


Please consider Onyx skintones for the Lightforged :yellow_heart:


Per on my other posts… people want the environment to their own ideas.
My reply was this is exact same mindset billion dollar corporation think when they destroy the amazon rain forest.

Oh my god they fixed the eyes on the Nightborne, this is seriously amazing. Thank you.

Edit: I hope every face gets the Suramar eye treatment. Thanks.


I’m a farstrider I should have tattoos !! tattoos for blood elves !!


i would race change in a hearbeat if they gave farstrider tattoos to blood elves!


If you look at the Nightborne ones, they’re getting some facial tattoos, so it might open the doors for BEs in the future.


dont do that…


we deserve it!!! it is part of our racial and class identity since wcII


Thank you Mr. Ybarra for steering this ship back on course!


But it’s so promising! They’re continuing with the decoupling of art assets so them continuing their expansion of head tattoos on the races is promising :smiley:

I mean, look at the Nightborne jewelry as well. They are adding the chin piece as a customization, so that might mean they are removing it as an addition of the Heritage Armor.

look at the orcs! we are not asking for something that does not exist in the game!

Well of course not lol.

as a proud member of the magister i need tattoos like the grand magister of quelthalas has!
please!! blood elves need tattoos!


Looks like for LFD:

Hairstyles+colour, skin tones, tattoo (or I suppose tied to Jewellery) colours, tail length, horn/crest (but that may be tied to hairstyle still)

NB: hairstyles+colour, skin tones, jewellery+colour, eye shape, new tattoos (+colour?), head crown toggle(?), eyebrow options

overall really happy to see these added - the eye shape is funny enough so small yet such a vast change to me.

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Yes, Yes This is good We Need more, Keep it up We need More Runes For Lightforge, Have ability to have or remove tail gem both normal and Lightforge Draenei, Nightborne: FELBORNE I know about lore Cannon wise but Let face it any one roll Nightborne warlock case how Cool or Fancy Nightborne was in fel magic so Maybe we could have that comsic as quest for felborne for warlock Nightborne

We Need more Runes, more Fnacy arcane runes for night elf, Maybe more armor or metal on body Some thing like that

also my biggist request NIGHTOBRNE AND VOID ELF WEAPONS AND OFF HANDS It been needed there are models why can’t we have these?!

Please and thank you don’t stop don’t ever stop adding more

And now Kylo rend asking for more.

This Us right now, WE WANT MOAR!!!


lighforged customization for blood elves! if void elves can have a void visual theme and a normal thalassian visual theme, we should have a lightforged theme!


Can’t wait to see what the male Nightborne will be getting!

If we could get some distinct casting animations and maybe unique emotes it would be the cherry on top! I want more to distinguish us from Night Elves!


Any chance you can make our tats more visible? We have to turn this way or that for them to be visible.


No, please not that. Dark Ranger or San’layn are the only options I want.

The Nightborne updates are very promising though!

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